The ‘Nude’ Snooki Photo

February 12th, 2010 // 138 Comments

Here’s the first in what’s apparently going to many “naked” shots of Jersey Shore Snooki which she denied existed if you can’t tell by the word balloon which should’ve been replaced with an actual hot naked chick so I’m not bored out of my mind. The photo is hosted on which is going to be the hub for, theoretically, nude pics of Orko here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I can already feel my penis getting melanoma.

NOTE: The owners of NakedSnooki are claiming this pic is from 2008. So clearly between then and the show, she ate an entire beluga whale stuffed with ricotta cheese. Makes perfect sense.


  1. Will

    Who is this and why should I care?

  2. ing

    doesn’t she normally have a pot-belly?

  3. turd with hair

  4. The Georgeous One

    So, is this an old pic, airbrushed or is it the dresses that make her look humongous? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Uh.. wow how inappropriate for lunch…

  6. sam

    ha shes an ass

  7. Good gravy she’s mediocre.
    I dont get it, what is this Jersey Shore and who told them they could be somebody?

  8. Richard McBeef

    H O R F
    O R
    R O
    F R O H

  9. sam

    is she black or just sunburnt ?

  10. BigBadBrad

    This can’t be her. Unless she just blew up all of a sudden for Jersey Shore? This girl’s body looks way taller than Snickers’ body. What does Randal think?

  11. Jaffa Cake

    Did she find a pickle under the bed?

  12. Would have been ASU Sig Ep House Sweetheart , circa 2000. Did you know that Scottsdale, AZ is like the western hub for Jersey Shore-like activity?

  13. Mister Bored

    Between the spray tan and the awkward positioning in order to hide the gut… I’m still not convinced there’s enough beer in a bar to make me consider that for a one night stand.

    The “Orko” comment by the writer… genius. First laugh off the site’s writing in a long while.

  14. Wow. I vote her ASU Sig Ep Sweetheart circa 2000. (Fun fact: Did you know that ASU is the western hub for Jersey Shore-like activity?)

  15. Flower

    Nothing says “sexy” like a nude photo with a dirty sock and a bed frame caster in the frame.

  16. HLM

    Looks like she’s looking for a sock to clean up with. Now that’s classy AND sexy!

  17. saywhaaaat

    This can not be her (or its shopped). She’s short and stout and this picture makes her body actually look OK.

  18. Freebie

    Is she starting a web site for profit that will post only naked pictures of her? Betcha she makes tons of $ off it.

  19. riod

    pretty sure this is photoshopped. The only thing that has to do with her is her face and even though this looks really good, it’s got a weird line right around her forehead.

  20. John

    Yeaaah, no way in hell that’s her without heavy editing. Unless maybe someone locked her in a zoo cage by accident during the season break and forgot to feed her again.

  21. Salad Face

    These are old Christina Aguilera promo shots for her “Dirrty” single.

  22. dale

    i think its just an old pic… cuz she actually looks kinda hot. if the other ones are all old, i’d be into that…

  23. You can tell

    You can tell that her cooch is shaved. I guess that’s something. I would have guessed that this little guidette would have serious, serious body hair issues.

    So, yeah. It’s not her body.

  24. lol

    the funny thing is, the person whos got the pics and is now releasing them is doing so to be mean and vengeful.

    trouble is, its only going to increase her fame..

  25. lt9k

    tits or gtfo

  26. Sis Cesspool

    This is not her. First of all, Snookie is 20 lbs heavier, and it looks like this woman has a neck, which Snooki doesn’t. If Snookie had an avatar, it would be Petunia.

  27. lick it

    not her, too skinny . . . she probably released it herself . . .

  28. Sid

    This isn’t her. The only genuine nude Snooki pics feature drunken unconsciousness, ripped spandex, and vomit mixed with semen trickling out of her mouth.

  29. If this picture were circa 2000, she would be 12. It’s totally photoshopped, she’s much chubbier.

  30. Jenna

    Nah, I think this is her. But, she is just in a really strategic position. She isn’t that fat, just cuse she’s short a few extra pounds look like a lot on her. Anyway, this shot does make her look much thinner. But you can see the back fat – which is what makes me think this is real. It’s not hard to suck in the stomach guys.

  31. Plastic Sturgeon

    She looks like hell. A thinner version, but then again that photo was probably taken when she was 17.

    @Randal: Where are you buddy?

  32. misterfister

    Is she looking for her self respect under the bed?

  33. Chico

    I would give it to her for sure, she looks good IMO. I love how she is bent over like that. I would get right behind her and ride that whorsey and then perform a Dirt Sanchez right on her orange face. I love cumming on chicks faces, its the best!



  34. Georgeo

    You can tell it’s photoshopped because the body is all wrong.

  35. social conscience

    On her knees where she undoubtedly belongs.. let the Jersey jokes continue to roll. Who GAF about this puta anyway?

  36. Jen

    Im going to go ahead and say this is totally her. Im judging this by the crap bed sans bedskirt, which takes a bit of class. Also, notice the closet of entire wire hangers. Go to walmart you whore, they’re like $3 for 20 plastic hangers. Maybe they dont sell bedskirts and plastic hangers in Jersey, who knows.

  37. meee

    hahaha @ 22 & 33

    dude seriously. she’s like this fried, disgusting, fat little midget. who the fuck thought it would be ok to ever let her out of the house?

  38. Reg

    Oompa Loompa doompety doo
    I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you
    Oompa Loompa doompety dee
    Why would you want to look like me?

    What do you get with slather-on-tan?
    Color of crust on a Cheeze Whiz can
    Complexion as bright as Cheeto dust
    Hope it evokes a young man’s lust
    I think I would rather pass

  39. jj

    My eyes…

  40. Kangaroo

    I hate you shin-humping retards who say everything is “shopped” when it’s obviously not.

  41. I was just surfing the net masturbating and when I saw this photo I puked on my cock and had to stop for a minute while I hunted for a photo of Goatse to get my cock back up at attention. This is how disgusting this feral pig is to me senses. First the thought of Khloe Beastpig masturbating and now this! Damn you Superficial Writer! Damn your eyes!



  42. chopper

    if that is her in the pic (and i aint saying it is or is not). i’d run up behind right where she is , grab her by the hair & bounce her face of the bed frame rails once or twice & hit that fat ass.

  43. I give her a 4 on the sober scale even…could be a lot worse rite

  44. sploogey

    sperm depository

  45. hank

    Hell with this fugly, I want nudie pictures of Jwowwww! NOWWWW!

  46. kingofbeer

    calling photoshop on this one and like someone else said,


  47. Matt

    @46…Jwow is fucking ugly as fuck and she has the nastiest fake tits in the world. At least Snooki’s tits are real. Screw all the haters…Snooki is hot and I would rip the SHIT out of the short little hot piece of ass. I dont know where I would nut first….on her face or all over her delicious tits.

  48. SO RIGHT

    This was about 20 pounds ago.

  49. bmp1701

    The Horror. The Horror.

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