The Superficial News

20041006_news.jpg- Cameron Diaz is one step closer to seeing a shutterbug from her past put on trial. Photographer John Rutter must show up Nov. 30 in Los Angeles to face criminal charges he forged Diaz’s signature on a release form for some R-rated pictures the actress took before she was Hollywood’s highest-paid actress. [Read]

- Naughty hotel heiress Paris Hilton was booed off stage as she tried to launch a pop career. [Read]

- Elton John criticized Madonna by publicly accusing the pop diva of lip-synching during her recent re-Invention Tour, E! Online reported Tuesday. [Read]

- [Lindsay Lohan’s] now infamous father, Michael Lohan, pleaded guilty to assaulting a New York City sanitation worker and was sentenced to attend anger-management classes. [Read]