The Most Retarded Thing I’ve Seen in My Life

May 21st, 2009 // 114 Comments

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Kevin Casey released the above hip-hop video featuring his crew which, fine, that’s all well and good. Except his “crew” includes an obligatory white guy trying to dance in the background. But, oh, wait, that’s not just any white guy, it’s the whitest fucking white guy: Spencer Pratt. Seriously, who the hell makes a rap video and says, “You know what this bitch needs? An Orange County trust fund baby trying to look street in a non-parodying manner”? I understand crack is part of the industry, but Christ, man.


  1. retardedd frist!


  2. HOILMAN80

    spencer looks like a monkey dancing in the background.

  3. SpencerPratt

    This is a brilliant viral marketing idea. Who says niggas b stupid!

  4. Ray Doggy Dogg

    I remember when martial arts were practiced for their own sake, not as a stepping stone to become a celebrity. I’m sure Casey is a skilled athlete, but this is just embarrassing.

  5. WTF?

    Kevin Casey’s official MMA record is 2-1 (2 wins, 1 loss)! Plus he has Pratt in his fucking ghetto ass video! F*cking dumba$$ ghetto thug b*tch is what he is. He is nothing and never will be nothing because he’s trying to live that ghetto fabulous lifestyle all the while being a true b*tch!


  6. Tarkeen Moff

    I have an explanation for the whitest guy. Producer.

    “Yes you can be in it but keep your f#@kin mouth shut. And don’t move a lot”

  7. marie

    I agree with #2
    At least this put a smile on my face, what and idiot.

  8. lol funniest thing ive ever seen!

    Why didnt they strap a bullet proof on the jester for authenticity!!!!

  9. dirk

    #2 uhhhhhhhhh. never mind.

  10. hahaha

    What a bunch of fuckin douche bags. This is way beyond pathetic.

  11. jeff

    what a joke. I love the way spencer is hunched over like a prehistoric man. I would love to make him cry in the ring. Someone needs to beat the crap out of this attention seeking douchebag

  12. jeff

    Heidi’s next “video” should include that possee running a train on her fake ass.

  13. AW

    Wow this is brilliant….nobody would even know this video existed if Spencer wasn’t in it – now everyone will know and will therefore know Kevin Casey. Nothng in the media is unplanned – they must laugh everytime the public makes a big deal about something….

  14. teary eyed

    This was almost the most gay video ever. The only thing it needed was Heidi’s fake tits parading in a bikini.

  15. Ha

    Kevin Casey is either an idiot or a f@cking comical genius.

  16. Stephareeno


  17. Kye

    don’t look at pratt you lose 1000000 brain cells just looking at him.

  18. Deacon Jones

    Casey fucking blows.
    Even his highlight reel is a bunch of limp hip throws, so what do you expect.

  19. Objection Sustained

    I like their hip-hop frog march. Pratt looks so out of place, I keep hoping he’ll fall into the bonfire. And the funky worm is so played out! Gangsta fail!

  20. H

    Please, but please don’t post anymore of this gdamn asshat… You just make him more famous. Who the F is Casey’s agent???? Serious, this is just embarrassing.

  21. Lulu

    HAHAHAHA …. oh my, LMAO!

    Spencer is funny as fuck looking trying to play hard and shit. Although I do have to agree with #3!

    excellent viral maketing at best.

  22. jlylec

    shit…i watched the whole thing waiting for those thugs to knock spencer out at the end. THAT a good video would have made. just drop him and then throw him into the fire. keep dancing and shit. hahaahahaha

  23. Al G

    For the love of all that is holy and good — can you PLEASE give me my full RSS feeds back? I do all my reading through aggregators and I’m forced to usually just skip over TS posts.

    Not sure that you’ve experienced a significant upshot in impressions on your site, but selfishly I’m hoping you haven’t, and that you’re ready to make the switch back very soon.

  24. Max Planck

    He heard that there were going to be Martial arts and CRAFTS.

    What no origami?

  25. Jeezy

    Kevin Casey now has mad street cred because of this video.

    That was fucking weak. I hope he enjoys his fall into irrelevancy.

  26. Neil McCabe

    I couldn’t even watch the full thing. Plus it was on mute. Shocking. What a prick.

