THE MARRIAGE REF Sneak Preview: NBC Sunday

Ever see married couples fight? It’s like watching two seasoned boxers pound each other to death – but over a roll of toilet paper. Until now.

Jerry Seinfeld is back and in the producer’s chair for a funny and revealing comedy panel series about the unpredictable and hilarious institution commonly known as marriage. Each week couples from across the country will face off to settle their marital tiffs which run the gamut of disagreements — quirky, funny, relatable — all with the signature Seinfeld tone. The couples that present their problems will be given a call by the Ref, popular comedian Tom Papa, just like in sports, with the declared winner walking away with a prize.

Check out a sneak preview of The Marriage Ref with guest panelists Kelly Ripa and Alec Baldwin Sunday 2/28 at 10:30/9:30c following the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics…. Only on NBC.