The Pussycat Dolls pretend they’re not strippers

September 24th, 2008 // 68 Comments

These are shots of the Pussycat Dolls performing at the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood yesterday for the release of their new album Doll Domination. I never really got the appeal of this group. I mean, they’re strippers, but they “sing” so that makes them role models for young girls? Then again, this ensures a bright future free of disastrous stripper shortages…

Who do I write a check to so this never stops happening?

Photos: Splash News

  1. jakebarnes

    Oh they’re strippers alright. They stripped my heart right from my chest.

  2. They aren’t strippers, they are a crappy burlesque act. Hell most of the burlesque nights at my local bars have better shows, at least they take their tops off.

  3. Anjhest

    Their daddies must be so proud…

  4. yawn

    And somehow, i would rather be working….

  5. S

    the new superficial writer is not funny :(

  6. Hot whores gyrating all day, makes the world go around…

  7. I want shiny pants too!!!!! Where do you get those??

  8. I’m baking a crockpot chicken tikka masala. Anyone want my recipe??

  9. Jo Mama

    God bless each and every one of them. Oh wait he already did. With nice tits.

  10. Andrew

    ahahahaha these girls are retarded! they can’t sing, but they’re damn fine, so maybe they should stick to strippin

  11. They have too many clothes on. Right now I could strip in 3 seconds.

  12. This is how all the sluts in California dress. Damn I miss living there!

  13. Binky

    What’s the recipe Frist ?

  14. Jumpin_J

    Doesn’t strpping involve the actual removal of clothes? They don’t do that, and that’s why the PCD will never earn my love. Sorry ladies, it’s skin to win. And your Bally Gym ads don’t help. Be off with you.

  15. Turd Ferguson

    Wow! Look at that talent!
    You won’t hear any talent in the shitstorm that they call music, but just look at all that talent.

    Where’s the hotty scientist chick with the pizza oven???

  16. English Bob

    This is bullshit, you yanks get these superhot babes and don’t know how to appreciate them and we get the fucking Spice Girls !!! I bet none of you haters out there want to swap either? Go on, what about just Nicole for the lot of them Spicys? Eh? No didn’t fucking think so, cunts….!

  17. DoingNada

    mentioning little girls, strippers and future is incredibly not funny

  18. DoingNada

    mentioning little girls, strippers and the future is incredibly not funny

  19. Calm down English bob and go beat off to Margaret Thacher…

  20. DoingNada

    srry for the double post.. my neighbor has to reset his wifi. still not funny tho

  21. Mahatma Coat

    Chicken Tika destructions please Oh crock pot cooking demon. English Bob seems angry this morning….Love the anger there.

  22. Harry

    Walk around Hollywood on any given Friday or Saturday night and you’ll see women 10x hotter than these hags wearing clothes 10x sexier.

  23. #22 HAHA I love you!!!!!

  24. gina

    I never really saw the appeal of them, either. I’ve liked a few of their songs, but that is about it.

  25. Deacon Jones

    At least they know their role. When will the rest of American women come to grips with it?

  26. Ok, just chop up a couple big chicken breasts, throw them in crockpot, then liquify like 2 onions, the chop the shit out of some fresh ginger (like an inch and a half of it, and a green hot chili, throw it all in crockpot. Then add a sm can of tomato paste, 2 cans of chicken broth, and some cu min, curry, coriander, garam masala, and turmeric, and voils. Set it low for about 6 or n7 hours.Oh yeah, and chop the shit out of like 2 cloves of garlic and throw it in.

    I actually never made it in a crock before, hope it works out.

  27. DreamFolder

    Wait… in the 2nd pic. That’s not a woman! It’s Freddy Mercury! But was he cloned or raised? In the other pics the alien image distorter was working again (They Live).

  28. monkeyfightclub

    Would those bitches just settle down for a minute? They’re always running around and gyrating and kicking their legs in the air and whatever else. Just fucking take a seat and stop moving around so much.

  29. Mahatma Coat

    Cheers Frist,
    I’ll give that a go this week. I will need to get the bits and pieces together, should be good. I bet when I set the Crockpot going and return home, I’ll have 20 Intel software engineers sniffing the door jamb. I’ll beat them back with my Macbook.

  30. Binky

    Sounds good.
    (I was checking my cupboard for some voils and then figured out you probably meant volia)

  31. FRIST, Can I come over to your house for dinner??

  32. FUCK now I’m hungry. I don’t suppose you can microwave that? The extent of my culinary masterpieces are usually prepackaged and ready in 45 minutes or less.

  33. Walted

    I heard one of them was hiv positive,but I can’t remember which one…need some help here

  34. Yeah, sorry Binky, I suck at typing…being a secretary and all…HA!!!
    Jimbo, come on over, there is PLENTY!!!
    Jayger, yeah, no, you can’t microwave it, unless it’s leftovers, buut you can stop by for a plate. We are even getting garlic naan. YUM<

  35. Ram Punchington

    #10. Funniest post in this entire thread.
    You other “Funny” posters could learn a thing or two…

  36. OMG! who is there stylist?! horrible clothes!


  37. Boston_Freek

    Frist I have a wicked bbq pork recipe for the crockpot. I’m all about slow cookin’.

  38. OMG I totally forgot to mention 2 cups of plain yogurt!!!!

  39. lloyd johnson

    17 your boy Lewis Hamilton is banging Nicole so the way I see it you brits get to have more fun with our women than we do! The shot of her bending over poking her butt at the crowd, looking at them, and singing is just magic. Sing to me wih your ass!

  40. Vomitting Man

    The thought of Frist stripping is enough to make me wanna lay down and die.

  41. glace neuf

    ram punchington needs a lesson in what constitutes “funny”. god blessing them with boobs would have been funny if one of them was sneezing or something. otherwise, it’s like saying “these strippers are taking all the $1 bills thrown at the feet. yeah, taking them all the way to the bank!”. you can’t create your own set up and then knock it down brah, you gotta work with your environment and make your joke organic.

  42. #38 boston freek, I’m ready!!

  43. TKinTN

    Man, that blonde chick needs to invest in new stockings…

  44. Damn if I could I would but the drive… you know… I would go just for the bread. And I would have brought the liquor and party favors.

  45. Fuck, Jayger!!! rent a sportscar!!! I’t not done til like 6 hrs!!

    What kind ofparty favors??

  46. #41 Why? Are you gay??

  47. cansomeone tell me why it takes 4 motherfucking minutes to post a comment on this motherfiucking site??

  48. I concur…is there a new writer? What happened to the funny?

  49. i like em big

    A strip club would have better looking women

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