The Superficial is hiring an editor

If you’re looking for a part time job and have dreamed of working from home in your underwear, then we’ve got a position for you. The Superficial is looking for an additional editor, and we know there’s a shining gem in our readership somewhere. Ideally, the applicant should be very familiar with the internet, have rudimentary skills with image editing, be a prodigy with words, and have an intimidating knowledge of the latest pop culture. Recent college grads are encouraged, and actual journalism experience isn’t required. Additionally, we’re not looking for somebody to copy our writing style, but to add humor and insight in their own voice. We’ll discuss payment as appropriate, but it works out to be a decently paying part-time job.

If you’re interested in the position, then email [email protected] with a short bio about yourself as well as three sample articles which would appear on the site:

1. An article about breaking celebrity news.
2. An article about the latest celebrity rumor.
3. An article in the style of a “personal rant”.

Because of the volume of applications, we won’t be able to respond to every single one. If your submissions stand out, we’ll contact you shortly to discuss the details of the position. Best of luck!

*Edit: Do not send attachments. Include your sample articles directly in your email. If you’ve already submitted your application with an attachment, please re-submit it. Any emails containing attachments will be ignored.