Miley Cyrus: Road to a Lap Dance

May 12th, 2010 // 140 Comments

TMZ has acquired the rumored video of Miley Cyrus provocatively dancing for Adam Shankman (after the jump) at The Last Song wrap party:

Miley — who was 16 at the time — was dancing with 44-year-old Adam Shankman during a wrap party last summer in Georgia for the movie, “The Last Song.” Shankman, who is openly gay, produced the movie as well as “Hairspray” and other flicks and is a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance?”
The people who shot the video say they were offended by the dirty dancing — which included a graphic lap dance.

It’s awesome to see Miley Cyrus prove that anything Disney touches eventually turns into a hillbilly porn rodeo. (Or an unhireable pile of coke addiction. Didn’t forget you, Lindsay.) On that note, The Superficial has compiled a list of warning signs from over the years that make this debacle not even the least bit surprising. Actually, that’s not true. I assumed there’d be nudity and someone yelling “Dale Earnhardt her, Jim-Bob!”

The Miley Cyrus Road to Porn:

1. The Annie Leibovitiz photo shoot. Our first sign Miley was ready to ditch the Bible Belt by showing her bare back essentially making her guilty of witchcraft.

2. Flashing her tongue to Justin Gaston. Typically this move was reserved for the privacy of Billy Ray’s motorcycle shed, so naturally it was a shock to see it in the light of day.

3. Alright, we get it. You’re “super mature.”

4. Working the pole at the TEEN CHOICE Awards. Because if there’s one thing little kids need to learn, it’s the value of a dollar.

5. Grinding dudes becomes a staple of her stage show. Because if there’s one thing little kids need to – ah, you get where I’m going.

6. Somebody thought it’d be a great idea to let her be in Sex and the City 2. Mullet Logic strikes again!

7. Miley’s spotted in a bikini hanging out with a bunch of guys. I’m not saying anything happened, but I’m also not saying their bodies aren’t buried under Space Mountain.

8. The underage boob tattoo. Although, in her defense, it’s a rite of passage for 13-year-old girls in the south.

9. The Peacock Fetish Show.

And finally…

10. This guy raised her/fed her soul into Walt Disney’s corpse for a new truck.

Photos: Flynet, Getty, Mavrix, Splash News / Video: TMZ

  1. Burt

    She’s in a hurry to be 25, but when she’ll be 25 she’ll want to be 16 again.

  2. Wow

    Not frist????

  3. Weed

    F1RST !


    and WHAT IS THAT SH*T !?

  4. King Shmaltz

    I’m thinking thats a nipple?….hmmm…maybe not but could be!

  5. Anonymous

    Guy is gay. Who cares

  6. Anonymous

    Looks like shes taking a shit in a dentist’s chair

  7. Rackmore

    lol @ that dude’s facial expression as she’s grinding him.

  8. gay

    well stop the fucking press, she was dancing and having a good in the national guard

  9. S J West

    Jeez, you can’t show a 16/17 yr olds nipple on internet?! I mean that’s a zoom too far!

  10. bananamama

    at least she knows how to work it
    damn gurl

  11. chupacabra

    she’s just not pretty. not sexy at all. Barf.

  12. McNasty


  13. Alfonzo

    She’s 16, the guy’s 44? Why is no one ragging on him?

    A 44-year-old man, guy straight or otherwise, has some obligation to behave with some decency when children are involved, if not for the girl at least for himself. That conduct could be construed as a crime, I suspect.

    A 16-year-old girl comes up to me and starts grinding my crotch, as much as my inner caveman might want to do her, I’m going to be setting her aside and telling her to find someone her own age.

  14. girls dance like this all the time, this is not special.

  15. Karisa

    Oh gimme a goddamn break. Nice piece Superficial man, like how you presented it =). But if her fans are really up in arms about her dancing like that then they’ve CLEARLY never been to a high school dance lately. She’s barely grinding on a gay guy, who cares?? That’s the way most young people dance!

  16. Deacon Jones

    hahaha, nice!

    Even though he’s gay, he was still turned on, I guarantee

  17. matt

    i live in San Francisco, I have PLENTY of friends who are gay guys, and MANY of them do chicks once in a while. 44 year old dude shouldn’t be letting a 16 year old girl grind his junk. period.

  18. gary coleman

    NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Otis


  20. Randal

    Good Lord, this young lady has amazing sex appeal, smarts and talent!

    Miley is certainly doing well in marketing herself for the mass hysteria she is causing at sixteen but when she becomes eighteen, look out world! Already her music is topping the charts and when she turns of age, movies, magazines, center-folds and talk shows will explode for a chance to have her bless their marketing world.

    The next big thing is just around the corner.


  21. Blowfush

    Is that underpants pinned to the noticeboard?

  22. lude and crude

    1 more year and she will be on the spankable list!

    This girl has been curling toe’s for a few years now I am sure…@#1, I wish I was 16 again, just for one moment to knock that shit up!

  23. She is famous and successful and this definitely helps her name to keep popular.

  24. immune

    all this b!tching about her sexuality is getting old. what percent of moderately attractive teen girls aren’t having sex at 15 or 16 anyway? 10%? 20%? get over it and turn muslim if you don’t want attractive females to flaunt their sexuality, prudes.

  25. Parker

    I’d let her use my penis as a buttplug. Cause you know she’s into that, I mean, look at the video. Res ipsa loquitor, right? Well really, I’d tell her it’s a buttplug but after she stuffed it into her hot little behind, I’d say, surprise, it’s really my penis and she’d be like, ok then do me in the butt.

