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June 13th, 2006 // 102 Comments

  1. Iambananas

    Bye, lover. xoxoxo

  2. Iambananas

    whipper that was wrong… it’s her kid… you don’t have anything against the kid, I’m sure he’s cute. Havent’ seen him yet, but I really on’t want to.

    Don’t lower yourself. It was kind of mean, too.

    Have fun, call me b4 you leave.

  3. SagaciousSteph

    Truly jane’s, you’re obviously obsessed. Could you just stop posting about phallic fruit for one damn second???

  4. Iambananas

    You really shouldn’t have done that.

    jane’s eyre.

    I looked at your kid and he’s really really cute. Little munchkin is so grown up, though! I don’t like when any one’s mean to kids, so that’s totally wrong. It couldn’t be farther from the truth, anyway. Whatever you’re feeding that little boy, keep it up, he’s cute.

    P.S. Ar you feeding him cute pills?

  5. Iambananas

    But why *screwed up expression* would I email myself, silly Whipper …

  6. Iambananas

    LOS ANGELES – Sheriff’s deputies evicted people from an urban community garden to make room for a warehouse Tuesday, touching off a furious protest in which actress Daryl Hannah and others climbed into a walnut tree or chained themselves to concrete-filled barrels. More than 40 people were arrested.

  7. Iambananas

    I’d love to climb into that treehouse for some quality time with the hot sweaty menz … all angry and what not.

  8. Iambananas

    Okay everyone… I have something to say.

    I officially quit this site. I don’t like where it has gone at all with regards to posters. After the kid thing, I see it’s gotten too hateful and spiteful, someone waiting for the next quip.

    To all the people who didn’t like me, to the one’s who liked me but were afraid to say it, bye.

    Keep being Superficial. I’ll check back in, but won’t post again.

  9. Iambananas

    Yep, gotta go fuck myself. Anything to keep me from wasting more of your time with my fucking lame posts …

    Ask our alter-ego Whipper to take a permanent vacation to, ass clown.

  10. Lilith

    I can’t bring myself to ever watch The Fast and the Furious, but those models are pretty hot. Almost makes me wish I was a lesbian!

  11. Iambananas

    *too*, ass clown ;-)

  12. limper

    John Lennon caught a ton of flak for running off with Yoko Ono, but at least he didn’t marry some skeevy porn actress. Way to go, Sir Paul.

    Plus Yoko could cook. I bet Heather Mills doesn’t know which end of a pot to hold.

  13. ellaminnowpea


  14. Sir Psycho Sexy

    With all that time Heather spent working Adnan Kashoggi’s crank, I’ll bet she curses like a sailor, … in Arabic.

  15. A fruit salad head, huh? Isn’t he a little old/fat/old for the school yard?

    The only downside with the Heather Mills story is, Damn bitch is getting a lot of press now.

  16. LilRach


    oh yeah – have a good trip whips

  17. LilRach

    Has the fast & the furious tokyo drift been released in the states yet?

    (FYI i’m not from USA)

  18. Grphdesi23

    Now I understand why Stella McCartney never cared for Heather Mills….

  19. tsarinaamanda


    Wow. I’d trade places with you in a SECOND if you were still in FL. I DESPISE snow, and cold weather, it is truly hell for me. Seasons are overrated.

  20. tsarinaamanda


    OH MY GOD, COULD WE BE SO LUCKY!!!! Can it finally be? Is it’s lame ass leaving for good? HALLELUJAH!! But does anyone else find it kinda funny that when Whipped says it is going on vacation (yeah right, poor white trash doesn’t GET a vacation, I cannot believe McDonald’s gave it time off), that Lameass all of a sudden says it isn’t going to be here anymore? Yeah, but they REALLY ARE two different people….what the fuck ever. Hell, I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I guess God DOES exist!!

  21. tsarinaamanda

    Oh, and NOBODY liked you. Don’t delude yourself. The fucking ego on you is just unreal, so I guess I’ll have to say it again: YOU AND YOUR FAKE-ASS FRIEND WHIPPED ARE THE MOST HATED PERSON HERE. NOBODY LIKES/LIKED YOU, AND THEY NEVER WILL. YOU ARE THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD, PLEASE DIE. I just thought you should know how we REALLY feel, so get lost. Good riddance.

  22. Iambananas

    Thats not very nice, tsarina. You hert my fellings, and I think you shud apolojize.

  23. Iambananas

    *waits for effect*

    Psych. Perhaps we offended the little cock-gnat with the constant stream of insults. I don’t know if it worked, but it was mildly amusing.

  24. ellaminnowpea

    @70 – Nope – back up North where I belong. FL is overrated. I went back once after that….for my father-in-law’s funeral and now there is no reason for me to ever go back there again. While I did enjoy seeing the amazing plants in the yard (things that only grow inside the house up north), I missed the change of seasons too much. As much as snow is a pain in the ass…it IS beautiful and sometimes it makes you slow down or take a day off…and that’s a good thing….sometimes!

