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January 26th, 2006 // 16 Comments



  1. I was under the impression, game shows in the U.S. tax the winner right there before they are given the prize money.

    My condolences to Penn’s family. He actually was not an actor who craved attention like Halle Berry. Its to bad life is like that. One day your laughing, love making, making cash and developing and the next day your a corpse.

  2. Are you suggesting that Richard Hatch used his unpaid tax money to pay for the murder of Chris Penn to get back at Halle Berry for dating a Versace model whose illicit affair with Nicole Simpson drove OJ to murder the world’s fattest man?


  3. wee bull

    RIP Chris, you were an excellent actor.

    Only 40, and no cause of death has been released. Not to sound like a snooper, but it does make me wonder.

  4. How can someone who wins a million dollars be so stupid about refusing to pay taxes on it? What an ass!

  5. PinkRose

    Halle Berry is one lucky bitch.

    RIP Chris Penn.

  6. gossipmonger

    Posted by Smackage on January 26, 2006 09:53 AM
    How can someone who wins a million dollars be so stupid about refusing to pay taxes on it? What an ass!

    How can someone who wins a million dollars (ON NATIONAL TELEVISION IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF VIEWERS) be so stupid about refusing to pay taxes on it? What an ass!

    There, thats better…

  7. Jazsawa

    Shit. I’m really, really gonna miss Chris Penn. Dammit, I watched the remake of Starsky & Hutch because of him. I’m kinda whining right now, laugh all you want. D:

  8. ESQ

    Richard Hatch, you got what you deserved!

    Gabriel Aubry: You lucky bastard.

    Chris Penn: I was actually sorry to here about his passing. Something tells me he died just like John Candy did. At least he wasn’t a douche like his brother is.

  9. Brandi

    For being a reality tv star he sure doesn’t know anything about reality. Richard Hatch “So wait those two certain things in life……paying taxes and dying…no wait i think it’s being a c-list celebrity and a douche and dying.”

  10. clarkehead

    So, when you’re convicted of tax evasion do you go to white collar prison, or a federal “pound-you-in-the-ass” prison?

    Either way, he had it coming for being such a pompous jackass.

  11. Kelly

    Too bad it wasn’t Shawn, I swear if I have to hear anymore of his bull%$%# I am going to. . .

    LMAO Uncommon

  12. MandySmurf

    I read about it on another site, and it said they already performed the autopsy, and they still couldn’t determine Chris Penn’s death. Blood toxicology tests will hopefully prove what happened, but he was over 300 pounds and had a history of drug abuse, so it could be a number of things. Poor guy, he was a great actor, and very underrated.,,1695239,00.html

  13. Craig & "em"

    I know I should take the time out to either blame Uncle Sam for “that guy’s” tax problems, or lie and say how good of an actor Chris Penn was (he really was great in Corky Romano), but you seriously had me at Halle!

  14. derekd

    Nice guy eddie is dead. Bummer. He had the honor of being in one of my favorite films. RIP brother.

  15. No_Angel

    RIP Chris. I always enjoyed seeing him in a movie; he was always entertaining and so underrated. Taken too soon.

    He will be missed.

  16. ha ha, i wonder how his ‘naked fat man’ routine is gonna go over in prison!

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