The Most Important People Ever. (Until about noon-ish.)

February 23rd, 2009 // 56 Comments

Here are the most important actors of the moment despite the fact not one of them has been a guest star on Lost. Try and figure that one out. Anyway, the winners of the 81st Annual Academy Awards:

Best Actress: Kate Winslet, The Reader
Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best Actor: Sean Penn, Milk
Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

I feel kind of bad that I’ve only seen one of the four movies listed above, and it wasn’t even the one where Penelope Cruz makes out with Scarlett Johansson. That’s like sleeping through Christmas. Twice.

NOTE: For the whole 2009 Oscars enchilada scope out I Watch’s liveblog coverage. Because I’m lazy.

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  1. ur mom

    SF writer:

    If you watch Vicky Christina Barcelona, I suggest you find out the points where they make out and skip to them. That movie was fucking terrible. The narrator must have been mentally challenged, the majority of the acting was terrible, and it dragged on and on.

    Big FAIL.

  2. frank


    well it’s to bad that your kind of redneck, ignorant trash is about to become extinct… america spoke and filled the white house with some intelligence and elegance for a change.

    fuck off back to your SUV and trailer.

  3. Can this TRANS-SEXUAL please shut the fuck up?

  4. @52 franko-anti-american

    Dream On buddy. Its a social experiment to prove that some things just arent meant to be. Dont be jealous because you POS hybrid wussy car gets dwarfed by what real men drive.

    The PC crowd has wussified this nation and its male inhabitants. Only metro(homo)sexual men drive hybrids, miatas, vw bugs etc.

    Grow some balls and be a man. Global Warming is a farce dipshit.

  5. James

    Mike Oxbhig, watch TDK sober next time. Ledger had the most screen time of anyone other than Batman. Hopkins won an Oscar years ago fro a total of 18 minutes screen time. On youtube every Joker scene from TDK is up and everything combines for a total of over 50 minutes. He played an iconic villian perfectly, he transformed himself for the role.

    Grobpilot, get over yourself, 99% of the world warships Hollywood, you yourself are on a Hollywood celeb site. If any of them disappeared the public would be in a mass panic, get over it.

  6. It is amazing how Sean Penn may be controversial and fucking so insignificant that at the same time. About 99.9% Hollywood, if suddenly, mysteriously disappeared today, in two weeks, would call into question thought. Thus, the impact that shit Communist took over the world.

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