The Michelle Bombshell Nudes

March 19th, 2010 // 249 Comments

I’m only posting these nude/topless photos of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee so future generations will know we spent the latter half of March estimating just how many genital sores Jesse James received by having an affair with The World’s Tattooiest Little Nazi and learn from our mistakes. On that note, let the record show this writer guessed 87, 12 of which looked like Hitler smiling.

NOTE: Full Size versions are NSFW.

UPDATE: Turns out we were all wrong and WP actually stands for “Wet Pussy.” Except now it’s “Wow, Jesse James’ Penis Is A Cyborg If It Hasn’t Fallen Off Yet.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. CCi

    You can tell the snake is a cover-up if you look closely at the snake. In the first picture you can see what look like leaves and perhaps more stem. In the third picture (t-shirt) look at the bottom and you can see where a tattoo has been partially removed and the rest covered up. The swastika was likely under there.

  2. Matt

    Well there’s no mistaking this message – JJ told Sandra exactly where she could stick her years of effort at “reforming” him.

  3. Andrea

    Sandra’s wondering how he managed to have sex without her step-by-step instructions.

  4. Hmmmm

    She’s all about asymmetry, huh? Almost every tattoo has mirror image on the other side. Wonder why she left her boobs plain. She should just keep on going and cover her ugly ass face while she’s at it. WHORE!

  5. kaylia

    she’s into white power and has a giant geisha tattooed on her back???

  6. Meryl Streep

    Hey Sandra – I guess he was only “acting” like he changed, huh? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  7. she should get a tattoo of big red stars over her nipples so when her pics are posted on ther internet people will complain that they clicked on the pics but the stars are still there

  8. joeseph turnberry

    Her belt buckle stands for “Swastikas are Delightful”!

  9. Michelle Bombshell

    HIV all around, I’m buyin’!!!

  10. ali

    I see london, I see france, I SEE TRANNY PIGPANTS

  11. Joe Mahma


  12. Tess

    That is one ugly ,sick looking slut. J.J. apparently hates his own penis, or he would never put it in THAT!!!!!!

  13. pitcp

    Would a guy just out of prison F her?

  14. Smacktastic

    Man, this is one classy dame. If I find out she smokes and is a IV drug user on top of the Nazi-memorabilia collecting and half-looking like a dude, I’m kissing my wife and kids Auf Wiedersehen.

  15. mer

    That face!!!

  16. Aryn

    I’m pretty sure this girl has fake cheekbones as well. They look very awkward and unfitting for her face. That said, she’s actually not completely horrid looking. If she completely didn’t mess up her body by adding tattoos, got a hair cut without bangs, didn’t use all the harsh eyeliner and lipstick, she might be decent. She’s not though, which I guess is unfortunate.

  17. Luthor

    HO-LYYY SHEE-ITTT…did you see the set of stars on that babe?

  18. seriously.

    Nice rug from Target. I bought that for my garage to put it in front of my washer and dryer.

    She’s a home-wreckin’ class act.

    I wouldn’t go near that snatch if the world was flooded with piss and she owned the last tree.

  19. jojo

    wow talk about being bull legged – she has the ugliest skinny legs, no hips, barely any ass and fake boobs – Sandra is a queen in comparison to this whore! sick!
    Always knew Sandra was too good for that sorry piece of white trash Jesse James – perfect example of why people need to stick within their class and date people on their level – for crying out loud he was married to a porn star – wtf was Sandra thinking? Still feel sorry for Sandra…

  20. Jim

    Yeah, she’s a pig, that’s for sure. Of course, that speaks volumes about how boring Sandra is in bed, which is very easy to imagine.

  21. Dude Love

    Please, please make an effort, that 15 years from now, you will post up to date pictures of “Bombshell”.

  22. Landon "Reaper" Armstrong

    1. How does anyone know whether or not Sandra is boring in bed? Maybe she can’t get him to understand what she means when she says “clitoris.” Or “G-spot.” Maybe she’s bored — not boring.

    2. This column is sure full of a bunch of chicken-shit pansy ass motherfuckers…(in whining voice) “Eeewww…she has cooties. Her feet are too big and they’re dirty. She’s wearing ugly toenail polish. Her butt’s too flat…too round…too big…too small. She has ink under her skin…and ugly black hair with bangs…eeewwww!!!”

