The Spice Girls empower women to stand around

November 2nd, 2007 // 85 Comments

The Spice Girls debuted their new video this afternoon on The Today Show website. And, let me tell you, girl power is back, baby! If you’re a woman out there who doesn’t think you can stand around in a room, or, I dunno, sit in chair, this video is for you. Consider yourself empowered, lady. If these five friends can do it, so can you. Sure one of them has crazy sick abs that resemble my own manly set, but, hey, Ginger Spice just had a baby. And you can relate to that. She’s just trying to show you that, unless you turn that prego tummy into Tyler Durden, there’s really no point in living. Girl power!


  1. Calaverita

    TO #36 steveq:

    Is just so funny, but mostly ridiculous how my comment did affect you. What the fuck do you care? Someone with a lonely pathetic life could feel ofended by my comment. I get the fucking sarcasm! i´m saying is just so boring and far far away from funny, the superficial has done better than the last 3 days admit it!.

    Have a good life. Is all i´m going to say to you.

  2. Petite

    #39- correcting spelling that was already correct. You are the wrong one.

    You’re is a contraction of you are. #38 used the proper form of your.

  3. karina

    Wow the video was really cheesy and the song was horrible! what is up with Geri’s manly body?!

  4. sátánka

    Kár, hogy az új klippjuk olyan unalmas. De azért még mindig szeretem Victoria Beckhamet. Mindig is ? volt a kedvencem, akkor is ha mostanában egy kicsit idegesít? és furcsán öltözköd?..

  5. Helena Handbasket

    Where did Lesbian-Spice go?

  6. Anonemouse

    #52, you got it wrong: #38 said, “your an intelligent human” – clearly, by that, s/he meant ‘you are’, and hence #39 IS correct! Sometimes it’s best to check before making an arse out of yourself!

  7. Lady Sin

    These dinosaurs gotta let it go!
    How about investing in some young talent for a change? And not the same old same old either–fresh ideas anyone? New music isn’t *new* anymore !

  8. Leo

    I read where they all fuck dogs. I can’t believe that!

  9. Yawn…………………….get somes nudes of these bitches on or quit posting about them………their run is over……………5 years ago.

  10. K

    She looks like a man in a skirt with those abs…

  11. PokerParty

    Ginger Spice has had so very many different looks…. chubby, skinny, toned, prego. And lord help me, I would do every one she’s had. The other 4 wannabes are invisible to me, especially Silicone Spice Beckham.

  12. RENEE Z...

    Plastic bitches

  13. WTF?

    The only part that really had any substance was when “Sporty” busted out around 1:58 into it. Otherwise…pretty blah…

  14. mmlobe

    she’s really sexy and stunning. I’ve seen her picutes on a profile on a internet luxury dating site meetrich dotcom for millionaires and celebrities, is it really her? I ‘ve tried to send an email. I am not sure, but I heard that charlie sheen appeared on that site and dated a very pretty girl there. Just have a try, hehe….

  15. Joy

    where the fuck is sporty spice?

  16. joe


  17. dude

    I would totally air brush jiz that air brushed stomach.

  18. Salmonswife

    Airbrushed Cross Dressers

  19. Den

    #66 Take note: f#ck you’re stupid.

    Britny had those airbrushedplastic surgery abs after 2 kids for a while like in her magazine spread & her lastest video

  20. NITSUA

    funny the only one with a voice is not there
    Cheers Sporty

  21. Jetsetter

    So… the Superficial would make fun of the Spice Girls if they let their post-baby tummies go flabby. Yet, the Superficial also makes fun of the Spice Girls if they have abs of steel? Hmm…

  22. Jetsetter

    So… the Superficial would make fun of the Spice Girls if they let their post-baby tummies go flabby. Yet, the Superficial also makes fun of the Spice Girls if they have abs of steel? Hmm…

  23. Emma aside, 4 ugly uber-airbrushed dogs, all of them, booooooring song, sorry we forced this pish on you lot, but you gave us Dic Cheney and Paris Hilton… so fairs fair…

  24. Love the new video!

  25. lamb

    # 74 Glennie HUH?

  26. Do you really think this today’s world is desperate for another story of the spice-girls. Exactly, I don’t think so. Especially with th the likes of “Bastard” and “betrayder” vicky buckham!!

  27. play pacman dudes… much more interesting than this!

  28. RichPort

    Is Tyler Durden really back, or are you just fucking with us?

  29. L.Linus

    I wonder if that bush red or blond?!!

  30. I think it is boring that they are back together. So many groups are getting back together just for the $$$$$$$ and all the girls in the spice girls can not stand each other its all a front. Well come on who could deal with Diva Posh and Werido Ginger.

  31. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    38 and Cate

    First of all, no one was “into” the Spice Girls except 10-year-olds. 38, I like the kinda sarcasm, kinda realism of yor comment.

    I’m seriously wondering if Cates comment was sarcasm or a real comment, because then I’m super scared that she would think anyone self-respecting muso would be into them.

  32. lamb

    CAN YOU s a y
    wirey grey

  33. joe


  34. elva

    how sexy and cool she is in this dress. this is very different from her photos on because those are sexy but not cool.

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