The Page 3 Girls launch things

September 26th, 2008 // 105 Comments

Apparently, I wasn’t joking when I said it’s “British Chicks in Lingerie Week.” Who knew? Anyway, here to round off the week are Page 3 Girls Rhian Sugden and Rosie Jones launching the Ann Summers store in Liverpool. If you’re wondering who is who, get the hell off my site. Ha! I’m kidding – about the leaving. I seriously have no clue what their names are, so, yeah, I’ll take that Pulitzer now.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Loser


  2. lloyd johnson

    they launched a semen stain onto my pants.

  3. Beth

    so, this is your way of saying there’s no more celebrity news, i take it

  4. blah blah blah

    same old shit. who cares.

  5. Oh my lord,,,her lower lip is giving me a nut-ache…

  6. ldsqtbea

    the blond girl is a little more cute than the other one … in my opinion tho, they both have really thin legs … but, they are both pretty … and the outfit that the brunette has is super cute … i would totally wear that (i would wear both actually lol)

  7. havoc

    There’s no way these chicks are British.

    They’re hot!


  8. Grandpa

    UUgggggg i just sprayed my computer with man-juice!!

  9. fudgebunniesfudging


  10. Fat Chicks Suck

    Super hot

  11. HorribleJudgment

    The blonde girl’s head is too small for the rest of her body. I don’t know who these people are. What about the famous people???!!!

  12. Blair

    Whew! I like em!!!

  13. buttafingers

    I wouldn’t mind having the maid polish my knob

  14. Sarah Palin

    I’ll hire them. At home, when everyone else is away and/or asleep the girls can play! Yes!

    Please, God, please help me get elected. I’ll never ask for anything else. Again.
    Now let’s prey.

  15. Is there a more winning formula then a lean bod, and mammoth sized mams?

  16. Drunkman

    Look at her holding that book….like she knows how to read.

  17. Page worth the trip daily!

  18. Michelle Obama

    Monkey House.

  19. Dar

    Whatever they’re selling, I’ll take two!

    The best things in life come in pairs… nom nom nom!

  20. Rupert Murdoch

    Rosie’s in the French maid outfit. Her tatas are incredible.

  21. Slut

    Come on Fish….the only penis you posted all day is on Paris Hilton’s thumb….show us some men!

  22. Randal

    No substance, no comment.


  23. HorribleJudgment

    Eh, I don’t see anything particularly special about either of them. Bore. Double bore.

  24. Lulu

    The blonde one is so skinny.

  25. Ell Hill

    The blond one is Rhian… and yea, you don’t have anything else to write about or something? Why the fuck do we care about this?

  26. Ell Hill

    and what the fuck does launching mean anyway? Stand outside the store and pose? I don’t get it

  27. Randal? there’s room for you in a girls innercircle…unfortunately, youll be filling in as a shopping buddy….nothing else!!!

  28. Muhammed

    The blonde has a messed up grille and she looks stupid with her mouth hanging open all the time. The brunette pwns in this duo.

  29. They look so young!!!

  30. Fat Chicks Suck

    Oh yeah…and to the idiots who said they are too skinny: what the fuck is wrong with you? Either you’re a fat chick or you’re a dude who can’t get anything but fat chicks. What the fuck makes them too skinny? Unbelievable how stupid people are sometimes. They would shit themselves if they went to a normal country that wasn’t so overrun with obesity.

  31. HorribleJudgment

    How are they too skinny? They’re not too skinny at all. Would you prefer fat? But again, I don’t see anything special about either of them. Double bore.

  32. The one on the right in the first pic for some reason looks just like Jamie Spears. That’s crazy.

  33. supersex

    i just want to see the top of their heads.

  34. CaptainMorgan

    That blonde is outstanding! I wouldn’t care if my wife walked in on us. It’s THAT good!

  35. ph7

    Love the shot of the blonde with the riding crop. Ladies, I highly recommend you getting your ass softly whipped while riding a man on his back.

    It really is something every woman needs to try.


    I would add some pithy commentary here but frankly I’m too busy launching something of my own…


    God Bless you Google.

  38. Poon Tang

    Uh, the blonde chick looks like she’s too skinny because her arms are like fucking toothpicks. My arms looked like that once–WHEN I WAS ANOREXIC!!! Not by choice, I just took adderrall and it fucked with my appetite hardcore and I pretty much stopped eating. But anyways, yeah, the arms on that chick are gross. If being as thin as a toothpick with huge fake tits the size of melons are the norm in other countries then count me the fuck out.

    The brunette looks great but the blonde is gross. I’m sure most of the guys who frequent this comment section to rag on chicks looks OR talk about how they just blew jizz on their keyboards are hard-up-for-sex-morons who think that fake tits, fake blonde hair, and an anorexic build is the hottest body type in the world (which is probably why you don’t get to blow your loads into anything but a tissue) and will, of course, insult anyone who disagrees with their media-induced feelings about what’s beautiful and what’s not

  39. Ted from LA

    I’d like to stick my thing in their things.

  40. britney's weave

    that chick needs to put the book down. we all know she can’t read.

    what happened to the CELEBRITIES, mr. fish?

  41. “the blonde is gross” “frequent this comment section to rag on chicks looks” “of course, insult anyone who disagrees with their media-induced feelings about what’s beautiful and what’s not” then it says “who think that fake tits, fake blonde hair, and an anorexic build is the hottest body type in the world (now comes the insult) which is probably why you don’t get to blow your loads into anything but a tissue”
    Dense. what a pathetic form of defending yourself before anyone answers, you must be incredibly insecure, after gaining weight from the “adderall” withdrawal, go study art or something easier.

  42. cthsh

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  43. Frankie D

    wow hottest post i’ve seen here in a while

  44. Kate

    Keeping in true superfish fashion, those girls are fatter then pigs.

  45. Gorilla

    I’ ll take the bitches. But will the bitches take me?

  46. [Insert images of hands making involuntary squeezing motion here]

  47. Americans just LOOOOVE to launch.

  48. British_Rail_trainspotter

    I wanked off many a time on the Midland Red bus Coventy Tech College to Linda Lusardi and other Page three tarts…Fap.Fap.Fap

  49. netfen

    @38 – one of the best posts i’ve ever read here. I’m not sayin the blonde chick is ugly, I’m just saying that arms that emaciated & tits that big is not only unnatural and weird but its distorted looking. It would be like fucking a cartoon or an anime,

    Guys have got to get over fake tits already. And since when is having bags filled with corrosive, carcinogenic chemicals implanted in the body something to aspire for? Would you really tell your sisters or daughters to go out and get fake tits because they’re less of a woman without them? Jeez…

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