    LISTEN UP: She’s got a pussy. And tits. If you were in the joint you’d give a quart of blood just so you could stand in her shit. So shut the fuck up, turn off the lights, and fuck her senseless. Use a condum if you feel you must. Or don’t. If you don’t want to fuck her, make her suck your dick. Or not! What-the-fuck-ever. JUST STOP YOUR GODDAMN FUCKING WHINING!!!

    All of you! Now excuse me. I need to go eat a pit bull.

  23. Carolyn

    Big ugly fake titties.

  24. Tori

    such a great body…its a shame its been ruined by those disgusting tattoos and that ugly face

    tsk tsk

  25. emily

    does anyone else think she looks like a female Marilyn Manson?

  26. Eddie

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Octomom but with Tattoos.

    She also looks just like JJ’s first wife but with black hair. I saw a picture of his starter wife on the news, and she is also covered in tats and discussing neck tats, too, so I think he must have a fetish. Sandra needs to go out to the tattoo parlor and start getting inked up if she wants to keep him.

  27. Scott the Pig

    JJ is just another guy with mid-life crisis. I wish there was a pill that all men had to take when they are in their 50′s, so they wouldn’t do such stupid things, like chase young cute things and leave their nagging old house fraus.

  28. mr. napoleon

    It’s time to take her back home and hang her back up in her closet now.

  29. Georgie

    My mother always said if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything. Um… she’s got nice blue eyes. Except they’re probably fucking contacts. D’oh! Sorry Mom.

  30. Munky

    @54 She may be a “whore” but at least she’s not fucking retarded,

    “She’s all about asymmetry, huh? Almost every tattoo has mirror image on the other side. Wonder why she left her boobs plain. She should just keep on going and cover her ugly ass face while she’s at it. WHORE!”

    Here is the definition of “Asymmetry” Dumbfuck.

    AND @ 72—-AGREED!

  31. swan

    this girl is scaring me. the look in her eyes is creepy. she destroyed her body and face…probably sick issues from Amish weirdness.

    attractive under there but the decorations and emptiness in the face is just bizarre.

    someone who does this and publicizes it for attention is completely nuts!

  32. Blech

    The world’s crawling with women, and Jesse James sleeps with this Marilyn Manson knock-off?

    Well, I guess with enough booze, anything crotch looks fantastic.

  33. tailspin

    Fingers crossed that this shebeast chokes on a dick and dies…soon.

  34. Girl

    Damn you curiosity… I just had to look

  35. Girl

    After unfortunately looking through a few of these pictures, I decided that she looks like a Marilyn Manson with implants and big nipples… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Jesse James… that’s disgusting.

  36. kingofbeer

    damaged goods….

  37. Fati87

    I can’t imagine anyone wanting to put their penis in that.

  38. Cartman

    Enough of Frankennipple already for fuck’s sake.

  39. Where the Hell’s her asscrack in pic 17?

  40. Yeah...i'd bone her

    There is nothing faggier then hearing a bunch of guys talk trash about a woman’s body like their catty high school chicks. I mean this chick is pretty creepy looking, the face not the tats, but come on “shapeless legs” and “size 12 feet” …such faggotry.

  41. sigh...

    @ 13 Just “google” Michelle Bombshell + the word nazi, click on a link, and start reading. Then you will get it.

  42. Loki

    She forgot the “T” between the “S” and “D” on her belt buckle.

  43. Nature's Candy


  44. rico

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

  45. The Bitch rocks

    NSFW! NSFW? WTF? How about not safe for human eyes.

  46. Lisa

    What an ugly human being… Kick his ass out Sandra! He’s probably got Hepatitus C now! Ugly fake tits, ugly face, but beautiful tats! What a mess and what a shame.

  47. bulls i

    where’s his penis? i’m confused.

  48. ;o

    whatever… great tits… nice ass… but she has cankles!!! AND PLATYPUS FEET!!

  49. Your Mom

    1. She’s lying. No one gets WP tattooed on them unless it means White Power.

    2. Thanks for ruining it for all the tattooed chicks in the world, you diseased fucking whore.

  50. ffdfddf

    up close she’s pretty hot

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