The Smurfs and The Transformers will be movies

transformers_movie.jpgVariety reports that Paramount’s Nickelodeon Movies is doing a CGI animated Smurfs trilogy which is currently in the works and set to debut in 2008. The Smurfs started in 1958 in Europe, but only became popular in the United States after the cartoon show in the 1980’s. There’s no word yet on who will provide the voices, since the voice actors who portrayed Gargamel, Baby Smurf and Papa Smurf have passed away, though 76-year-old Lucille Bliss, the voice of Smurfette, is still working. And in case this wasn’t weird enough news, DreamWorks and Paramount are also working on a live-action adaptation of The Transformers to be directed by Michael Bay.

The Smurfs trilogy should be pretty decent, but a live-action Transformers movie by Michael Bay has the potential to actually murder nerds with its level of awesomeness. Michael Bay isn’t the best director in the world, but he does what he does with just the right amount of enthusiasm and nonsensical action that Transformers needs. Seriously, picture the attack scene during Pearl Harbor but with Optimus Prime and a bunch of other big ass transforming robot cars. That’s murderific, people.