The Superficial Ketchup

June 13th, 2006 // 102 Comments

  1. scamps

    Ok…a third Fast and Furious movie wasn’t needed. A FIRST Fast and Furious movie wasn’t needed! If I wanted to see cars driving, I’d set up a lawn chair on the highway.

  2. jFp

    Back in the 60′s there was this hot british actress named Jane Asher that men in America and England were nuts about. She set the hair and dress style that everybody copied even to this day. Anytime someone goes for that hippie chick 60′s look they are seeing a style of Jane Asher’s….anyway, she was hot then and still looks really really good. Paul was her boyfriend and everybody was sure they would marry and have cool kids. But since Paul doesn’t like being #2 in the cute department,,,,the gay bastard dumped her for a very manly looking chick named Linda.
    When that was over he married a gimp that looks a lot like his dead buddy John.

    Jane went on to live a great life, has written several books and still acts in Great Britain.

    Paul is still agay retard.

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