The Superficial News

– Britney Spears is fuming mad after The New York Post published a headline last week dubbing her “Boozer Britney.” [read] — the controversial pictures

– Britney Spears has chosen the famous Beverly Hills Hotel for her wedding to dancer Kevin Federline. [read]

– Former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra has confessed she regrets having her breasts enlarged. [read]

– Mel Gibson’s film distribution company is suing a second US cinema chain in a dispute over revenues for The Passion of the Christ. [read]

– Jessica Simpson gets catty and cozy, when she poses for next month’s Vanity Fair. But does America’s favorite “Newlywed” play up her role as a ditzy blonde for the cameras? In the article, Editor Krista Smith writes that Jessica may actually have an IQ up there with Albert Einstein. [read]