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August 27th, 2004 // 1 Comment

20040827_asimpson.jpgAshlee Simpson has vowed to keep her rack under wraps and never expose herself in a men’s magazine. Ashlee told “Blender” magazine that she is proud of her ample chest, but is too conservative to expose them to the media.

– Those rumors about Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston adopting a baby are getting stronger. This time it’s Brad’s younger brother, Doug, that told a British tabloid he’s looking forward to becomming an uncle saying, “We’re delighted that Brad and Jen are adopting. It will be a great addition to the family.” The couple is also reported to be house hunting in England.

Rodney Dangerfield underwent a seven-hour operation yesterday to replace a heart valve. A spokesman says Rodney made it through surgery and is currently resting comfortably in intensive care. Dangerfield is expected to be hospitalized about a week and should be able to return to work in about two months, to the dismay of little children everywhere.

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