The ‘Nude’ Snooki Photo

February 12th, 2010 // 138 Comments

Here’s the first in what’s apparently going to many “naked” shots of Jersey Shore Snooki which she denied existed if you can’t tell by the word balloon which should’ve been replaced with an actual hot naked chick so I’m not bored out of my mind. The photo is hosted on which is going to be the hub for, theoretically, nude pics of Orko here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I can already feel my penis getting melanoma.

NOTE: The owners of NakedSnooki are claiming this pic is from 2008. So clearly between then and the show, she ate an entire beluga whale stuffed with ricotta cheese. Makes perfect sense.


  1. Jenn

    What an Oompa-Loompa whore. And she uses wire hangers too. TACKY!!!

  2. She's a skank

    And another idiotic attention whore plays the “there are no nude photos; oh, I mean there are but I didn’t release them; oh, I just sold them to vivid for $1 million” game. Next, we’ll see the “Snooki sex tape”. All these skanks must have the same manager. How predictable.

    I feel sorry for the people of South Beach, having this onslaught of herpes infected slutty whores from Jersey invade their beautiful town. They should call out a Hazmat team & quaranteen the area immediately…

  3. The Pope

    Is it just me, or does anybody else have the sudden urge to punch her?

  4. I don’t see how that’s Schnooki, unless it was another lifetime or something.

    Schnooki has a gunt.

    Check out these saggy back boobs (click name). She should wear a bra turned around backward:

  5. I call 'em as I see 'em

    No, seriously- how old is this picture? You can see her ribs, for cryin’ out loud. There is NO WAY you could see her ribs now unless you: A) cut her open, or B) X-Rayed her, or C) are only counting the BBQ she’s about to inhale…

  6. Rogue

    @ 56 …. that’s good. I like that … gave me my best laugh of the day so far.

  7. lydz

    isn’t snookie chubby? no way is that her

  8. EastOrangeNJ

    She should be very careful in the water…..

    The Japaneese still hunt whales.

  9. Paco

    Is she wearing blackface?

  10. Veronica

    At list pick up the shit off the carpet before posing nude.

  11. HackSaw

    I’d hit.

  12. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She looks like a tan troll doll. Is she somehow related to the Kardashian sisters? Other than being a slut?

  13. Nero

    This is how Clovis human looks like after it’s fucked up by the pilgrim fathers.

  14. Gando

    That looks pretty nasty.

  15. Wide Hole

    Is that a king size rubber under the bed?

  16. anonymous

    fake, she’s not even fat

  17. Boogeyman King Dong

    It looks like she was just sodomized.

  18. vaginica

    too skinny and not fake-tanned enough to be her.

  19. dontlooknow

    That’s not her; she is much fatter than the body in this photoshopped picture.

  20. Frank

    Quick! where’s my harpoon???

  21. Leopold Peterson

    Ignorant fat bitch was once hot. Oh well. It’s clear that even if she were to lose weight, she’ll eventually end up fatter and uglier than she is now. I haven’t watched her show because I despise how we make ignorant narcissistic trash into celebrities. People who watch this shit ought to be reamed out with barbed wire. Sick fucks.

  22. noname

    obviously this photo is before she turned into a fatty.

  23. ___

    Why her parents wouldn’t kick her out of the family is beyond me. How many ways to dishonor the family can she think of?

  24. The ONLY Hetero Male in this Joint!

    As the ONLY Hetero male in this joint I can say – without a doubt – I’d hold John Mayer’s penis between my cheek and gum before I’d hit this. For chrissakes THAT thing has all the appeal of humping a tanning bed.

  25. Deb

    33. misterfister – February 12, 2010 2:27 PM

    Is she looking for her self respect under the bed?

    lol good one

  26. obvious photoshop is obvious

  27. Ripper Owens

    I’d 69 her.

  28. #31 is right. It’s her and it’s not hard to suck in your tummy. She’s not a fat girl, she’s just REALLY, REALLY short and any extra pounds show a lot more. I can relate, I am only 2 inches taller than her. Though I must say, it’s hilarious that she claims she is 98 LBS. There is no way in hell this girl is under 130 lbs…she’s full of shit. P.S. Does this photo even qualify as ‘nude’ ???

  29. bell

    Im pretty sure this is not her and its just shopped.

  30. Chip Chipperson

    @39 LOL

    Her dad took this pic.

  31. ugh

    unforch it is her back pre-Jersey Shore when she was thinner.

    sucks some jerkoffs had to release it out of pure jealous tho it will only increase her fame thus backfiring.

    the usual

  32. Teri

    she actually looks pretty good, better than I thought she would

  33. Darrel Cordova

    She used that sock by the bed to wipe the lipstick off her teeth and the sweat from her ass on. Hope it was ass first- if she got lipstick on her ass, no one would know which end is which…

  34. M

    I actually have more of a problem with the writer than with this disgusting picture.
    Seriously, just get someone better.

  35. Tracy

    Her or not or just when she was 14… Thank you yet again Jersey Shore for making this middle class woman who loves shots of tequila & domestic light beer feel like a classy lady. Gotta run & go look for my scrunchie. Out.

  36. TJSizzle

    Gah…terrible timing! Do you know how many men WON’T be getting sexy little nude pictures now on Valentine’s day? And the women will say, “See! It happened to Snooki! I’m taking any naked pictures.” Absolute tragedy.

  37. ginger

    it’s super sexy to be holding on to your classy brown metal bed frame. HOT.

  38. @Richard McBeef…banging fat chicks isn’t so bad man…don’t hate yourself for THAT man…could be worse rite, huh? what if daddy found out you’re an undercover cock smoker and that abreva won’t heal the shyt on your lip …THAT would be bad for business, rite…better stop bad-mouthing mommy or she’ll tell him, and then who’ll pay for your xanax then, huh?

  39. DH

    Doesn’t she have fake tits? Isnt the point of getting those to show them? This pic looks pre-tit job. Her only redeeming quality…..

  40. riva deneyra

    Wow, the dirty sock on the floor is such a turn on. Blech.

  41. The Listener

    She looks pretty good naked. It’s not a banana in my pocket. I’m glad to see her.

  42. Duuuude

    It’s not her and it’s not photoshopped. Do a google search for Julie Night.


    You guys are such HATERS! Snooki looks awesome and we have all taken pictures that are meant to be kept private for our loved ones. Unfortunatly this has leaked, but not uncommon. WE LOVE YOU SNOOKI!


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  45. You’d think she’d bother to pick up her dirty socks before she shot her noodie photos.

    Classy girl, that one.

  46. Lorne

    I love an elbow that bends backwards on a gal

  47. AnonymousError

    That floor is fucking filthy. What a poor display of sexiness.

  48. Southern Goodness

    Sorry- you wanna call her a whore, but you forget that all these posts make her what she is. This site (and others) tell her that her value is only useful for fucking. And she bought into that. That being said, grow a pair, Snooki!! Don’t be a douche-baguette (French for douche bag). Go to Law school! Be a nurse!! Try your hand at being an exterminator!! No, seriously, gurl, get a job. And quit being a stereotype.

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