Miley Cyrus: Road to a Lap Dance

May 12th, 2010 // 140 Comments

TMZ has acquired the rumored video of Miley Cyrus provocatively dancing for Adam Shankman (after the jump) at The Last Song wrap party:

Miley — who was 16 at the time — was dancing with 44-year-old Adam Shankman during a wrap party last summer in Georgia for the movie, “The Last Song.” Shankman, who is openly gay, produced the movie as well as “Hairspray” and other flicks and is a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance?”
The people who shot the video say they were offended by the dirty dancing — which included a graphic lap dance.

It’s awesome to see Miley Cyrus prove that anything Disney touches eventually turns into a hillbilly porn rodeo. (Or an unhireable pile of coke addiction. Didn’t forget you, Lindsay.) On that note, The Superficial has compiled a list of warning signs from over the years that make this debacle not even the least bit surprising. Actually, that’s not true. I assumed there’d be nudity and someone yelling “Dale Earnhardt her, Jim-Bob!”

The Miley Cyrus Road to Porn:

1. The Annie Leibovitiz photo shoot. Our first sign Miley was ready to ditch the Bible Belt by showing her bare back essentially making her guilty of witchcraft.

2. Flashing her tongue to Justin Gaston. Typically this move was reserved for the privacy of Billy Ray’s motorcycle shed, so naturally it was a shock to see it in the light of day.

3. Alright, we get it. You’re “super mature.”

4. Working the pole at the TEEN CHOICE Awards. Because if there’s one thing little kids need to learn, it’s the value of a dollar.

5. Grinding dudes becomes a staple of her stage show. Because if there’s one thing little kids need to – ah, you get where I’m going.

6. Somebody thought it’d be a great idea to let her be in Sex and the City 2. Mullet Logic strikes again!

7. Miley’s spotted in a bikini hanging out with a bunch of guys. I’m not saying anything happened, but I’m also not saying their bodies aren’t buried under Space Mountain.

8. The underage boob tattoo. Although, in her defense, it’s a rite of passage for 13-year-old girls in the south.

9. The Peacock Fetish Show.

And finally…

10. This guy raised her/fed her soul into Walt Disney’s corpse for a new truck.

Photos: Flynet, Getty, Mavrix, Splash News / Video: TMZ

  1. Parker

    @35 We can all only hope and pray you’re right.

  2. Mike

    I’d play gay for this treatment

  3. Mike

    I’d play gay for a lap dance from her

  4. Tek

    @41 I understand what you’re saying. I’m not shocked at the thought of a girl starting to become comfortable in her sexuallity at the age of 17. That’s normal. However, Miley didn’t start being sexually suggestive at 17. She’s been doing this since she was 14-15, and I doubt the voice of reason would condone that.

    Wearing tight clothing and showing a bit of cleavage at 16? That’s fine. Grinding your ass on a middle aged man’s crotch at 16? Red flags galore.

  5. Brozilla

    She’s just bein’ Miley!

  6. the truth

    LOL @ all the prudes here…guess what, I know lots of girls who are 12 and 13 and have already had sex with many different young men. Times have changed you big bunch of geezers!!

  7. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________ __________

    just doin’ what teens do at any high school dance….but with the chaparone instead.

  8. Nameless

    You all act like she didn’t blow that gay dude to get that part in the first place. She’s just making she he doesn’t forget her for future roles.

  9. glen

    i’m pretty sure that’s her left nipple showing on photo 7

  10. Deacon Jones


    I would’ve messed my pants

  11. Parker

    @60 I think you mean photo 8 in her bikini and I’m on the fence. It looks like the string is just barely hiding it and if that isn’t her nipple, I don’t know where else on her tit it could be located.

  12. Kathleen


    Are you fucked in the head?
    Yes, it’s fine for women to be sexual and flaunt their bodies, but like you said, she is a teenager. She is a MINOR, you pedophile.

    Let her strut her stuff when she’s actually of age!!

  13. lentista


  14. lentista


  15. Deacon Jones

    Nicely analyzed Parker, I agree. And I’m praying

  16. Robot

    Well at least a couple of people realized that this is how pretty much EVERY teen dances now. This is pretty casual compared to most of the type of “dancing” i have seen. Also damn right it’s the GUY who is at fault i don’t give two shits whether or not he’s gay or straight, he’s too damn old to be partying with a 16 year old.(I’m saying 16 because that’s when this actually happened i don’t care about the fact that she is almost 18 now)

  17. gen


    Pedophilia is when you’re attracted to juvenile characteristics. Miley is fully grown. I’m the same age as her. There’s nothing weird about fully grown men looking at me. They are not sick or disgusting or pedophiles.

  18. absinthe


    So you think it’s a good thing that 12 year olds have sex? Can’t wait to see how your kids turn out!

  19. absinthe

    I understand this is how every teen dances, but I’m sorry, when you’re famous and constantly in the tabloids, you have the have to have responsibility to keep yourself together and have some class. It’s one of the many prices that come with fame.

  20. precious

    that is a nie pic of u gurl =]
    ilove juicy lips =]
    u how did u konw gurl
    and u konw ??

  21. riley

    Yep! Guaranteed, in that wrap party, she be using some party “enhancers” like drink or smoke or snort. Look out Lindsay here Miley come!

  22. Uncle Walt

    Uncle Walt wondering what happened to the starletts after Hayley Mills….

  23. M

    Ah thanks Fish, this was actually funny!

