The Simpson Sisters

June 24th, 2004 // 2 Comments

We always thought it was curious that Jessica Simpson suddenly became hot once Newlyweds hit the scene. Although the pictures from Good Plastic Surgery don’t really do her justice, they at least suggest what everybody has always assumed: Jessica Simpson has blonde hair. We should also probably mention that Jessica was forced to cancel some shows due to a kidney infection. That’s what happens when you’re blonde. You get kidney infections.

View Jessica Simpson’s Good Plastic Surgery
View Ashlee Simpson’s Good Plastic Surgery

Jessica Simpson 1
Jessica Simpson 2
Jessica Simpson 3
Jessica Simpson 4
Jessica Simpson 5
Jessica Simpson 6

Ashlee Simpson 1
Ashlee Simpson 2
Ashlee Simpson 3


  1. I feel sorry for those girls who have made the U.S. tabloid as surgery, divisions and many other problems … they look so cute when they were young innocent

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