The Olsen twins get rejected

September 12th, 2006 // 62 Comments

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were invited to an exclusive dinner hosted by Mario Testino to honor French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld among others, but failed to RSVP and were sent away when they arrived at the door.

“There weren’t places for them because they hadn’t RSVPed,” says one guest. “They were refused entry at the door!” Brandon Davis and Mischa Barton were also denied their unauthorized plus-ones.

It’s been a pretty embarrassing couple of weeks for celebrities lately. Sure, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton make up about 98% of the embarrassment, but even people you haven’t thought about for years are getting the shaft. What kind of world do we live in where doing a perpetual Zoolander impression can’t save you from the shame of rejection? It’s like I can’t believe in anything anymore.


  1. A2ROX

    FIRST!!!! too bad for them. what have they done in the last year anyway?

  2. A2ROX

    it’s about time they all get their comeuppance!

  3. ShotintheArm

    third? ashley is hot.

  4. Binky

    My sources tell me they thought they wouldn’t have to RSVP a dinner because everyone would know they wouldn’t touch the food.

  5. Guess instead of wasting their time making a movie that bombed (New York Minute) they should have read a book on good manners. Just like Paris Hilton should have paid attention in class when they told you how to avoid Herpes…or Lindsay Lohan should have listened when they said that sun, drinking, and drugs would age you….or Tara Reid should have paid attention when the lesson was taught that said being a bitchy idiodic drunk whore could have serious career implications.

  6. Jacq

    Mary Kate wasn’t there to eat anyway. They should have put her in a corner to remind her that food is BAD.

  7. Jacq

    Greasy Bear could have slipped in like a cockraoch under the door and Mischa was actually turned away because of two HEINOUS pit stains.

  8. Punkin

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Brandon Davis’s “plus one” was Paris Hilton? Soon they won’t even let her into Walmart.

  9. Wigwam1

    Are you ever going to mention the fact that Britney had her baby? For the love of God, what is taking you so long? It only happened 12 hours ago. Christ.

  10. jackspratling

    Oprah was turned away as well, because she failed to RSVP for two portions. She’s claiming it’s racist.

  11. Who are they kidding? They don’t eat.


  12. danielle

    9 – I know, I all ready have the baby’s picture as my wallpaper.

    I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Why did they have to turn them away? It must have been a typo.

  13. bigponie

    I could have sworn the commercial said “double your pleasure”, but with these two its more like “double your terror” and what the fuck are they smirking about, the only time girls smirk that way is when they’re looking at a 12″ cock. I swear they look like those bratz dolls, big head in a small body.

  14. PunjabPete

    WTF? They got twin nose jobs a while back but nose number one (on left) looks totally crooked? Too much of the Peruvian Snow I take it?

  15. From:
    waiting on her next fix:

    getting rejected from a french “exclusive dinner”.

    Life is great. :-)


  16. oh man.. they should call in the big guns.. munchkin union labor number 666.. or is it the international federation of trolls? i keep getting those mixed up.. this shit is so unfair.. first parisite now marykrate and ashflea.. who’s next? princess crystal meth? perish the thought.. the world’s going straight to hell in a handbasket..

  17. The Devil's Prom Date

    All is going according to plan: just a few more well-timed rejections/disappointments and these girls will be doing twin lezbo softcore porn faster than you can say Shannon Tweed.


  18. F’ing alien trolls.

  19. shmoody

    I slept with the Olsen twins before they were famous.

  20. RichPort

    I hear their measurements are 36-22-36… but that’s only if their standing side by side. It’s a shame because they have those slutty little faces, and the bodies of 9 year old boys. YUCK… one of those cruel tricks god or allah or yahweh or bhudda or the dalai lama or vishnu plays I guess…

  21. Maybe they’ll learn some manners. Maybe?

  22. I think the world is finally righting itself.

  23. BigJim

    I wish they’d return my calls so I could put them in one of my “Barely Legal” films.

