The Super Fun Superficial Gmail Game

Thanks to everybody who donated a Gmail account. Your underaged Thai transvestite prostitute should be on her (his?) way to your house as we speak.

Since we received way more invites than we needed, we’ve set up a fun little game to get rid of the extras.

The Super Fun Superficial Gmail Game
1) Send us a picture (or link to a picture) of yourself along with your name (or nickname) and email address you’d like us to send the Gmail invite to
2) The top hottest people (judged by us) will each receive a Gmail invite
3) That’s basically it.
4) All entries are due by August 9, 2004 (next Monday)
5) There’s a very high probability your picture may end up being published on the site, so make sure it’s good

We’ll give out as many Gmail invites as we have, so don’t worry if you think you won’t be in the Top 5 or something (which you won’t). Even if you don’t want a Gmail invite, send us your picture anyways. We’ll make it worth your while. *Rowr*