The Superficial Halloween Costume Contest

20041101_costume.jpgI probably should have announced this thing before Halloween, but poor planning and a terrible work ethic sort of got in the way. Anyways, if you somehow managed to predict that we were going to do this and happened to get a picture of your costume, then send a copy to [email protected]. Even if your costume sucks harder than a desperate prostitute, we’ll be posting anything that we even remotely like. And although an official winner will be announced, the only prize that we could come up with was a swift kick to the balls. And in case of a woman winning (which is a very real possibility considering slutty costumes are usually way more awesome than non slutty ones), we’ve opted to replace the prize with an equally satisfactory squeezing of the breasts. Degrading? Maybe. Totally awesome? Definitely.

So if you’ve got what it takes to be in the best costume contest this side of Canada, send your entries to [email protected]. Entries will be accepted until Friday, and a winner will be announced whenever. And, in case none of the above mentioned prizes sounded desirable, we’ll also throw in a Gmail invite for good measure.