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November 16th, 2005 // 14 Comments



  1. DrDanny

    What’s the deal anyway? Who decided that Aniston is a “babe” and why wasn’t I asked? Really, she’s a skinny big-nosed woman with a weird jawline.

  2. onecrazybizaach

    “vehement objections from my crotch” haha. . .I’m going to use that.

  3. JudithJetson

    Aniston as WOMAN of the year???!? What has she done this year that qualifies her? Other than be hideous and moderately talented and get dumped by a handsome man for a spectacularly sexy and supremely talented woman?

    I guess the old saying still holds, it’s not who you know, it’s who you BLOW……

  4. sweet_elle

    ok, I have to agree, I don’t understand why she was named woman of the year, when she really didn’t do anything! BUT, I think she does seem like a genuinely nice person. Plus, I have to disagree with the comment above, I think she is beautiful, b/c it’s the beauty within that radiates.

  5. ehaugh

    Before we go calling Jen ugly, lets not forget that she will make more in the time it takes you to read this than you will make in a lifetime (and she does that based largely on her looks) so she must be doing something right! Im a big Aniston fan and think her being “Woman of the Year’ is great!

  6. MortyFishbein

    I’m with you, Judith. I’m reeling at the fact that she got on the cover of this magazine when up until now she hasn’t been anything but “Rachel” and lucky enough to have snagged Brad Pitt before he really decided he wanted to be somebody.

    But obviously, this whole my-husband-left-me-for-a-younger-and-significantly-more-beautiful-and-sexy-woman thing has really been a boon to her carrer. While I think this is one of the sleazier things Angelina has done, it hasn’t hurt Jennifer Anniston all that much. She gets to play the wounded wife and “sex pot.” Jennifer, you ain’t fooled everybody!

  7. derekd

    Aniston being named “man of the Year” in GQ magazine has just confirmed my suspicions that the magazine is for(AHEM)Homos(cough).

    OK she’s not ugly. But c’mon she’s not a knockout and has no range in her acting ability. Now if you need the cute girl for the silly romantic comedys, she’s your girl. Can you imagine her in lets say Jolie’s character in “Girl Interupted”? I don’t think so.

  8. ehaugh

    Yeah, or can you imagine her playing Croft in Tomb Raider, i mean, that was such a great movie. Angelina at her best! (if you cant hear the sarcasm in that statment, you obviously havent seen those movies)

  9. elle

    anyone who thinks jennifer aniston is ugly is just plain crazy and i don’t see your faces on GQ anyway. i think she’s beautiful though not quite worthy of woman of the year, but damn, i’d be jennifer aniston anyday. and just b/c she has been dubbed “rachel green” doesn’t mean she’s a bad actress in any respect.look at lindsay lohan, you don’t see aniston doing herbie fully loaded do ya?? she’s a few major steps above many of A-list celebs.

  10. Viola

    Jennifer Aniston is not beautiful. She is just average. I’ve lived pretty much all over the world, and [for the reasons I won't specualte on here] this country definitely has lowered standards of beauty (no offense).

  11. elle

    in response to viola:
    I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i think too many people view “beauty” as skanky whore’s who like to show their breasts.. i don’t necessarily agree with jennifer aniston’s GQ ad,(as it’s hypocritical to what i’m trying to say) though i think i’d respect her more than alot of other celebs.

  12. thegirlwhomight

    The beauty within??? Well now we know what her boobs look like too!

  13. becca11

    dustin hoffman has a nice body

  14. becca11

    dustin hoffman has a nice body

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