The Superficial Ketchup

June 13th, 2006 // 102 Comments

  1. myheadhurts


  2. M@ce

    My hand is ‘driftin’ down the front of my pants after seeing those two. God bless the almighty Ho through whom all good things come!


  3. maylenemaire


  4. maylenemaire



    So, I’ve been watching a lot of Tranny porn lately (the ‘why’ is my own business) and I swear those girls are straight out of it.

    I’d like to be joking, but seriously, sometimes women look like Trannies. OVERDONE!

  6. myheadhurts

    I’m going to wear the outfit on the left to church on Sunday.


    The decimation of that vegetable garden is really messed up.

    Here is this little spot of joy in the middle of hell and they take it away.

    Life is beautiful.

    And Fruit-salad head is funny.

  8. Kimmora Lee got a new modeling gig?

  9. jane's eyre

    The superficial guy’s got a “wirter”? Ew. You can get those frozen off, you know.

  10. bigponie

    now if only they pissed beer, the world would be complete…

  11. Feel the Velvet

    It’s good to see Daryl Hannah getting some work again.

    Actually, IMDB says she’s gotten a lot of work in the past few years, but since she hasn’t been on my radar screen I’m sticking with my comments.

  12. LilRach

    Those girls are hot – i think i might have to go see the movie just to see them – my bf would be so proud!

    i’m so sick of those movies but those girls …….. :)

  13. mythosmint

    “Damn! Did you see that car do a Tokyo Drift? That was too furious!” – Lil’ Bow Wow as Twinkie in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    Actually its only Bowwow now. No more ‘Lil’ because he grew up into a man. And what a man!

  14. zgpunkrockgirl

    Daryl Hannah is actually not a salad head but a good person doing something about a great cause. South Central Farm is a piece of heaven in the middle of hell and has supplied families with fresh food for years. For more information please go to and help save this beautiful garden from becoming a warehouse!

  15. ellaminnowpea

    Sir Paul loves the Stump!!

    and….in case you forgot–TCLTC!!!

  16. ptprez


    ella did you get my movie invitation???

  17. ptprez

    was heather naked with two legs???

  18. ellaminnowpea

    she was a two legger–buck nekked–and lovin’ every minute of it….no deer in the headlights look!
    no–what invite?

  19. ptprez

    18… i did it on sunday on the jolie tat thread…it was 417…

    get back to me…

  20. ptprez

    …it was early mon. morning…

  21. ellaminnowpea

    hahahaha!! I’m hip to that gig…that’s why we get a tub of popcorn…shit…now that I think of it…popcorn doesn’t come in tubs anymore now..does it?!?!

    Can you even get a bag of vegetarian popcorn?

    **no sausage?!?!!!! :)

  22. ellaminnowpea

    …that’s why they call him the ptcruiser!!

  23. ChickenScratch

    Superfish guy is a fruit salad head…wow, that works, I feel better already.

  24. ptprez


    i think if you pay $10 you can get a tub…

    they work best anyway…

    what town you in???

  25. ellaminnowpea

    right down 306-northern P county

  26. ellaminnowpea

    you’re in L?

  27. ptprez


    beautiful perry twp…in the woods..

  28. ptprez

    we can always go to geauga lake…

    i don’t do rides, but they do serve beer…

  29. jFp

    it took my eyes 15 minutes to drift from that ass on the left to the rest of the picture…..I’d tap that.

  30. ellaminnowpea

    …and the snow! I love the snow – I can’t live without it! We moved to FL for 2 years and it was so depressing….I find I need the change of seasons-I need the colored leaves, apple picking in the fall & the fall sky & the smells….and I need the snow. We had to break down & buy a fake tree just to have a tree that looked like a tree & not a ‘bush’ (spray painted pink/purple)–what the hell was that?!?!!
    When I retire…it’ll be to MAINE!! My favorite place to go!

  31. ptprez


    can you say lake effect???

    nothing like the snow belt…

  32. ptprez

    …i live for the smells of spring and fall…

  33. TrannyGranny

    Eh, *sniffs* semi-attractive models on mostly invisible cars. I have no boner.

  34. ptprez


    yea, asians do have that pan face…

  35. jFp


    Heather Mills McCartney wearing Lennon glasses….

