The Michelle Bombshell Nudes

March 19th, 2010 // 249 Comments

I’m only posting these nude/topless photos of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee so future generations will know we spent the latter half of March estimating just how many genital sores Jesse James received by having an affair with The World’s Tattooiest Little Nazi and learn from our mistakes. On that note, let the record show this writer guessed 87, 12 of which looked like Hitler smiling.

NOTE: Full Size versions are NSFW.

UPDATE: Turns out we were all wrong and WP actually stands for “Wet Pussy.” Except now it’s “Wow, Jesse James’ Penis Is A Cyborg If It Hasn’t Fallen Off Yet.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Rogue

    Ms. Marilyn Manson

  2. RtSS

    I am thinkin’ the letters on her legs are “d” & “M” as that would be the view/perspective one would see them from most of all. So, they probably mean “dungeon Master”, or “diseased Mistress” or something like that. Nice ass though, I’d like to pound my schlong into that tight poopchute of hers as I watched those pretty beautiful blue eyes tear up.

  3. captain america

    sandra bullock has “balls”?

  4. dfadsasds

    Guys never think with their heads! only their penis! He is one stupid idiot! how are you going to cheat on your wife who is a hollywood A list and a oscar winner! A very classy women to trash with disgusting tattoos on her body. This other women is a slut and has nothing to offer him but some pussy! Guys never know how good they got it.

  5. rex kramer

    Why, oh why did James have to put it in this “Monsters garage”.

  6. Lis

    Its Marylin Manson with tits. Its just wrong.

  7. Gando

    Wouldn’t it be much more easy if Evil had a face and would be recognizable? And that’s why i think that in this woman isn’t real evil hidden.Because most at the time real evil is unseen and hidden in the most unexpected places.

  8. Kayenjai

    That trophy girl tattoo makes me giggle every time! I had no idea they gave awards for V.D.

  9. Nero

    Could the Scarlet Whore be Oprah winfrey?

  10. mynannysmouse

    Sandra was obviously looking for rough sex when she married JJ.

  11. Darth

    Truth to be said:she’d us make almost forget who the real fu*ck up,Sandra Bullock’s husband,is.

  12. cc

    The giant tapeworm tattooed on her stomach puts me off.

  13. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.

    Daddy didn’t give her enough love. Or maybe daddy gave her the wrong kind of love.

  14. Try again, Genius!

    LOL! This bitch is funny. Everyone knows that a ‘WP” tattoo stands for “White Power” or “White Pride”, and the “WN” tat stands for “White Nation/alist”. This is well known. Ask a cop, go to any of those stupid racist forums and check out their tat threads from before this trick brought it into the public eye.

    She’s not a doctor, she just plays one on the internet…

  15. gen

    RichPort’s Ghost is totally right for once.

    SW, please stop posting pictures of her. I thought she was gross when I first saw her, and now that I know she’s a neo-Nazi, she makes me feel like throwing up. Scum of the Earth.

  16. the dude


  17. PabloHoney

    I wouldn’t fuck her with a rented dick.

  18. katie

    do you think her belt buckle stands for “suck dick”

  19. testington

    her face just looks white trash, even if you look past the hideous tatoos, badly dyed hair and creepy fake blue contacts you can tell she has one of those white trash faces. i’ve always wondered about that, somebody told me once it’s because they don’t get proper nutrition as a little kid so they look sickly

  20. sickofpatriarchalrot

    shes clearly a victim of patiarchal and western society, one where men freely criticize women eeeeven after they’ve destroyed their bodies in an attempt to be attractive. its only a matter of time, and these sad stunted men that comment on blogs like this, will suffer. leave the girl alone, she appears tormented enough. and as shallow as so many of you guys sound on here, she probably wouldn’t even think about banging you. not to mention- at least she does something with her life (tattoos or whatever it may be) better then staring at a computer screen spreading infantile negativity.

  21. tromba

    I wouldn’t fuck that filthy thing with a body condom and a stolen dick.

  22. Peanut Gallery

    Why does her face look like she has about 3″ of make-up pasted to it? YUCK! Seriously, YUCK!

  23. meanie

    why is she glaring at me with her tits hanging out? its like she’s mad at me for lookin. not hot.

  24. SOS

    Look at her dirty feet in the one of her laying down lol

  25. LOL-alot


  26. I think most of her tattoos stand for White Trash.

    Nice to see her dirty chimpanzee feet again.

