The Michelle Bombshell Nudes

March 19th, 2010 // 249 Comments

I’m only posting these nude/topless photos of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee so future generations will know we spent the latter half of March estimating just how many genital sores Jesse James received by having an affair with The World’s Tattooiest Little Nazi and learn from our mistakes. On that note, let the record show this writer guessed 87, 12 of which looked like Hitler smiling.

NOTE: Full Size versions are NSFW.

UPDATE: Turns out we were all wrong and WP actually stands for “Wet Pussy.” Except now it’s “Wow, Jesse James’ Penis Is A Cyborg If It Hasn’t Fallen Off Yet.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Zed

    enough of this bitch already

  2. markonius maximus

    That style is more played out than her vagina.

    No, seriously. It’s old now.

  3. dB

    Even when you’re flashing your tits, I can still see the insecurity in your eyes.

  4. dB

    Even with her tits out, all you see is crazy.

  5. Fredo

    I like her, she’s sexy

  6. Galileo

    Lol @ the failed Suicide Girl.

  7. mike jones

    god this site has gone waaaay down hill.

  8. Id

    Jacked from t shirt hell but oh so appropriate:

    “Thanks for getting all those lame tattoos, it saves us the trouble of branding douche on your forehead.”

    All that nasty ink is *so* ten years ago. Seriously.

  9. hdroadkng

    I’m a biker and love tats on a lady but I wouldn’t even touch that nasty ass skank.

  10. hdroadkng

    But then again Jesse James is fucking whore himself so I guess it all make sense.

  11. Tek

    How much is she paying you? Seriously.

  12. Irene Barcelo

    Who knows, maybe Jessie felt inferior to Ms. Sandra Bullock and felt he was only worthy of this skank.

    Good luck, Jessie. You are the most hated man in America.

  13. huh?

    So being a tattooed skank makes you a Nazi? I don’t get it.

  14. whattheshit

    Remove about 70% of her ink, including that retarded shit across her forehead and she’d be bangable.

  15. whatthe

    I can’t blame Jesse. I bet this ho is a freak in bed, whereas Sandra looks like she’d be a boring fuck. And don’t get me started on Sandra’s retarded looking horsey face (shudders)… I almost feel bad making fun of her, it’s like teasing a special ed kid.

  16. Tracey

    Fucking digusting, Jesse you piece of shit. And, whore, are you happy to be famous now? Fucking pieces of crap.

  17. Pat

    Sandra Bullock appeals to women. Guys can clearly see that she’s one of those women who become more manly as they get older. In interviews she readily admits that she’s a neurotic joyless control freak in real life (that’s why she’s as much a producer as an actor these days). Like a man lost in a desert, Jesse James was dying for a tiny bit of moisture. Tattoo freak girl simply made him remember when sex was fun.

  18. Harold^Sick

    Clearly, the “W” “P” on her legs stands for “WordPress.” She’s not at all a nazi! Just into [nazi] blogs, yo!

  19. Just Wow

    1. No amount of tattoo’s can cover up all that crazy.
    2. She’s not good looking, even covering up her face (butter face) that amount of ink ruins the body.
    3.Did I mention the butter face and totally crazy eyes?

  20. Sean

    This broad is hot!!!!


    Yeah, ’cause those long, skinny, and shapeless legs are so hot. And that man face, fake tits with butchered nipples and non existing ass is as well. And how about those size 12′s? LOL

  22. the only opinion that matters

    How the hell do any of you know what either Sandra or this hooch are like in bed? Morons.

  23. Jones

    Thanks fish, I can’t get enough of this girl!

    But I wonder what these tattoos will look like 10 years from now, let alone 20-30…

  24. Sean

    This broad is hot!!!!

  25. Tek

    LOL @ #18

    I just heard that it supposedly stands for “wet pussy”. Yeah right.

  26. word up dog

    you think Bullock was dating this Jesse guy for his personality? or his brains?

    she just wanted some big dick – shes the dumb bitch for thinking it meant something special or “real” LOL .. chicks are fucking stupid sometimes

  27. Ted

    He just got tired of hearing “you’re doing it wrong.”

  28. Erica

    This evens things out – Sandra Bullock is one of the most over-rated actresses alive and certainly didn’t deserve the Oscar this year.

  29. The Superficial Writer

    “I’m only posting these nude/topless photos of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee because im a fucking shill. slurpslurpslurp: thats the sound of me sucking on a cock of gold.”


  30. dude

    old and busted.

    That used to be a man, Baby. Look at the hands, facial structure, no waist, ugly ass feet and legs. Damn. Post op shit.

  31. Drunken Indian

    He really goes in for the masculine types. At least this one doesn’t have a little-boy body to go with the manface, like Sandra Bullock.

  32. abby

    I don’t think we need more pictures.

  33. pete

    The three of them should invite Sarah Jessica Parker over so they can have a mostly-male foursome.

  34. jamie

    She’s a dead ringer for Marilyn Manson in the face. But just because marilyn manson looks like a woman doesn’t mean a woman who looks like him looks right. oddly enough

  35. smith

    “Tattoo freak girl simply made him remember when sex was fun.”

    So true. When a guy is married to a woman who’s committed to “changing” (controlling) him, the other woman doesn’t have to be attractive, she just has to be fun-loving and uninhibited. Clearly the case here. Sandra Bullock needs to relax, take a deep breath, have that rod up her ass removed, and marry somebody more suited to her nervous personality, like, say, a tax accountant.

  36. Boo Yah!

    Her Belt is missing the T in the middle….

  37. Darrel Cordova

    She looks like Mick Mars from Motley Crue….

  38. Gweb

    I would hit it. I know it’s wrong. I know she’s a fucking sick cunt with a heart of ice, and probably crawling with diseases, but I’d hit it anyway. Please don’t hate me.

  39. uncle Rough

    While everyone calls her whore. Fish call her ole reliable… for this week.

  40. Menis

    Guys get tattoos of naked girls and girls get them too… Why don’t girls get tattoos of dicks?

  41. Gweb

    @#35 – You’re right. Bombshell’s hobaggery looks don’t matter. It’s all about energy. And maybe Sandy needs to let JJ put HIS rod up her ass. That’s part of the problem I think.

  42. It'sMeJethica

    She looks like an Ed Hardy T-shirt!

  43. Mork


    Ed Hardy is a tattoo artist.

  44. geena

    Has anyone noticed she draws her eyebrows on with a sharpie?

  45. prettygirl

    the tattoo that says “trophy girl.” ha!

  46. pretty girl

    he must be kicking himself for blowing it w/ sandra for this bitch

  47. Amy3000

    She’s got a great body…. but her face is really unfortunate… makes me think “Tranny” when I look at her

  48. Karen

    If this girl made him hard, Sandra must have made him soft. He is who he is. The mistake wasn’t this girl, it was marrying Sandra and thinking he could be happy as Mr. Bullock, with a wife who’s comfortable wearing a business suit.

  49. My fiance keeps telling me she’s got gnarly anchor scars on her tits, but I ain’t seeing it. I’ll just pretend that it can’t get much worse since yes, she look like Marilyn Manson in his famous-white-lady-tits-full-crotch suit.

  50. Matt

    Proves the old adage— no matter how hot some girl is, some guy somewhere is sick of her shit.

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