The dead like Jennifer Love Hewitt, the living not so much

Hewitt_Ghost.jpgJennifer Love Hewitt claims that, after meeting with an exorcist to research her role in soon-to-be-cancelled TV show Ghost Whisperers, she had an encounter with a ghost that liked to ogle her in the shower. Because she has breasts, you see, and she’ll be damned if she’ll let us forget it, even after we’ve long forgotten her.

But her most terrifying experience came when she was showering and turned to see a ghostly male figure leering at her naked body.

She revealed: “The ghost had a crush on me and liked to see me showering.”

I’ve watched a lot of The X-Files in my day, so that must make me a licensed deadologist or something, and it’s my expert opinion that any ghost looming around Jennifer Love Hewitt is the ghost of her dead career. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the ghost wasn’t ogling her, but merely reflecting on it’s own demise, thinking, “If only I had shown off the goods, maybe she wouldn’t be starring in the undoubtedly awful The Ghost Whisperers or the sadly inevitable I Still Know What You Did In The Summer Of 1997, And Apparently I Still Have Some Unresolved Issues With It.”

Wow. It’s eerie how much insight the dead have, isn’t it?