  27. Dread not

    This is what happens when you trade your wife to be pimped out by MMA fighters/rappers, in return for some unearned street cred. Right now, Heidi’s gettin’ tore up from the floor up, by some hard pipe hittin’ brothers, who are hung like, Lex Steele. A pole in every hole, if you will! When Spencer gets her back, Heidi will already have gone black. And I don’t have to tell you what that means. Hope it was worth it, for a lame as moniker like, Spencer OCOG. Word to your mutha, BO-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!

  28. Dr. Awesome

    Spencer Pratt is my hero. He’s the best human.

  29. I really think you should STOP making a fool out of Spencer, he’s just trying to do what everyone is.. be famous!! And really, honestly, if you were asked to join a high budget hiphop video… ha…ha.h.ah.a.ha.ha.haha I’m sorry I can’t. W T F IS THIS

  30. sirrix

    Wow. Just wow. Where can you find a good hitman?

  31. Erik

    I’m sorry, I just spent the last half hour cleaning pus out of my eyes and blood out of my ears.

    What happened?

  32. steph

    ok. i dont normally wish bad things on people. but someone PLEASE get those guys to turn on pratt and just beat the shit out of him! he’ll cry like a little girl and no one will even think of him again except for him crying… this is truly pathetic. he looks like an albino gorilla and needs to fall off the face of the planet. DIE SPENCER DIE! you are a waste of human!

  33. Art

    Oh shiz.

    I love Spence’s move where he pulls his glasses down – he does it twice, in-between swaying like a Gorilla.

  34. Newcastle

    This video = total fail on many levels. Spencer Pratt…..need I say anything?

    Funny how they don’t show Kevin Casey getting TKO’d by Ikuhisa Minowa in the most prominently displayed MMA fight in that God forsaken video.

  35. clareargent

    like a chimp in sunglasses.

  36. Randal

    Kevin Casey, your record of dedication to MMA (Human Cockfights) is impeccable.

    I am clearing you for a landing on the runway of greatness. And Spencer Pratt might not be african-american, but at least he knows how to look tought in his little shirt!


  37. Cuntychops

    That is fucking brilliant. I watched it all the way through.

    I think Kevin makes Spencer watch him giving fat dick to Heidi. And Heidi loves it.

  38. rachel

    ahhhh….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………………and so on……………

  39. rachel

    “prat” is right

  40. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    MMA is fucking retarded, just a bunch of human pit bulls. In fact, the only difference between MMA and dog fighting is that the dogs are smarter.

  41. pappy smeary

    @41 well, we now all know that you are a giant pussy

  42. pappy smeary

    @41 well, we now all know that you are a giant pussy

  43. snappy

    The whole crew looks funny, not just Spencer. I mean c’mon, who ever heard of a bunch of black guys dressed like their either out to rob a bank or try out for Dancing With the Stars, standing around a campfire on the beach BY THEMSELVES, and grooving around the beach together? The white boy at least let us all know that this isn’t to be taken seriously except the clips of the dude knocking the shit out of his opponents. It was like “okay, let’s break the monotamy of all the ass kicking and show some homies singing the same song around the campfire from dark until dawn. Oh yeah, and get the whitest boy you know.” This video will bring together ALL the people – blacks, whites, gays….

  44. fr0gman

    this is like Where’s wally?
    except it should be called “Where isn’t Wally”?

  45. Mark B

    I think that guy has a hell of an MMA future in him. I mean, really… that monkey looked SO natural behind that cage. Once they legalize feces slinging in UFC, LOOK OUT!!

  46. yeayurr

    2-1 record, wow this guy is something to be feared; not like that Fedor guy…

  47. Ronni

    Omfg. This is undoubtedly, fucking etarded. Look at him tryin all hard to look tough. I’m embarrassed for him. What a joke! Get it together!

  48. Zach

    I can’t wait for The Soup to get a hold of this.

  49. marissa

    I have to say – I read the superficial everyday and I have never commented on anything on the site before, but this video is FUCKING PATHETIC! I just had to say it! It acctualy makes me angry to watch this. SPENCER PRATT MAKES ME SICK!

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