The Mindy McCready Sex Tape

March 30th, 2010 // 90 Comments

Spike has obtained footage from country singer Mindy McCready‘s sex tape, apparently titled Mindy McCready Baseball Mistress which is smart marketing. Mistresses are hot these days, especially questionable ones that make you realize men will literally stick their penis in anything even if it involves leaving behind irrefutable evidence. “So, let me get this straight, we’re going to make a video that my wife could potentially see, but it involves us having sex right now? My pants are off.”

Warning: NSFW

UPDATE (2.18.13): Haha! You came looking for this because she’s dead now. Classic Internet.

Photos: Spike/


  1. Que

    Que who?

  2. Que

    Que oh juice clemens chica.

  3. Gweb

    I just ate lunch. This isn’t helping.

  4. Crabby Old Guy

    The perfect Easter basket item!

  5. cactus

    Maybe if she hadn’t done the rehab show this tape wouldn’t have leaked…just maybe…

  6. cactus

    oh and she’s just like the teen queen that did rehab with her. She shouldn’t have judged her for showing her boobs to the roommates

  7. Crusty

    Way to out Roger Clemens and his tiny pee-pee. After years of steroids, I’m guessing the only endorsement Clemens can get now is hawking Grape Nuts Cereal.

  8. shokroklove

    i watched this just to see them baseball muscles…. shes nothing special but holy hell he’s hot.

  9. Who is this whore and why do we care if she slept with has been baseball stars?

  10. Dave

    She was a country singer in the mid to late 90′s.

  11. Randommolecules


    You eat lunch quite late. Not healthy you know. Just sayin’

  12. Parker

    What’s it got to do with baseball?

  13. Kangaroo


  14. ___

    When will these stupid whores ever learn?

  15. She’s doing it Kardashian style. Wonder when she’s going to have a reality show with her sisters?

  16. testington

    He has a hot body but a fug face and probably shriveled roid-dick…that averages out to be Do Not Want!

  17. Yuck! Thanks Mindy, but I’ll stick to the Marlee Matlin sex tape!!

    Too funy!

  18. baby!!!!

    Go Vivid!

    Steven Hirsch you are a genius!!!!!!!!!

  19. JD

    Did I miss the tits?

  20. TekMoney

    I wasn’t impressed by that trailer. But then again I’m not into middle aged country hicks.

  21. ironside

    I may be wrong but I don’t think that was Roger! I have met him before and that doesn’t look like him

  22. me

    oh my god mindy…what happen?

  23. timmy the dying boy

    People will actually pay money for this?

  24. um

    wow, she looks horrible for 34!!!

  25. kdo

    I need video/pics of her tits or nipples. Hook me up

  26. thebitchisback

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  27. What’s it got to do with baseball?

  28. umm

    that looked so fake

  29. I never knew a thing about Mindy till Celebrity Rehab and I grew to really like her. I hope she’s not putting this out herself. Sending all my love and healing to her.

  30. Really nice video, and i really like that video, and it’s so wonderful, looked her body figure. it’s so attractive,

  31. I grew to really like her. I hope she’s not putting this out herself. Sending all my love and healing to her.

  32. i watched this just to see them baseball muscles…. shes nothing special but holy hell he’s hot.

  33. No one wants to see this inbred naked!


  34. çok güzel :)

  35. captain america

    this because even PLAYBOY & HUSTLER are still forbidden magazines in prudish america, folks!!

  36. vandal

    Who the fuck is this and why would I want to watch some old bint being knobbed in a staged sex tape? The end.

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  38. OTP

    Nobody wants to see this shit.

  39. Flow Maxx

    If you open this in Firefox as a ‘wmv’ file it is upside down and backwards.

  40. Drundel

    Wow. Meth is a helluva drug. I remember her back in college with “guys do it all the time” and she was hot. Not anymore.

  41. Jammy

    Ok so why do i wanna watch Meryl Streep having sex?

  42. dontlooknow

    Worst (fake) sex tape I’ve ever seen. And who is Mindy McWhorey anyway?

  43. jeezlouise

    Really Mindy? , Really? “The Sex Tape” was leaked? Really?

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  45. hashinchan

    Why couldn’t this of happened when she was younger and was actually hot ?

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  48. Gueibor

    @40 – We’re fucked, it’s the birth of a new genre: the Satanic Sex Tape!

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