The Superficial News

– Catwoman beauty Halle Berry reckons the only way to keep a man is kinky sex. The actress, one of the world’s most beautiful women, insists looks are not enough to make a fella stay faithful. Instead you need to be “a freak in bed”. [read]

– The stunning [Carmen Electra] had an operation to increase them from a size 32B to a huge 36DD but claims she was happy with her body before the op’. Electra, said of the operation “I do regret it sometimes. I had nice boobs before – they were small but nice.” [read]

– The party’s over for Paris Hilton and her Backstreet Boys beau Nick Carter. The couple are no longer together, Hilton’s publicist told the Associated Press Friday. [read]

– Pop star Justin Timberlake is reportedly planning to sue the London-based tabloid, ‘News of the World’ after it refused to apologise for a report that it had published about his alleged affair with a model. [read]