The Situation understands trial and error

April 20th, 2010 // 71 Comments

The Situation mugged it up for the paparazzi yesterday by trying to pick up random women at a bar in Miami and, of course, eventually snagged one because he’s on TV. Which is almost an accomplishment until you remember that’s entirely how Jon Gosselin got his penis wet and he technically has Down syndrome. It’s like using roofies except you don’t have to pretend the sex is so good she fell asleep.

Or so I hear.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. itsme

    total douche

  2. The Time

    Why is he wearing two watches?

  3. douche

    What a strange conundrum you are Fish. You dislike reality starts but yet you continually post about them. Especially lamo posts about NOTHING (see this post). Isn’t there anything better to post? Epic Fail Fish, epic fail.

  4. Pia

    @2- I know, what a weirdo!!!! One is black and one is white, maybe he’s trying too hard to match everything to his outfit?? Or he’s too dumb to remember which wrist he put it on, so now he can look at either wrist and know what time it is.

    Only the kind of chick who makes out with a guy 10 minutes after meeting them is going to swoon over a guy like him. I’m sure that giant margarita helped her too.

  5. Cravey

    His first name is “The”?

  6. He’s an annoying douche, but he is pretty ripped. I’ll give him that.

  7. His 15min will be over soon enough
    …. \….\……….. /…./
    ……./… I….I..(¯¯¯`\
    ……\…..` ¯..¯ ´…….’
    .—-. _……………_.—-.

  8. This piece of human waste need to fall on broken glass

  9. Bob

    Am i the only one who thinks this guy looks like a buff Pauly Shore?

  10. PooPants

    Sexy Body!!!!!!!

  11. McHuge

    Hey “The Situation” – are those your legs or did you ride in on an ostrich?

    Train your legs buddy, then maybe you wouldn’t have to cover the up with track pants while your hanging out flashing your “beach muscles”.

  12. justifiable

    #3 Oh, whine whine whine. Do your part and pull your weight, douche, instead of just wanting to be spoon-fed and complaining about a slow news day. Take out Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag and this dildo. Extra points if you involve a Monster Truck and make it look they were having a three-way at the time.

    P.S. EPIC FAIL is like, so 15 minutes ago.

  13. wooow super vucudu var

  14. Georgeo

    #13, you know he’s right. Why give these useless wastes of sperm and egg any press? Why don’t you go give Fish a handjob or something?

  15. devilsrain

    Pic #3 Hes like my cousin, he’ll take anything. Way to set the bar buddy

  16. I blew a load all over a photo of The Situation and it was good.

    This doesn’t make me gay, I just like a little gayness when I jerk off.



  17. devilsrain

    Correction, pic #2 eh whatever

  18. friendlystoner

    i simly loathy people like this. just a totally fake, self indulgent, moronic, steriod pumping waste of life.

    kudos to MTV for helping to further lower the standards of ideals for impressionable youth. i thought you were meant to be about the music?

  19. gen


    Why should a guy build up his legs? Obviously he works out for vanity, and guess what? It fucking works. Despite his face and the fact that he’s part of that awful TV show, he is pretty fucking hot.

  20. Rue

    Why is he wearing two watches??

  21. McHuge

    @21 – It works? Who are you looking at? All he trains is biceps and chest – he looks like a retard.

    You probably think this guy is hot too…

    Same thing…

  22. Matter of Proportion

    Hey The Situation, you look like an idiot with your steroidal upper body and skeleton legs. Imbecile.
    C’mon now The, get it right. And how are you going to afford your steroids when that retard show runs out?

  23. Deacon Jones


    Plus, this guy’s juicing like a motherfucker, I guarantee. I used to lift with guys like this, they grow overnight on that shit.

    This fuck in no way got that big between seasons naturally. Give him another 6 months on that shit and he’ll have man tits if he’s not cycling right.

  24. justifiable

    #16 And I also know if there was just one item because it was a slow day you’d be whining and begging for the Fish to post something – anything – to distract you from listening to your mother take it up the ass from the landlord in exchange for next weeks’ rent.

    I don’t give two shits about this douchebag one way or another. But if you REALLY didn’t care you’d shut your online pie hole and wouldn’t post at all. A dead 5 comment thread means no one cares and the 15 minute countdown is almost over. But then again, not whining about it isn’t as much fun, now, is it?

  25. sharon H

    Who the fuck is this guy and what makes him think he is so special that he can all himself The anything????? The situation. Please. Real women would laugh their asses off at this loser.

  26. Steve

    I doubt he’s doing much in the way of steroids, probably some dbol or maybe Anavar. He’s not holding much water. He’s just not training very hard – probably bench presses and barbell curls, and then some crunches. His abs are shitty.

    Check out the forarms on this pic…

    My grandmother’s are bigger…he’s pathetic.

  27. Zswan

    Are those stretch marks in pic 13? I don’t understand why this show was so popular…

  28. bbens

    Alternate title: The situation knows what time it is. (notice the wrists)

  29. sasha

    Total loser. Doesn’t understand people are laughing at him.

  30. Gweb

    Someone please kill this piece of shit.

  31. Lil Guido's

    He’s got one watch set for the time in Atlantic City, the other has the time in Newark….

  32. hohoho

    Should have gotten a photo of her when she found out how steroids shrink your dink….priceless

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  35. When is this ass-monkey going to flip out in a case of ‘roid rage?

    We all know it’s coming.

  36. hamper_lint

    What era was he in “RIGHT SAID FRED ” ?

  37. small asian penis

    What’s the deal with his arms, that’s so odd? He looks so stupid.

  38. He has very nice and attractive body he look so beautiful in above photo.He made very nice abs in his body.

  39. StEvec


  40. @31 and 32, bravo!

    Couldn’t help but notice pic 4 – the drunk whore has great legs and perfect feet. Trying to be positive here.

  41. ham

    Nice try, but on pic. 6 you can see her legs are crossed away from him. Her body language says ‘you’re a creep, stay away!’. Yeah, they’re just hamming it up for tv.

  42. STINK

    Thank you @43 for being positive about the girl’s legs, but pic 4 also shows one of his deformed arms.

    It’s like an upside-down Popeye arm.

  43. tinkle

    He has midget arms…

  44. Drew


    Right because pic 8, 9 and the first one with her elbow in his crotch all demonstrate how creeped out she is.

  45. Drew

    I apologize, I meant 43.

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  47. witchyone8180

    He’s like that really cute pair of stilettos in the top of your closet. They look good, but you know you’re gonna regret using them. Except cute shoes can’t talk and prove how stupid they are to everyone in earshot.

  48. captain america

    he has the same way of talking as an american idiot!!

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