Jersey Shore isn’t Friends

Because combined they’re an unstoppable fuckbox of dumb, the cast of Jersey Shore is attempting a Friends-style negotiation to return for another season. TMZ reports:

As we first reported, MTV offered each cast member a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode. We’re told the cast rejected the offer and made it clear they would all stand together and hold out for their price, though they didn’t say what it was.
MTV made a new offer of $10,000 an episode — there are 12 episodes in the new season — but so far the cast hasn’t responded.
We’re told MTV already has replacements if Snooki, Pauly D, The Situation and the others don’t accept the offer on Monday. But, we’re told, MTV is happy to mix and match if some of the cast accepts the offer and other don’t.
As for who’s being the most hard-headed in the negotiations — The Situation and Pauly D.

I don’t know who’s more retarded here: The cast for not realizing they’re the prime example of MTV putting anybody on the air and future world leaders lapping it up. Or MTV for not realizing the same thing and actually giving these kids more money. I had no idea there was a shortage of over-tanned Italian douchebags in the tri-state area who like free trips to the beach. If that’s the case, I’m sure Boise, Idaho will be another ratings juggernaut between Teen Mom and Got VD? Here’s Your Own Show.

Photos: Splash News