  27. BADASS

    She looks great! This is what a real woman should look like! She is a walking art gallery only better – one that lives and breathes with flames coming out of her cunt.
    Guys like me dig that shit.
    Fags like models and other fantasy flowery bullshit.

  28. Kae

    Who are most of you kidding,

    you would fuck the shit out of her daily and twice on sunday. You know this chick is a freak and I would pound that ass until her eyes crossed!

  29. “Trophy Girl”, awarded to the biggest loser.

    “”@ 55 – “she’s into white power and has a giant geisha tattooed on her back???”
    Geisha’s are sort of white 8-P

    @ 72 – There could be a more attractive woman pictured here. It’s conceivable.

    @ 76 – “Sandra needs to go out to the tattoo parlor and start getting inked up if she wants to keep him.”
    Sandra could get a tattoo on her forehead that says “I married a world class fuck-up”.

    @ 118 – “do you think her belt buckle stands for ‘suck dick’”
    Probably the “T” fell out of the middle. Ah, 92 beat me.

    @ 120 – I think without the tattoos and with some psychological therapy to help her be a viable member of civilized humanity, she would look pretty okay. As it is…she really fucked that goal all to hell. Too late now. And it’s going to get exponentially worse as she ages.
    Now let’s get some Leighton Meester robot hooker clowns up in here!

  30. @ 127 – Randal? Is that you?

  31. Heather

    Yet another girl that isn’t quite pretty enough so she tattoos herself and colors her hair black. Puuh-lease.

  32. glenda

    Sometimes we see stupid things like this, however everyone is free to do ANYTHING to get money to eat.

  33. Heather

    Yet another girl that isn’t quite pretty enough so she tattoos herself and colors her hair black. Puuh-lease.

  34. gorillajustice

    I would put on a gorilla suit, bang her hard for hours giving her 6 orgasms, split without ever saying a word, and leave her with eternally confused about her true racial feelings.

  35. mfbinc

    is jesse james and sandra bollock that big a power couple that this is big news???

  36. tony romo

    can you say “Trashy”?



  38. Michelle Bombshell once thought she had a case of crabs, it turns out she only had twenty-three of the fuckers.

  39. Freakin’ hideous. The poor bastard must have been drunk when he stuck it to this one.

  40. Eddy

    I’m pretty sure everyone got an STD from just LOOKING at these pictures.

  41. courtney_1

    disgusting and annoying.
    she also is NOT 90% tattooed, as she claims. way too much white skin showing. racist skank

  42. Ang

    Even her shirt didn’t want to be on her ugly self

  43. Alex

    Meh. She’s the type he was fucking before Mandra’s big “marry and reform” effort with him. It didn’t work. It never works. And the women who want to do it are controlling bitches who are boring in the sack. Mandra’s getting exactly what she deserves.

  44. Enough Is Enough!!!

    I agree with the majority, there’s more important crap than posting a whore EVERY DAY for a whole month. In comparison to Paris’s extra-blurry itty-bitty titties, it’s a tie. #15 did give me a woody, though.

  45. the only opinion that matters

    #135…you are aware she just won an oscar, right? She is the power in that couple, he is just a low class second banana Anyone who thinks that girl is hot seriously needs help. The only way she can get any attention is to look like the freakshow that she is. All you men who said you would do her, I have a really clear picture in my head of you, slobs, overweight, ink, excessive drinkers and butt ugly. Any man worth knowing would look at that thing and be repulsed by that thing.

  46. @ 143 – I would agree that “marry and reform” efforts are bullshit. You better just find someone who was obviously on track to begin with.

    I doubt any woman has ever changed a man.
    Maybe men say “you changed me” to help their wives low self esteem/ lack of personal accomplishment, but if there was any actual changing, I’d say 95% of it was the guy was tired of his situation and chose to change. “I’m tired of this fucked up shit, I want a better life for myself”.
    Maybe the woman was supportive and offered stability, but if the guy doesn’t make his own solid decision to change…it’s not likely.

    Well, maybe if he’s just a mush head pushover loser that goes with the flow, the woman might change him. That’s probably not a great catch either though.

  47. AnoNplus


    I can’t accept this woman as being human. She is a disgrace to us all.

  48. @ 51 -


    There’s one in the last post, “J.J Banged a Nazi”.

    Pic 2, right thigh in the spiders mouth (click my name):

    Someone spotted it on celebuzz. I had to wash my mouse pointer after looking for it.

  49. Cheeks-1856

    Marylin Manson with fake tits and a va-jj

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