The Superficial Forums

If our lack of pants didn’t already give it away, we really have no idea what we’re doing around here. That said, we’ve decided to test out a site forum; where readers can get together and do all sorts of forum-type stuff with other readers. And I’m not exactly sure what forum-type stuff is, but if it’s anything like robotic ninjas like I’m picturing, it’s probably pretty cool. Just as long as nothing goes terribly wrong and the server doesn’t burst into flames, the forums will most likely become as fat and loveable as the main site. So if any of you people have ever wanted to comment on posts or talk to other readers, here’s your chance. And considering today is the first official day of operation, becoming the first person to post in the forums might make you the sexiest person in the Universe. But if that’s not enough to convince you, I read somewhere that not heading to the forums causes cancer and greatly increases your risks of getting stabbed. By me. In the kidneys.

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