The ‘Nude’ Snooki Photo

February 12th, 2010 // 138 Comments

Here’s the first in what’s apparently going to many “naked” shots of Jersey Shore Snooki which she denied existed if you can’t tell by the word balloon which should’ve been replaced with an actual hot naked chick so I’m not bored out of my mind. The photo is hosted on which is going to be the hub for, theoretically, nude pics of Orko here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I can already feel my penis getting melanoma.

NOTE: The owners of NakedSnooki are claiming this pic is from 2008. So clearly between then and the show, she ate an entire beluga whale stuffed with ricotta cheese. Makes perfect sense.


  1. Blech

    Um, this has to be Snooki at the less nasty age of fifteen. Has to be.

  2. D

    hahaa she does look like Scar from the Lion King

  3. Heath

    Is that a baby nigger Sasquatch?

  4. J.J

    She lives the stereotype because its so profitable.

  5. Wolfie

    That nakedsnooki site is laden with spyware. Thanks Superficial!

  6. Superbiggerevil

    So that’s what a shaved down Rottweiller looks like.

  7. Jon

    Why the fuck are you posting shit like this.. you are either making money for the site owners, or for this no name bitch herself. Either way it’s publicity for her. Is Superficial getting payed to pimp this bitch or the TV shows network or what?

  8. Jon

    Why the fuck are you posting shit like this.. you are either making money for the site owners, or for this no name bitch herself. Either way it’s publicity for her. Is Superficial getting payed to pimp this bitch or the TV shows network or what?

  9. That room is freakin’ filthy.

  10. Dirty room…but certainly getting way more than 15 minutes of fame!

  11. EEK

    Horrible, horrible skin. She’ll be dead soon, of melanoma.

  12. Hank

    Stop with the photshop! Do a nudie, Jwowww! Do it now!

  13. I think she looks pretty there, face wise. But, I am calling BS on the body. I think it’s either photoshopped OR it was taken at a time when she was substantially thinner. Plus, she is REALLY short in real life…and those are some tall girl legs.

  14. Dread not

    Snooki looks like Xtina Aguiilera if Xtina survived a plummeting elevator crash that squashed her spine and body down to what you see above, simultaneously causing all of her capillaries to explode, thus giving her skin the disturbing blood red tomato glow. So just think of ‘ol Snook-Snook as a traumatically injured version of Xtina Aguilera, who can’t sing, dance, or do anything thing else Xtina Aguilera can do.

  15. DogBoy

    1) She DOES look like Scar from Lion King
    2) Nothing says sexy like a metal bed frame, laundry basket and dirty socks
    3) Tits or GTFO. Whats the point otherwise?
    4) Hardly worth a look free–site makes you pay for a look? Ummm…..pass.

  16. BiJenni

    Wouldn’t fuck her with my girlfriend’s strap-on.

  17. sarah

    She can’t blame being fat on being short blah blah. I know weight shows up easier, so how about eatting less than a truck driver? This isn’t her. Those aren’t ribs btw, that’s a back roll. Haha though the joke was spectacular. This is either severelllyy photoshopped or her heads pasted on another girl who thinks tan equates to thin or she’s gained 50 pounds since. 98 pounds my ass. She’s heavily overweight. She claims she used to be anorexic. No way would an ex ana let herself go that bad. A former anorexic would look at herself in snookis current state and shoot herself. You don’t get rid of food issues in a year like she claims to have. Liar and a fatty. Basically an attention whore. But who expected more from someone who borrowed crackie mclohans bronzer and doesn’t puck up her fucking socks before taking naked pictures to leak online?

  18. Doc Schweinstrudel

    “You look like a peruvian hooker!” ( Sopranos)

  19. wow she’s hot!

  20. haha.. would be better if there were more…lol

  21. nizzlebizzle

    Thats DEFINATLY snooki, and snooki’s body.
    she used to be very thin if you look at her youtube videos from before jersey shore, shes really thin, she was a cheerleader. me & my whole family thinks she has mental problems. like she seriously needs help. shes not even itallian.
    she is chillian and half spanish and was adopted, i read it in OK magazine

  22. cancer

    Is she indian?


  24. Bryan

    You all need to get a life she is not fat she is gorgeous. Fucking losers

  25. Snooki is HOTTTTT! GTL FOR LIFE, BABY!!! Earn $5,000 a Week with GTL CASH —->

  26. me here
    Commented on this photo:

    She is so fucking gorgeous!!!

  27. nes
    Commented on this photo:

    i don’t care! I love this full figred slut! she is so fn hot! think i’ll make a trip out 2 jersey 2 c if i can’t snook me some of that snooki! ;)

  28. O-Packs

    Nothings wrong with this girl. So many haters. I hope all of these judges can claim perfection while casting stones. I’m glad that there is a short cute chubby girl in the limelight and I prefer her size now rather than this pic. Hate away helmets.

  29. caca

    the pic gives her no justice i would bend snookie over and tongue fuck her asshole sucking every drop of her anal juices i would suck on her massive tits licking her dark bologna areolies and nipples i would finish by blasting my hot seed inside her fertile womb

  30. birdman
    Commented on this photo:

    snooki will you marry me?

  31. d

    anyone has a dl of theses pics ? keep lookin and jus news and shit, somebody must have uploaded some of these pics somewhere

  32. Scott

    snooki has some really nice tits i would fuck her nice ass too i would love to see her in a porn getting gangbanged

  33. optic2123

    snooki want smush smush

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