The Michelle Bombshell Nudes

March 19th, 2010 // 249 Comments

I’m only posting these nude/topless photos of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee so future generations will know we spent the latter half of March estimating just how many genital sores Jesse James received by having an affair with The World’s Tattooiest Little Nazi and learn from our mistakes. On that note, let the record show this writer guessed 87, 12 of which looked like Hitler smiling.

NOTE: Full Size versions are NSFW.

UPDATE: Turns out we were all wrong and WP actually stands for “Wet Pussy.” Except now it’s “Wow, Jesse James’ Penis Is A Cyborg If It Hasn’t Fallen Off Yet.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Kevin

    Every predictable tattoo she could possibly think of was added to her body…..LAME.

    Heart (check) Nautical Stars (check) Big Flowers (check) Leopard Print (check) Waves (check) Skull (check) Snake (check).

    By the way, the old adage “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over doing” Isn’t true.

    Heavily tattooed people can be the most irritating, self centered, self-indulgent people around. It just amounts to a cry for attention. “Look at me!” “Pay attention to me!” “Validate me!”

    Everybody just stop with the tattoos already.

  2. shawn

    so fucking nasty!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I actually met this girl once a couple years back at a rockabilly show in LA called Hootenanny, and she seemed like a really sweet person. She is pretty and I think her eye color is real..I am not saying she doesn’t deserve all the negativity because what she has done is unforgivable.

    BTW the belt buckle, SD, is for San Diego.

  4. LOL

    I see you got a thing for used up old women ;)

    With the Amish-lie-fetish-fantasy and the claim that shes “24″, this Nazi bitch should be right up your alley. Throw in the claim that she “hunts moose” and you will probably spend the rest of the night typing left handed ;)

  5. Jarb

    is it just be or does this bitch look like Davey Havok?

  6. Joe dirt

    Oh Suds, take a chill pill you fag. I bet you cry every time you jack off. You sound like a cunt so why don’t you go get fucked like one.

  7. JPX

    Wow, these tattoos are going to look great when she gets into her 50s. What a loser.

  8. Rex

    I’d fuck the hate out of her, like in american history x.


    I agree with commenter #1,
    Its bad enough that Sandra couldn’t have escaped her husband’s infidelity being public…but for this disgusting parasite of a person to take advantage of sandra’s heightened fame and cast a pall over what should be the happiest time of sandra’s life is just doubly disgusting. i say stop posting pics and stories about this desperate and sad excuse of a human being. If you wanna post about something, post about sandra, how wonderful she is and how horrible this tramp and her husband were for doing this to her?

  10. Jersey Dave

    Tattoos are so overdone. It’s getting to be like cigars in the 1990s now.

  11. mateo

    Not even double bagged. Maybe triple, with at least two pulled all the way over my balls (it would be painful, but the warts would be worse), in the dark so I couldn’t see her bad wig, ugly tattoos, bad boob job (see the mangled nipple leather) and when you really break it down past the makeup, tats, wig, etc… not so hot face. In fact, I think I’ll just go whack off to pictures of roadkill instead. Sandra Bullock must really suck in bed.

  12. love inked up hotties with big fake boobies and long dark hair!

  13. Jess

    Her eyes scare me, they have the dead, dull look of a drug addict. Also, seriously sticking your dink in that must be like fuc*ing a toxic waste dump, why would anyone want to do that????????????

  14. cc

    Jersey Dave @210…oh ffs did you have to remind me of that stupid trend? thx

    Wouldn’t it be funny if she shaved her pubes into a little Hitler mustache?

  15. crowbar

    This slut’s a friggin circus freak…

  16. nazi

    Ewwww her boobs are hideous! I’m a girl who actually LIKES fake tits, but these SUCK. These “tits” look like pecs. I honestly, honestly could believe this is a post op tranny. Her hideous drawn on eyebrows…fake contacts…idiotic haircut…and ENORMOUS JAW….ugly

  17. DM138

    Dude, stop giving this filthy bitch publicity already. She’s making me wanna puke.

  18. Eddie

    Jesse was married to Janine. He went from wild pornstar sex with Janine and occasionally with her girlfriends to the boring Sandra Bullock. You somehow thought he would’nt need side pu-ha-ha. People are shocked by this? My god…

  19. Mary

    She is really ugly with her fake eyebrows and her tattoos… She has destroyed her skin. And the fake boobs… She really doesn’t like herself!

  20. Jimbo

    I bet this chick is one hot crazy fuck!

  21. chunkymunky

    Anyone notice the skulls on the front of her legs have the lightening bolt ‘ss’ symbol. The skulls aren’t even symmetrical. The lightening bolts would be facing opposite sides but they’re not. Dumb bitch.

  22. Megan

    She hasa tattoo of herself looking like the virgin Mary…I hope she never steps foot in a church…god might smite her on the spot, lol.

  23. Jason

    I love girls with tattoos, I love tattoos. Nothing better then embracing artwork by wearing it on you skin. Obviously Sandra wasn’t taking care of her man, or else he wouldn’t have strayed.

  24. 1984

    She’s hideous.

  25. No …: first welcome to MY shoes online store:

  26. too much tattoos

  27. Kei-Kun

    seriously sexy, love a girl with tattoos

  28. vix

    she looks nasty to me.
    I dont mind the tattoos or anything.
    shes just gross looking. too skinny.
    bad haircut.

  29. Wow, extreme! I like they keeping their breast parts clean. But I not so much into tattoos..

  30. joe

    no matter what you guys say, if she was in front of you asking you to do her you would hit it. I know I would and wouldn’t feel guilty about it either.

  31. there are different ways to get AIDS.
    this is just one possibility!!

  32. MrMixx

    Remove 98% of the trashy tats and she’d actually be attractive. The ink makes her look horrible. What a waste

  33. GSK KSG


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  35. hotfuc

    mm i wanna fuck her

  36. Please see her by artistic feeling

  37. Guys….let’s be perfectly honest here. She has a flawless body, gorgeous eyes and LITERALLY, has dirty girl written all over her. I would hit it and so would you…unless you are a homosexual.

    Ladies…stop hating. Your guy would do her too. And if he says he wouldn’t, then he’s lying to you.

    Don’t believe me? Michelle Bombshell posted a zoom-in tattoo viewer on her website and she looks smokin’ hot! Just take a look at it and judge for yourself:

  38. hotfuc

    i want to fuck her so bad

  39. dino

    anyone whos talking about the bombshell is just upset cause they couldnt get someone that, there ugly and fat, and the only play u get is a computer image, if u havent noticed she has a smoking hot body theirs a reason her nickname is bombshell stop hating shes a dime piece get a life losers

  40. barney
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d stick my tongue as deep as i could into her hot looking ass and lick it up and down.I’d stop once in a while to probe her hole.

  41. tanner

    you know what a lot of you people dont understand the tattoos and all that shit, its a scene, if your not in that scene it doesnt make sense, its out of the norm, it scares you. this scene is filled with beautiful women with full tattoos and the normal person would look at them and call them a skank or whatever else. personally i would fuck the shit out of her ana i dont give a shit what you people think. shes fucking hot and youre not so get over it.

  42. James
    Commented on this photo:

    Talk about jizz in my pants!

  43. Sean

    Bombshell? Looks like a bomb went off, and left a crappy mess behind.

  44. Jill
    Commented on this photo:

    If she is still alive 10 years from now, she is really going to regret those tattoos, since her skin will start going south…

  45. Ken
    Commented on this photo:

    Ewww her tit meat looks diseased…

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