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April 28th, 2006 // 44 Comments



  1. afishlikeme

    first? hell yea

  2. CheekyChops

    2nd is the new 1st. Sharon Stone is like a marshmallow. Light and fluffy but no substance.

  3. Juliana's love

    Has Sharon seen this picture? She is starting to look super old, even with all of her plastic surgery.

  4. go_the_swannies

    4th – not bad for a first timer.

  5. I dont really have anything to say; i just wanted to post cos ive never been this early before hahaha
    sharon stone is a bit rough these days though

  6. I can’t believe it. ABC actually found a way to make The View even more unwatchable.

  7. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    I can just see it now: Charlie Sheen goes on the View to promote his new clothing line on the same day Sharon Stone is there extolling the virtues of plastic surgery while Rosie O’Donnell says “I was in a movie with Madonna” then this crazy bitch runs out “I’m his neighbor! It’s all about me!” and Sharon Stone is all “I know, I saw it on the video cameras in my building!”
    Then it all fades to black as Barbara Walters’ enormous snatch envelops them all…
    Man, this is so much like my dreams it’s scary…

  8. CancerNipples

    ^ No shit. I was sure they’d get somebody conservative or at least moderate. Instead they’re adding another idiotic liberal?

    On the other hand since Star dropped so much weight maybe they brought in Rosie to be the new voice for the fat.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    As opposed to adding yet another piece of shit racist conservative to the airwaves, get your fascism fix from FOX News and leave it at that.

    Now you can choke on her eeeevverryydaayyy…

    I never thought I’d be defending this bulldyke but there ya go.

  10. CancerNipples

    ^9 – idiotic liberal :)

  11. CancerNipples

    The show is called “The View” because it’s supposed to represent different points of view…I didn’t say the show should be all conservatives so pipe down, hippie.

  12. Dr.Rokter


    Yeah you pinko child-molester! Why don’t you go kill Santa Claus and Jesus Christ with your HOMOSEXUAL PENIS because you hate your country so much! If people like you in the Zionist Occupying Government didn’t keep brainwashing our children with fat, socialist lesbians in serious political forums like the View, I’d be allowed to celebrate Christmas in Wal-Mart the way God intended! And gas would be forty cents a gallon! Quit smokin’ that patchouli or whatever it is and get a haircut!

  13. GG1000

    “Charlie Sheen is launching a new line of children’s clothing…” I keep reading that and reading it, but I can’t seem to grasp it. He could start a place like Chuck E. Cheese, but the kids could practice adult skills like stripping, lap dancing, drug abuse, spouse abuse, and be educated in important mathematical concepts like point spreads and win/place/show odds. Yeah, like I want my kids even knowing his NAME! What a scuzzbucket.

  14. Italian Stallion

    I hope they reconstruct the stage on the view so it can hold all that weight, that show is turning into “The Biggest Loser” quick………

  15. ellaminnowpea

    Holy Crap! Rosie on The View?!?!

    Rosie + Star = SMACKDOWN

    How long before Rosie gets Star in a headlock?
    Hair pulling bitches! Who watches that shit anyway?

  16. I think they are trying to run Star off the show. Can’t fire her, make her quit. She’s already fought with Joy Behar, now sitting between Joy and Rosie. Oh yeah, fat wannabe standup comics unite against Star. The first thing Star says wrong, Joy and Rosie will rush her, it will be known as the Day Planets Collided.

    And Charlie with a kids line of clothes. Wrong on so many levels. WTF does he know about clothes, let alone kids, except for taking them off with his penis (including kids).

  17. 86

    Who would give Charlie Sheen a kids clothing line and why?

    I’m serious.

    Is he the new Diddy or something? I don’t get it.

  18. 86

    Sorry, I still don’t get it about Charlie Sheen.

    Men shouldn’t have kids clothing lines…men have penises. Penises somehow find their way into small children. I just don’t get how they think they can sell clothes to moms who know that Charlie Sheen looks at kiddie porn.

  19. ellaminnowpea

    They’ll NEVER run Star off the show…she’ll die in that position…because she is a NON-personality. Face it-no one give’s a rat’s ass about Star Jones and if she wasn’t taking up useless space on a 1 hour TV show–would anyone miss her? NO! There is no reason at any time EVER that anyone should have to even know that Star Jones exists. Period……
    I will live for the day to see a SF story on Rosie and Joy pummeling Star’s face….

  20. DRMPro

    I heard that Connie Chung was being considered for the View.

  21. Iambananas

    She looks old! I wonder why she left her 5 year oldbaking in the car for that long? You imagine those people who leave kids in the car as idiots who don’t understand, but she’s Sharon Stone! Oh, wait, she’s still an idiot who leaves kids in the car.

  22. Edna Bambrick

    I am reporting all disgusting posts.

  23. Iambananas

    2 Why’s…
    Why is everyone bothering Charlie Sheen????


    Why does fake Edna always post RIGHT after me!!??? It’s ANNOYING! I wish the Superficial would get rid of anyhting who is Edna… except the people who are really named Edna who want to post funny stuff.

  24. St.Minutia

    i wish the superficial would get rid of lamebananas

  25. CancerNipples

    First of all, Elizabeth is the only YOUNG voice on The View. The rest are old, angry, and bitter because they have sagging boobs and dried up vaginas. Strike one for hiring Rosie. She is old, bitter, and fat as can be, I’m sure her boobs are about as smooth and supple as a warmed-up raisin.