    And now to the subject at hand: Yes, it’s true teenage girls and guys dance like that and act all provocative and oh so grown up. The thing is, that doesn’t make it okay! That doesn’t mean (sane) people want to SEE it. Aside from the fact that she’s grinding on a grown man that’s like, her DAD’S age, that stuff was pretty mild, however Miley has been slutting it since she was like 14, which is disgusting. Where is the common sense? Like, “I know I can be sexy and attractive but sorry Anne Leibowitz I’m just not gonna pose like that for this shoot.” and “Hmm, does grinding on this pole that’s attached to this ice cream truck look TOO sexy? Maybe I’ll SKIP that move.” And where is the PARENTAL GUIDANCE? I just want her to go the fuck away. I’m tired of that b.itch.

  24. Sexey Girl,What about wearing Cheap MBT shoes to dance around

  25. hypcrite much

    to everyone saying how outraged they are, you are all fucking hypocrites! You all read the title and te description. It says exactly what you are going to see. If you think this is wrong, why the fuck did you watch it?

  26. Smacktastic

    Fish, you’re like a Hollywood Sherlock Holmes or something. What was the name of that guy who predicted the future? Nosferatu? Nicodemus? Nick Lachey? Anyways, whatever his name is, he ain’t got s**t on you, buddy! This is a marvel of deduction and foresight!

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  28. missywissy

    oh yuck.., i think we’ve all grinded in front of others thinking we were cool and sexy and look back and say “did I really show a bunch of people what I look like when I fuck, only with clothes on?”

    Yeah, she’s having fun, but that was just grose. It seems her judgement is clouded and she should probably have somebody that she trusts and listens to, to tell her when she’s getting out of control.

    aw, who cares. I’m just an average gal sittin’ at my computer with something to say.

  29. aw, who cares. I’m just an average gal sittin’ at my computer with something to say.

  30. Marcus

    Every 40 year old guy wants a 16 year old slut….

  31. God Dammit. This shit isn’t gross. This isn’t a lap dance. This doesn’t make her a whore or a slut or a skank or anything. I don’t even like this bitch but people are so fucking stupid I feel I need to say something.

    So basically, some douche takes a video of 1 minute of this chick dancing and people go ape shit. She was 16. I’m sure she doesn’t think of grinding on a 44-year old dude as something cool if that’s all you’re putting into it. The ages of the people means absolutely nothing though. If she’s comfortable and he’s comfortable, then it shouldn’t matter to anyone else. It’s not like it’s some fucking stranger who’s going to try to do anything. She works with him, he’s gay, it’s harmless regardless of what you people think. Damn, you people are stupid.

  32. Marcus

    Grinding is cool!!

  33. tara

    she’s a devout christian
    she’s a Disney star with 5 yr olds as her main fan base
    she was 16
    he is an older man

    no one see the irony? this chic is full of shit

  34. It's great to see Miley Cyrus, prove that something Disney touches will turn into a hillbilly porn rodeo..

  35. It's great to see Miley Cyrus, prove that something Disney touches will turn into a hillbilly rodeo..

  36. hg

    so a 16yr old rubbing her ass up against a 44yr old man’s raging boner is dancing
    as long as it’s set to music

    she still makes herself look like a self respect lacking ho at the end of the day.

    but we all knew she’d start her decline soon anyway.

  37. thans a lot ! I’m happy here !

  38. Looks like they go and they want to sit at the chair.

  39. many of me! The issue is amazing, glowing, fun, the girls are wearing bikini but she has perfect Actually figure. anyway thanks Hollywood hotties because family flew in to surprise

  40. captain america

    every high school kid should behave like this…………..

  41. Pyrochyde

    This chick is not first, shes not even thirty first. Shes not even hot/sexy/cute period.

  42. misery bunny

    mark my words. that girl’s a lesbian.

  43. B.B

    At this rate and the environment she is in, she will become the next Lindsay Lohan. No one’s gonna intervene or dicipline her…because she’s too rich. It’s quite sad more then anything else; never hearing the word No or having to lift a finger to do anything for yourself.

  44. Miley cyrus seems to be a very sexy girl… she’s so hot…

  45. Master Spook

    Sanra Bulok ? …… from Miley.

  46. He is a 44-year-old man, Think about it in that perspective. It is inappropriate for a 44-year-old man to accept a lap dance from a 16-year-old girl, and even more inappropriate for a 44-year-old man to encourage this behavior. He’s old enough to be her father, and I am sure that if they weren’t celebs and you heard about a 44 year old man receiving a lap dance from a 16 year old you would have some negative things to say.

  47. cc

    Gen @68, do you go out of your way to rub your ass back and forth across their groins? Didn’t think so.

  48. Ken Doll

    I wish I’d had the sense to be gay.

  49. Caroline

    I agree with all comments except for the one about the boob tattoo. Yes, it’s inappropriate, but in no way is it a rite of passage for 13 year old girls in the south! I live in Georgia and am really offended by that comment. Living in the south does not mean I’m more likely to get a boob tattoo..

  50. I have to be honest.. I do think she’s very beautiful… but the fact is I’ve been watching / listening to her (for my kids sake) so when I say beautiful, I mean it in a very non-sexy sort of way.. if that makes any sense. Somehow it’s just wrong to even thing about it any other way. I don’t know if she’s 18 or not… but I can’t honestly say she’s sexy… but very talented, and I hope she ends up breaking out of the “teen idol” younger audience and makes a name for herself as she gets older and appeals to an older audience… Good stuff!

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