The Jersey Shore Girls in Bikinis

Welcome to Bikini Morning on The Superficial!

Here’s JWoww, Snooki and Angelina filming Jersey Shore in Miami yesterday and clearly the producers are just copying pages directly from the Heidi Montag playbook. I mean Christ, they’ve already surgically altered Snooki to look like Tan Clayface so it’s really just a matter of time until she’s contractually obligated to marry a closeted homosexual.

EDIT: So apparently that’s Snooki’s “natural” appearance and MTV’s just using to her to breach TLC’s coveted midget market. Makes sense.

JWoww in a Bikini – 4.22.2010
Snooki in a Bikini – 4.22.2010
Angelina in a Bikini – 4.22.2010