    -Larry Flynt

  24. polypam

    I love that there is a backlash against all of these pathetic celebutards and that fewer and fewer people refuse to kiss their butts. I see this trend very encouraging.

  25. GorillaGrod

    Prediction: Olsen Twins will release an incestuous lesbian 24″ double-ended jelly dong porn DVD by 2010.

  26. I would have let them in, but then put them over in the corner at the Kids Table.


  27. Dory

    What have they actually done? I know of them and I know they were in some show as kids but that is all…

  28. shmoody

    @26 you mean they haven’t already?!#!”:?

    Damn the one I have must be a fake, my I get suckered all the time by those out of the trunk of car vendors

  29. herbiefrog

    ashley – chill the fuck out, it wasnt a great party anyway

    mk – love the style. feeling the love. dead by thirty… its what i alsways wanted…and look where that got us :)

    someone mention the mickey mouse headreasts…

  30. LoneWolf

    That picture looks like an ad for phone sex….in Munchkin Land

  31. danielle

    That picture is from 2004. At the LA premiere of their greatest movie “New York Minute” If you were as big an Olsen fan as I am, you’d know that.

  32. jane's eyre

    Ha ha, Zoolander impressions.

    “Magnum…it’s beautiful!”

    I’ve always hated that stupid ass smirk they do all the time.

  33. krisdylee




    ok, I’m done….

  34. Jedi Kevin

    The French may surrender at the drop of a hat, but they are bad ass mo fos when it comes to RSVPs. They will headbutt your ass!

  35. herbiefrog

    #32 why do i feel…

    looking at your picture…
    that mary-kate
    comes away
    with so
    than everyone
    else present at the event ?

    it’s sposed to look like some sort of lesbo lusto twino sistero snugglo lovefest no?

    cos it does it for us : )


  36. Selassie

    Oh my god, how embarassing… that would def give me an eating disorder.

  37. PrincessMuMu

    Eat shit, you weird half-alien half-fish douche bags.

  38. stonefoxhippie

    they still have the faces of 5 year olds.

  39. silly girl

    god they’re so ugly!! i don’t understand how they still get all this attention! they haven’t done anything worthwhile in years now and they look like trolls! and what’s up with dressing like hobos and calling it style? those bulging eyes and fishy lips really freak me out!

  40. hav-a-tampa

    They can come to my dinner party. I’m serving spaghettios hot-dogs, and cherry Koolaid.

  41. RichPort

    #41 – Who are you, Jim Jones?

  42. RichPort

    #42 – Good morning Dirtbag damnYELL, nice to see you perpetuating the “imitation is the highest form of flattery”. Trying to sully my name by saying unfunny shit I see. Seriously, go buy a life, if that sort of thing can be paid for with food stamps of course. You were lame in comment #12, and even lamer (from you, not thought possible) in comment #42. I must have really hit a nerve with you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Now run along! Breakfast at Trinity starts soon and they’ll need you to mop. Just remember: it doesn’t work properly if you keep dipping the stick end in water.

    Keep studying me bitch. You wouldn’t be the first.

  43. jrzmommy

    Uncle Joey teaches Michelle a lesson in manners on the next special episode of Full House….

    I wouldn’t let the Olsens and Mischa in either — they’d monopolize the bathrooms and clog up the plumming with all the post-meal bullimic action.

  44. How hard is it to RSVP an invite? Don’t they pay people to do that? All these young starlets still need to learn basic common sense. It’s hilarious.

  45. jrzmommy

    *** bulimic ***

  46. jrzmommy


  47. jrzmommy

    my god the originality this morning. signing in under someone else’s name. brilliance. it’s simply never been done. wake the kids and call the neighbors, we have a real renaissance maverick on our hands.


    Heh. Zoolander.

    “Gasoline fight!”

  49. S.P.F.R.S.

    The Olsen sluts are nothing but child-star has-beens. They were both busy snorting coke which is why they ‘forgot’ to RSVP.

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