  26. Tek

    People were going ape shit when Birtney (at 16) first arrived on the scene and was dancing around in a school girl get up, or when her nipples got hard at a kids choice award show or whatever… but none of that compares to how this girl has been acting since day one. Your summary puts everything in perspective well even though you missed the most scadalous shit (leaked pictures of herself damn near naked since she was like 14, and that has happend often throughout the years.)

    You know it’s bad when Disney, your dad, and your peers have just given up trying to cover your little slutty ways up.

  27. Lawrence taylor

    Seems like this girl been 16 forever.

  28. “The people who shot the video say they were offended by the dirty dancing”

    Why did they film it in the first place, then ? Especially if she was underage at the time…

  29. Billy Ray Cyrus

    Worth a squirt!

  30. TS

    That’s why I am not having girls. And if we do, she’s getting aborted.

  31. Jim

    Rubbing genitalia against a 16 years old ass IS a sexual offense; even with jeans between them. Not to mention endangering the welfare of a child.

    Hope the DA charges this douche.

  32. cc

    Alfonzo @14. No kidding.

    What the fuck is the matter with that guy? Believe it or not, there is something called restraint. I am close to that guy’s age and if a 16 year old did that to me I’d feel like a pervert…and be totally embarassed. She shows poor judgement, but he shows he’s a douchebag. And please don’t say ‘oh, he’s gay so it doesn’t matter’…what bullshit.

  33. Frank

    When the inevitable sex tape comes out, it will be all anal.

  34. @TS

    @TS: so you’d rather have the horny, man-children that’d be ogling the whorey, teenaged girls instead? Yeah, that’s much better.

  35. @TS

    @TS: so you’d rather have the horny, man-children that’d be ogling the whorey, teenaged girls instead? Yeah, that’s much better.

  36. Danklin24

    Even if dude is gay, she’s 16. That shit is just wrong. He should know better.

    Anyone who thinks this chick is a virgin is sadly mistaken. She’s “not that innocent”

  37. bar room hero


  38. Danklin24

    She’s 17 now, almost 18 now. people

  39. voice of reason

    What’s funny is that it’s only fairly recently (in the last decade or so) that a young girl’s sexual awakening has become such a hot-button topic. Shit. Miley is very attractive and she knows it- what is the big goddamned deal? She’s acting like pretty much any 17 year old girl would (relatively speaking; if they can get away with it, that is). But since we’ve (collectively) “known” Miley per TV since she was much younger, it’s weird for us seeing her grow up and become a young woman. So we cast stones, regarding her behavior. But just give it a rest. I mean, hell, does anyone remember the 50s song by Johnny Burnette (and later covered by Ringo Starr) “You’re Sixteen, You’re Beautiful, and You’re Mine”? What do you think that song was actually about? And was that song a big deal, in the straight-laced 50s? Nope. I personally prefer women in their 30s (up until a woman hits her mid to late 20s, they’re just too much of a headache to deal with), but there’s no debating the fact that Miley is a gorgeous young woman.

    It’s a pity Miley has to spoil that beautiful appearance when she talks: hell, I’m from the South, and even I hate her accent :)

  40. etc

    14&34: good to know someone still thinks, for a change. That’s precisely outrageous over here the guy’s behavior; we’ve all fooled around as teens, but it was with other teens. The guy is the wrongdoer not the 16 year old brainless attention seeking kid.

  41. Chrisy

    Have you seen the way thet kids dance now days? This is NOTHING out of the ordinary. Go check out your kids’ school dances, you’ll see what i mean. They’re all little slutties if you all think that this is so terrible. I’ve seen pictures on myspace of girls in small bikinis with the caption “me in 7th grade.” So lay off Miley, she’s just being a normal teenager..

  42. Ranger Rob

    Is it no longer possible for a female to take the classy route through adolescence in Hollywood? Is the new default always sleazy? I don’t really mind the brainless and talentless exploiting themselves — because lets face it, they don’t have any other route. But someone with the magnanimous talent of Miley has the ability to take a high road and stand out as a decent female role model (something American girls desperately need) instead of descending into the appearance of whoredom.

  43. Sport

    She looks better than Jessica Simpson.

  44. what's all this?

    Lolita does whatever Lolita wants

  45. Dixie Normus

    Jeez, she could be Lindsey Lohan’s little sister. They’d get along just fine.

  46. Van Damage

    In other news, Jean-Claude Van Damme is releasing his first cologne. Check out the commercial here:

  47. Sarakiel

    hahahahahah….lol…. I love to see white people try and dance…..god….lol…*wipes tear away*…lol.

    Very tame… but I suppose if i was a bible thumper this would offend me.

  48. White Person

    Yeah #49 we white folks can’t do nuthing right. ‘Cept cool shit like walk on the moon, take over all the other mindless primitive nations and make them work for almost nuthin’, enslave morons, classical music, sciences, etc. But yeah, ya’ll dark folk sure do got that dancin’ and singin’ down.

  49. taylor

    chairs got banned from my school because the girls would have sex on them.
    miley really isnt all that bad. and ever thought she really just doesnt believe in sex before marriage. so she is perfectly free to do any other sexual activity that doesnt involve intercourse. i know i like to get down and dirty. alot. but i dont have sex with guys. acting sexy doesnt mean your having sex.

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