The Megan Fox ‘Hacked’ Nude Photos

December 8th, 2009 // 217 Comments

The Internet rumor mill took a surprising break from Tiger Woods’ Snizz Bonanza to report that Megan Fox’s laptop was hacked and private nude photos were leaked online. Unfortunately, it turns out the pics were the work of Internet porn site Fake Celebrity (NSFW). But since I battle terrorism with a star-spangled erection of tender doom, I didn’t let that stop me from posting a few so you guys can see how blatantly fake they are at first glance. Or second. — Or how about twelfth and we all agree never to make eye contact? Let’s do that.

Thanks to Philip Labonte for being man enough to consult a professional.

Pics link to NSFW versions.


  1. Jimmy

    Not too bad!

  2. kemp


  3. All you have to do is look at the non-toethumbs to tell these are fake, doesn’t mean I enjoy them any less, but there should be no arguments here. Now, show me the face of the actual nude chick and let’s talk.

    And I now just realized Megan Fox goes back into my top 10 when she doesn’t have toethumbs. Fickle? Bite me.

  4. MD

    These are so fake and photoshopped.

  5. kyoud

    The last picture looks like a middle aged latino.

  6. kyoud

    The last picture looks like a middle aged latino.

  7. fat guy in a little shirt....

    ummm… photoshop alert. Nips are WAY different on pics 3 & 4…. she went from little gumdrops to ginormous pepperoni’s…… regardless…. nice ass in pic 1… if it’s actually hers.

  8. Rubber

    So… still rubbed one out!

  9. bamf

    Nice!!! Like the piercing too!

  10. kyoud

    1 through 3 aren’t bad, but # 4 looks like a middle aged latino man!

  11. Justin

    Dude, first clue that they were fake…no funky thumbs in the 2nd pic. That should have been a dead-on clue to everyone that they were fakes. Nice bit of photoshopping though (except for that 4th one – horrible).

  12. uhh what?

    Either her nipples change shapes or these are photoshopped. Good journalism fish.

  13. Paco

    Fake!! C’mon, you’re serious about this or not?

  14. awesome

    i love how the boob size changes from photo to photo

  15. Me

    Number 3′s body belongs to Orsi Kocsis (aka Klaudia) in case anyone was wondering, id recognize that body anywhere :P

  16. Fake! I think someone wants more attention, cof cof Megan cof cof…

  17. I like this pix, but everyone knows they are fake.

    but this pix aren`t ;-)

  18. OMG Shes so my type..!!!

  19. wowwo

    funny how the ass is different in every photo

  20. gross


  21. ___

    Such bullshit. What a let down…

  22. jubjub

    when did she get rid of her tattoos? still rubbed one out, too

  23. Are you kidding me?

    To everyone bitching these are fake:


    Christ the Internet’s full of dumb.

  24. Al

    Cool your jets guys., In time, if the stars and planets are aligned we’ll get some full nudity. Recall that 3 months ago there was full nudity of my sweetie coming out of the pond fro her failed horror movie.

  25. Parker

    Finally a fake ass shot of Megan I can really get excited about. The ones I draw always look so fake. This does too but it’s in real color not crayon. Plus Megan’s ass is bigger and much hotter than this one. I saw it in a dream once while buttfucking her on a Caribbean beach at sunset. It was beautiful. Her ass, I mean.

  26. who dat

    Pffft. Girls are gross.

    I would much rather see naked pix of Brian Austin Green. Yummmy!

    I am gay and proud of it.

  27. cc

    Judging by these photos she wears a different set of breasts every day.

    Decent photoshop work…but not the best. Still whoever’s ass is in pic 1 is a classic. I am guessing Lisa Boyle.

  28. claire

    these are so obviously fake

  29. Not bad, but a little disappointing. Hey, girls, come on my site and check out all the Hollywood tricks I have posted so even you can look like Megan, (Highlighter on forehead and eye sockets, see it). See this trick’s tricks!

  30. Chuck

    This is basically the same exact thing. (Removes pants)

  31. lol. phil labonte!

  32. Longrod Von Hugendong

    her tits are different sizes in different pics

  33. maria juliana

    soo fake omg! in every picture her nipples are different duuhh

  34. this looks like a real photo

  35. EK

    If these weren’t shown together they’d actually be fairly convincing… Just the last one is a little weird. The shadow under her chin is too desaturated, but the lighting and the shadows match in all of them and there’s no obvious line where the two images were blended together. I don’t really know about the toe thumbs as I’m a straight woman and have not spent hours staring at Megan Fox (that fat anorexic whore bitch, etc and so on… you know whatever makes for a response that fits the theme of things here).

  36. Kathleen

    The second one is the best, but her nips look rather horrendous in the last two!
    Maybe she won’t do nudity because her nips actually looks like that?

  37. jim jimison

    What would be funny, is if one of those photos were actually real. Meaning she would have slipped one by, making everyone think they are all fake. NOT ON MY WATCH….brb…..wheres my sock?…

  38. fake or not, that is one hot ass!

  39. NO


  40. John Kim

    Fake. Look at the breasts in the 3rd and 4th picture. The breast and nipple shape and colours are totally different.

    Nice try though.

  41. pimp

    skeet skeet skeet…

  42. Murphy72

    These are pics of all diff chics…..LAME

  43. Murphy72

    These are pics of all diff chics…..LAME

  44. Dr. Thoma Tuyokota

    I like those pictures of Megan but…

    Those pictures will make you think:

    Spread the truth, because only the truth will make you free!!!

  45. e simon

    Nobody thats calling “fake” read the article ????

  46. webterractive

    Fake, the thumbs don’t look right as Fox’s thumbs have a small nail. Good photoshop though almost perfect if it wasn’t for that little mistake.

  47. fuxyslot

    i have toe thumbs too

    don’t hate our thumbs


  48. April

    The only one that looks remotely real is the one with her in the tub- cept for her ass is way smaller. The other ones have completely different vajajays and boobies/nips/areolas. Second one could prob pass as well since her boobies are a little smaller and flapjacky. Whoever did this was a retard.

  49. Those looks like real. I mean these are quite true nude megan fox photos. I was searching for megan fox naked photos in google but only things I found were something like which is about megan fox nude but doesn’t show the pics themselves.

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