The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen in My Life

May 13th, 2010 // 64 Comments

This has absolutely nothing to do with celebrity gossip, “but when the most pure and true testament of love stares you in the face, you post that shit on the Internet and make people watch it.” - Shakespeare.

Thanks to J and Cocoa.

(Via Dlisted)


  1. MuggzE

    OMG that’s fucking hysterical! Boobie bongos!

  2. jumpin_j

    Something about this ain’t passing the smell test. I sense FAKE.

  3. smell them vag

    i don’t get it

  4. nate

    haha, genius.

  5. It's Me Fuckers

    rofl!! I didn’t expect him to so casually walk up to her and start banging on the boob drums!

  6. Nooken

    I am dumbfounded and greatly impressed. I think I have a new hero!

  7. chelsea

    yeah i don’t get it either…kinda..awkard.

  8. Nero

    Stop imitating me! Dammit!

  9. Camila

    HAHAHHAHAHA LMFAO i didnt see that coming… you made my day dude

  10. havoc

    LOL!!! WTF?!?!?!


  11. OTP

    The Superficial has officially jumped the shark…

  12. Evil

    I’m clearly doing better than him and yet I still feel envy?

  13. tits mcgillicutty

    uh, what’s not to get? dude is slapping the lady’s melons around at someone’s wedding

  14. Rhialto

    What do you do when there aren’t drums but you still have to convince people you’re playing drums?

  15. Asshole

    He should have finished it off Mike Tyson style.

  16. Timmy G

    Best part is she doesn’t even move or try to stop him. Just stands there and takes it!!

  17. Puke

    LOL thanks I was having a super bad day. It made me laugh and lifted my spirits :P

  18. Darth

    Is this what’s called a mobile drum kit?

  19. Gando

    The drum kit is there! All what that guy needs is a pair of glasses!

  20. Fai

    Very obviously staged. She even turns towards him milliseconds before he starts smackin’ away at her boobs. *yawn*

  21. ROTFL

    I was expecting an ‘Old School’ moment. But now I have to drive to work and I’m going to be laughing the whole way there. Best thing thats been on this site for ages.

  22. dude

    So some dude banged his girlfriend’s fat flapjacks gigging a wedding. At least she helps his dj business in some way.

    Best comment: #15. Way to go, Asshole. that is seriously roflmao funny.

  23. maudina

    I love how she just stands there without a reaction, as if he does that all the time.

  24. Sport

    He should have motor-boated them to the beat of ‘Endless Love.’

  25. mark

    why did they edit the music in this video? it’s obvious the phil collins isn’t actually what he was playing

  26. lor

    Hahaha, that she doesn;t even flinch or react in any way is AWESOME!

  27. cracka ass

    Dude should have just kept going, she seemed into it.

  28. @15 and 22…right on. Poor heifer just takes it. He prolly beats her with a sock full of dog shit for fun.

  29. Irene Barcelo

    I love it! That was the funniest shit ever! Thank you.

  30. Caligrrl

    Oh my GOD I have tears rolling down my face. Irene said it. FUNNIEST. SHIT. EVER.

  31. ____

    #14, you clearly didn’t see the complete drum set sitting 5 feet away in the foreground.

  32. ctti

    Gross. But funny. Well, grossly funny. And she was just WAITING for it.

  33. Sheena

    FAKE. Clearly that woman had no reaction to the boobie bongo.

  34. Beebaby

    Look at the indifferent look she has on her face, she’s like a cow getting milked! ROLMAO!

  35. Sari

    that’s is gold! complete gold! lolololololololol

  36. First time you post something non-gossip here supafish (that I remember).
    @22 that was great.

  37. my life on the ROUGH list

    Well it is a little less violent than cunt punting, if this is OK with NAAFA (AS IF we need their permission) this ought to be our National Past Time…

  38. Matrim

    @ 25> Um…they weren’t trying to make you think it was Phil Collins playing, they did it because of the iconic drum fill.

  39. Brooke

    Why do people think it’s fake? What is there to be faked? Dude sings shittily, dude walks over to large woman, dude smacks her titties. Yeah, the Phil Collins was added later, but otherwise it would have just been silent.

    The guy is obviously completely drunk… but how did she not kill him after that? haha

  40. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    I don’t believe it’s fake, either. But I’m stumped as to whether she didn’t react because she was totally mortified or because she really liked it!

    Looked like a fun way to make music to me.

  41. bar room hero


    but I wouldn’t say the worst DJ. The worst DJ would be playing rap garbage.

  42. Ripper Owens

    Agreed bar room hero. Rap stinks!

    As for the video. Pure genius.

  43. bar room hero

    rap is the shittiest “music” ever.

    How to make a rap “song” (it’s easy).

    1. Sample (see steal; rip off) a 60′s – 80′s REAL song.

    2. Input some 4th grade poetry. (make it violent and nasty, wth)

    3. Put enough product placement to almost make it a commercial ( air force ones, hummers, colt45 etc…)

    4. Sprinkle in some disrespect to women.

    Now you have a “song”.

    rap sucks, and what is frustrating is that I live in the midwest and have to hear this shit all the time…in the midwest, wtf?????????

    rap is garbage.

  44. bar room hero

    oops, forgot 5. the auto-tuner

  45. timmy the dying boy


  46. She turns towards him before he milliseconds smackin ‘starts off in her boobs. * Yawn * But now I have to drive to work and I’m totally laughing out there. The best thing is for ages on the site thats.

  47. Now you have a “song”.

  48. Thanks very much for sharing.

  49. captain america

    this is called: AMERICAN HUMOR, folks!!
    ……………sorry, can’t help it.

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