The Oscars: Ladies of the Red Carpet

February 25th, 2008 // 76 Comments

Scope it out. Here’s some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies on the red carpet at last night’s Oscars: Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl and Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard. Feel free to pick them apart, marvel at them or perhaps throw a tuna sandwich at the screen. It’s your call. Me? I’ll be sitting here making Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl watch me build a spaceship out of LEGOs at my desk. Yeah, let’s see Patrick Dempsey make awesome laser sounds then get yelled at by his boss. McDreamy ain’t got nothing on me.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. Poor Jessica

    Dear Jessica,

    Just because you don’t look as hot anymore doesn’t mean you can act now, sweetie.


    They trod out clips from films 40-80 years old, long-gone films, like they’re still a part of today’s Hollywood. Total bull-crap.

    And they all end up either at that old Queen’s house, Elton John, that vicious fucker – maybe he played some of his music from 50 years ago, too, whoopie!, Or maybe they end up at Gov. Terminator’s party, another total hack actor, so I guess they’ll fit right in.

    And Heidi Klum is SOOOOOOOO over. Go back to freaking Germany, you old hag.

  3. D. Richards (Masochist.)

    You know what would have made the Oscar’s almost earable? Seizures.

    Imagine Jessica Alba being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest: She smiles long, and stares off in to space while her pupils dilate; Ryan quips and looks at the camera perplexed — Alba falls to the ground and convulses, shitting and pissing her beautiful dress.

  4. Son-of D. Richards



  5. hmmm

    Heidi Klum and Katherine Heigl are definitely the best looking, outhotting the other 3 by far (Alba, Garner and Cotillard) who are like at the same level.
    And BTW, if your intention was to post pictures of hot ladies at the Oscars, you have missed a few who are hotter than all the ones you posted pictures of, like Miley Cyrus. Cameron Diaz also outhots a few of the ones you posted, and so does Penelope Cruz, who should be there with Klum and Heigl.

    And WTF is up with Hollywood’s hottest chick by far, Angelina Jolie? didn’t she attend the Oscars? And Eva Longoria? And the rest of good looking ones? where are they?

  6. my 2 cents

    Best looking: Heidi Klum and Katherine Heigl
    Worst looking: Jessica Alba

  7. Angelina Jolie kick's their asses

    Angelina Jolie is like a billion times hotter and a billion times prettier than all these chicks’ you posted pics of hotness and pretiness together and multiplied x100.
    Did you see her independent film whatever pics? Man NOW THAT’S HOT and lookig good, not these broads.

  8. Mico

    What’s Heidi Klown doing in the Oscars? Is she acting now? :O

  9. Kimberly

    I never understand Jessica Alba’s place at the Oscars. Oh, wait, was”Good Luck Chuck” nominated for Best Picture?

  10. chenush

    @44 you are weird

  11. sandra

    El vestido de la actriz francesa, es hermoso, toda una reina, glamoroso, fino y a su medida.

  12. Tory

    Can you please do a post on Tilda Swinton? She looked terrifying at the Oscars and she’s had some pretty interesting personal news as of late, with her ‘open’ marriage.

  13. asteadyrain

    Jessica Alba??? She really only belongs at the Razzies. Honestly, she’s one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen.

    Too bad Cate Blanchett and Frances McDormand don’t get the respect that they deserve; they’re phenominal actresses.

  14. weird elbow and saggy boobs

  15. JANE

    Hedi Klum looks AMAZINNNNGGGGG and her dress is beautiful!!!
    Jessica Alba HORRIBLE HAIR! And the dress is bad too
    Katherine Heigl actually looks really pretty I think. Jen Garner is gorgeous too

  16. chance

    Jennifer Garner looks like a transexual with a combover and no waist whatsoever despite wearing a corset.
    Alba belongs at the Oscars like Star Jones belongs at the Olympic games.

  17. Kung Gustaf

    wow, Garner looks nice without her ears sticking out…

    And Seal must have a HUGE **** cuz no way he can have that girl :D

  18. Celestial

    Marion Cotillard looks the best. She has a very natural, genuine look to her rather than the fake, over-exposed look that most American celebrities have.

    She should have worn a ruby red dress which would have gone better with her dark hair and fair skin.

  19. london

    Look at the futile attempt to give Heigl some cheekbones and bone structure by using all that shading and contouring. She looks like a day glow orange clown.

  20. mw

    #69 – I completely agree. I’ve been here for a few years and it’s not like there is a shortage of beautiful American women, but when it comes to American celebrities it’s downright pathetic. It’s mostly high maintenance but average looks combined with mediocre or nonexistent talent. I don’t know if it’s the nepotistic nature of the business or just low expectations.

  21. Kaelindra

    Marion Cotillard really looks gorgeous ! And Jennifer Garner looks much better when her ears are hidden under her hair.

  22. She is so hot and sexy! I love her smiley face. Looks cute! Anyone saw her hot albums and videos at the celeb site millionairecupid dotcon? Hot ans attractive girl.

  23. Don't worry about it

    Why is Jessica Alba even at the Oscars? The Oscars are meant for people who can actually ACT! So why the heck would she be there?

  24. Angelina Lover <3 <3 <3

    I totally agree with the person titled Angelina kicks all their asses! Angelina is GORGEOUS, AN AMAZING ACTRESS, SHE’S A FRIKIN UNITED NATIONS AMBASSADOR, ADOPTS CHILDREN AND I COULD GO ON AND ON! Angelina is Total Hotness…these broads don’t even compare! And why the hell is Jessica Alba at the Oscars??? She can’t act for ****! :D She should just stay home and cry because she’s so horrible…I can’t even call her an actress because you need to act in order to have the title of an actress, but whatever who cares bout Alba…because…
    ANGELINA RULESSSSSSSSS! and that’s a fact!

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