  25. krisdylee

    Huh. So he won’t eat meat or wear fur or support seal hunts, but he will marry a one-legged money-grubbin’ hooker, and have a baby with that slut, only two years after the “love of your life” dies a tragic death from breast cancer, which ironically, she was a HUGE advocate for organic vegan and healthy lifestyle…..and then divorce her, thus involving the life of an innocent 2 year old child…. and have the media rear it’s ugly yet strangely hypnotic head, reporting all that fan-fucking-tastic dish about Heather being a fucking whore.


  26. krisdylee

    Oh, and hey guys… those chicks… if you have a boner after looking at those two plasti, surrealistic, 14 year old’s wet dreams, you are fucked up.

  27. flustercuck

    Two words for you tsarina : Anger Management

  28. CruisingForCock

    76 Krisdylee, you delicious slippery whore….is that really you?

  29. krisdylee

    Cruising, you hot, cuntnificent bitch, where the FUCK have you been?

  30. CruisingForCock

    Kris, I was annoyed with the name stealing cunts. So, I took a SF vacation.

  31. LilRach

    #77 show us your picture then Ms Perfect

  32. CruisingForCock

    #82 She has shown her pic and let me tell you….I’m not a lesbian…but I came immediately

  33. LilRach

    Well aren’t you whipped! It all depends on your standards doesn’t it.

    i still think those chicks are hot!

    You are fucked up if you don’t think so.

  34. Dude, hoes are so hot. Hoes are not hot.

  35. #14

    If that farm is so important than why doesn’t Darryl Hannah get her friends together and buy the guy out who owns the land. What she is doing is telling a person that he has to keep losing money and can’t sell his land so some farmers can keep growing on his property. Sure, she likes to get her face in the newspaper, but I notice a lot of these celebraties suddenly become less interested in causes when they need to actually cut a check. So why doesn’t Miss Hannah get back into her MErcedes that no doubt runs on Bio-diesesl and go back up to Hollywood, where reality doesn’t exist and where Tom Cruise LOVES the cock.

  36. RichPort

    Asian car show girls give me a strong hankering for takeout.

    I guess it was presumptuous for me to think all of the Baldwin boys were actually killed in the South Park movie. This guy has been a joke since he offered a set of steak knives for winning second place…

    I hate chicks with boy names, i.e Daryl.

    I thought all one-legged chicks were supposed to be named Eileen…

  37. tsarinaamanda

    Oh God, what is with all these lame ass new posters that try to start shit with the regulars?


    I don’t really mind the fall and spring, but snow depresses me. And I never get a day off, I swear we had 2 FEET of snow and they expected me to come to work (at my old job). I was like, FUCK THAT, but most of the time it just makes the commute take 3x as long because the retarded NorVA drivers are scared to death of a drop of rain, a flake of snow, clouds, bright sunlight, basically just everything, they’re so lame.


    Yeah, I have noticed that as well. I remember Hurricane Katrina and how many celebs got on TV and shamelessly solicited money from us poor peasants, but very few, if any, actually donated their OWN money! They have some goddamn nerve, don’t they? I also remember someone, I can’t remember who exactly, doing some charity thing and demanding a huge trailer with this and that, and all this insane shit that added up to at LEAST half a million dollars, which the charity paid for. So basically that bitch actually TOOK money out of those people’s mouths so she could have a goddamn trailer and some fucking flowers. That is why I will NOT donate to most charities, especially if they use celebs to promote awareness, etc. I am NOT paying for their BS demands, fuuuuck that! But think about it. Daryl Hannah is basically a has-been, how much money do you think she really has? I’m betting not too much.

  38. Fisher55

    so Daryl was *literally* hugging a tree?

  39. Fisher55

    What has 3 legs and lives on a farm?

    The McCartneys

  40. krisdylee

    Darryl Hannah has a prosthetic finger. No shit.

  41. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Heather Mills is such a whore, she’ll spread her leg for just about anybody.

  42. little known fact about heather mills mccartney….she used to work at i-hop…

  43. I thought Heather Mills was that place where you go to get family portraits made.

  44. Dr.Rokter

    Dude! Those chicks are fuckin’ hot! Any guy who wouldn’t saw their heads off and store them in a bus station locker because his mom made him wear girl’s clothing until the age of 17 is a fuckin’ gay gaytard. Or a weak, lying sack of shit like my dad who never protected me.

  45. krisdylee

    I was in a really fucking pissy mood last night, and those 2 ho’s drove me to the edge last night. Then I smoked a big fatty, and felt all better.

  46. I found some good super fat Britney pictures. Worth seeing.

    Also, I just found a bunch of one-legged porn in my husband’s sock drawer. I don’t know what to do… how will I ever live up to that standard? I can always get breast implants, eyelash extensions and bleach the fuck out of my hair, but my leg?

    Curse you, two healthy legs! And curse YOU, Heather Mills, you one-legged harlot.

  47. BigJim


    I don’t know you the fuck YOU are, but krisdylee is one ultra hot mega babe. She’s probably the only woman I would consider leaving my wife for, so shut the fuck up you ignornant piece of shit.

    You probably think Paris Hilton is hot. Go jerk off to her skanky video for the 50th time already.


    Waht car?

  49. ymagyn

    I used to be a high price call girl. Is that wrong?

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