That Lindsay Lohan/Cash Warren thing might have actually happened.

Lindsay Lohan has issued an exclusive statement to E! News addressing rumors she’s been getting her coke hooks in Cash Warren:

“Cash Warren is a BUSINESS partner, nothing more, nothing less. And I have NO interest in anything but focusing on my career/work, as well as my family, and getting everyone holiday gifts! Eeeks-stressful!”

Here’s the original report from Us Weekly:

Soon after discovering one another at Villa, Warren and Lohan “ignored friends and just chatted.” The real trouble began half an hour in. “Lindsay and Cash started making out,” an onlooker tells Us.
“Lip on tongue,” the eyewitness continues, “It was raw. They were not shy!”
Another Villa patron that night gasped, “It was a shock to see the two of them kiss, but it was real.”
Those close to Warren and Alba worry that their marriage is already on shaky footing. “Jessica is not as into Cash as she used to be,” one source says. And the ever-fragile Lohan “becomes easily attached to everyone she meets and gets close to,” one friend says. Adds another: “she’s falling for [Cash].”

You know why I believe this happened? Because Lindsay claims to be “BUSINESS partners” with Cash Warren. Nobody ever has a bunch of money lying around and says “You know what? I want Lindsay Lohan near this.” To put things in perspective, Cash Warren could’ve flushed 50 grand down a truck stop toilet, made a YouTube video of himself rubbing his testicles around the seat and still came out ahead both physically and financially. True story.

Photos: WENN