    Also, yes Elizabeth is the only “conservative” voice on the show. It’s a shame because like I said, she is young and dumb. The other women gang up on her not only because she is conservative, but because her skin still has some elasticity and the others are jealous. But ABC is about as liberal as you can get so it makes sense that they would hire another liberal and pervert the whole premise of the show even more.

    I guess the lot of you would prefer it if The View were to just spew unchallenged liberal propoganda…well that’s because you’re idiots. The show should be called “the SOCIALIST, ignorant liberal View”

    The whole point of “The View” is to have *different* points of view. What is the point of this show (which is already retarded) if all it’s going to be is liberals all agreeing with each other? BORING.

    Just as you can tell a conservative to get their “fascist fix” from FOX NEWS, you can tell a liberal to get their COMMUNIST FIX from any of the other major news sources.

    It’s ridiculous and ignorant to insinuate that anyone with even a slight conservative leaning is a “fascist”. Do everyone a favor, kids. Stop commenting on politics and go watch some more “V for Vendetta” and blast your Bob Dylan/Green Day albums, you morons. Keep thinking you speak for the majority of the American people too…LOL

    Elizabeth is the only conservative voice on the show, and she is not only young, but dumb. Makes conservatives look bad. But I’m not surprised. The MSM is biased towards a liberal point of view (as anyone with an IQ above 70 would know) and no intelligent person would get their news/opinions/entertainment from this bunch of sensationalist, socialist fat hags.

    Anyway, I just want to say, the Charlie Sheen clothing line thing is SOOOOOOO old.

    Serisously, this was news in PEOPLE MAGAZINE (of all places) months ago. No exaggeration, MONTHS AGO. Get with it, superfish.

    There was some mixup at the PEOPLE office and they send issues to my address even though I never subscribed.

    I keep my PEOPLEs in the bathroom, but not for toilet paper, and they STILL beat the superfish.

  26. andrewthezeppo

    WTF is up with all the Charlie Sheen news? Does this guy have some big movie opening up….because the endless stories about a celebrity I thought nobody liked are really confusing. Every day its like 3 new stories about this jack-hole, I’m confused.

  27. Queen Eva


  28. Queen Eva

    Hello Edna!

    Gosh, you became Superficial-renowned in just one day. You’re really something!!!

    I think it is just that we love you cause we hate you.

  29. “The Superficial Ketchup” Hmm.. not bad. I don’t think you guys necessarily need a round-up post like defamer or but hey, at least it’s a pretty good name.

    BTW, did I mention, I hate that Adelphia commercial with the young couple in the kitchen, where they look all awkward and that acting doesn’t even make any sense. WTF?

  30. bunnyhugger

    uh, cancer nipples–that is more than i EVER wanted to know about the view.

    and did anyone see sharon stone on showtime’s “huff”.
    i think she’s lookin’ older than dirt, but she DID pull out all the stops for that. which is saying something because there is some relatively interesting tv sex going on in huff.

    but no fuckin’ maple syrup (damn, trotter, you ruined me for life!)

  31. gogoboots

    These are all pretty stupid headlines.

  32. Siren5864

    Charlie Sheen’s kidz clothing line will consist of sequin thong panties and sparkle-dildos for the little girls and lots of leather buttless chaps for the little boys…because that’s the way Charlie likes it.

    Tom may love the cock, but Charlie loves the toddlers even more.

  33. CancerNipples

    It’s just a way for him to make money.

    Going by PEOPLE, which again, I am saddened to say beat the superfish on this tibdbit by MONTHS…

    Sheen will have no part in designing the clothes.

    Basically, Sheen is nothing more than the “name” behind the clothes. Supposedly he will “approve all designs” but who gives a crap? They are baby clothes. We’re talking one-sies and bonnets here, folks.

    Basically he is just making money off his name, and off some desperate, no-name sad sap designer who is getting a piss-poor profit from every sale.

    Way to go Charlie. What better time than now, when you are about to be royally screwed for alimony/child support!

  34. frenchtoaststix


  35. Fa Cube Itches

    Can’t wait to see the ad campaign for the Sheen clothes –

    “The 10 year old Bangladeshi joy-girl collection, new for Spring! No buttons, no zippers, no snaps or ties. Nothing complicated, slips off in seconds! Stain resistant! Non-stick surface to protect against unwanted blacklight examinations by outraged District Attorneys!”


  36. HollyJ

    Why are so many neo-con Nazis on here today? Did someone give the paranoid weekend militiamen the week off?


    CancerNipples The Cock Loves, but get it does not.

    Hmmmm, …

  38. suck my butt

    I wouldn’t let Sharon suck my ass.

  39. Star Maker Machinery

    Star and Rosie need to host a pie-eating segment.

  40. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Reading CancerNipples’ posts gives me sharp, shooting pains in my breasts.

  41. I wish St.Minutia lived closer to me. Although she might. Hmm.

  42. Edna Bambrick

    Turn the eyes and I sparkle
    Senses growing keen
    Tasting love along the way
    See your feathers preen
    Kind of make you feel sometimes
    Didn’t hard to grow
    We are eagles of one nest
    The nest is in our souls

  43. libertarienne

    I love you, CancerNipples.

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