    Paul is so gay…..

  36. Shelley Bonnechance

    The very idea of that bloated dork Alec Baldwin calling someone else “a wack-job 24-7″ is just the absolute limit.

    I read an article about Darryl Hannah and this whole tree farradiddle today and she was referred to as “the Splash actress.” What a kick in the gut THAT would be, to be recalled as the actress who starred in a movie TWENTY SOME YEARS AGO. Ouch. Has she been in a movie since then? I can’t remember. I think I remember that she dated Jackson Browne, another old geezer. And maybe John F. Kennedy Jr, God rest his poor soul.

    And Heather Mills McCartney, you and your soon-to-be ex-husband are both idiots. Nice way to bring a child into the world and then get a freaking divorce when the kid is still practically a baby. I could believe this kind of stupid crap out of you, you boobie-showing buffoon, and I could believe it from Kevin and Britney, but I would have thought that Paul McCartney would have had more sense in his fat head.

  37. ellaminnowpea

    Personally I think that Paul paid big bucks to keep the porno past of his once beloved Heather Mills out of the papers & the media there respected that….but I think he wants custody of his daughter and he’s smart — He has the power to make Heather Mills fresh meat for the press and now it’s open season on Heather clubbing.
    “Save the Seals–Club Heather!”

  38. Hara

    Hahahah @ #6. btw i LOVE wirters. They go good with rice, soy sauce, and kung pao chicken.

  39. herbiefrog


    Heather Mills McCartney wearing Lennon glasses….

    wouldnt another john
    be a

    : )

  40. Iambananas

    1. Fast and furious:

    Men like boobs, men watch movies, movies make money. It sounds like something that Jessica Simpson wrote.

    2. Alec Baldwin:

    A fruit-salad head? I love it!

    3. Daryl Hannah:

    Methinks that someone is a tree hugger… GOOD FOR HER! I’ve been to that garden and it’s beautiful, but I don’t think their fight will win. The good guy always finishes last. I hope they don’t tear it down, it’s really pretty.

    4. Heather Mills McCartney:

    In Great Britain, apparently it is seen as tacky to ask someone to sign a prenuptial agreement.

    But sucking someone dry in a divorce… that’s fine.

  41. herbiefrog

    …so how many
    …of these

    did you want?

  42. herbiefrog


    can we spell


    with two ee’s

    or as many as we want ?

  43. Iambananas

    As many as you want, herbiefrog! Jsut, please, stop hitting enter between every word. It makes it choppy to read and if you had something funny to say, it was lost in translation. But maybe that your gimic… if it is, more power to ya!

  44. Iambananas

    I am getting my ass slammed, and the line breaks are hard to follow …

  45. Iambananas

    And, totally the last time I’ll get off topic without being provoked..

    Feed Me Chocolate… aka jane’s eyre…

    I’ve known it was you since day 2. Remember someone on myspace asking you? Patricia, I believe? Well, she ratted. You CANNOT stop your obsession/stalking me. Even if I didn’t know by someone telling me, I’d know by the ghetto slander, the childish insults that aren’t even true and the PURE OBSESSION! Stop obsessing over me. Stop replying to me. Just never ever write a comment directed to me again!! But, I know your psycho mind won’t let you, it seems that you like for me to PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE all the time. I don’t get it. I always outsmart you. Why do you keep trying to rile me when you know you’ll loose?



  46. Iambananas

    Back to the farm. I went there with my high school class for work credits and we were shocked at how beautiful it is with such a horrible city around it. But it really is beautiful and should be saved.

  47. Iambananas

    I love farm animals … ‘specially the goats.

  48. Whipper_willow

    Nana! Just got home from practice…

    Have you seen the new Myspace pic of Feed Me Chocolate’s kid? I THINK HE HAS BANGS! and his smile is… well… crooked. His eyes are way too big for his face and has one eyebrow.

    Was that mean?

  49. Whipper_willow

    Okay, everyone… farewell, I’m off this site because I’m going on vacation for a month (celebrating graduation!)! A good note to leave off on. Later, nana. I’ll e-mail you and try to call, might not be able to. BEINVIINEDO AYE MIAMI!

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