Miley Cyrus’ dad shouldn’t count his motorcycles before they’re hatched

March 1st, 2009 // 124 Comments

Miley Cyrus and her family are slowly becoming my favorite inevitable train wreck. Mostly because I know this one will end in “We don’t know how she got pregnant; we thought he was gay. I mean, immaculate conception!” To emphasize my point, here’s Miley wearing a lowcut shirt over a bikini while going for a jog with her 20-year-old boyfriend Justin Gaston yesterday. And where’s her dad during all this? Posing with his motorcycle. However, nobody knows more than me that sexy doesn’t take the weekend off. Or start work in Billy Ray’s case.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Knee Ya Ha Ha Hey. Wait a sec. : Where did # 46 Tom K go ?…
    Inside Job Tom ? Stand down of NORAD ? Molten metal in the ruins ? That type of thing ?

    Cliff Note :Knee…. I’m guessing this guy may not be Davey Crockett..

  2. Binky : Well ok . There’s a bit of tidy-up to be done here. ..
    When # 50 said # 48, He/She actually meant # 49.
    ‘”# 49 JEN” *
    * for those of you keeping score at home.

  3. kimberly

    is that a hickey on his shoulder?

  4. Holy Crap, did you see what Billy Ray Cyrus did to the kid that hacked into Miley’s cellphone??? BRUTAL!

    check it out (totally hilarious!):

  5. Public at LARGE : Oh okay. I think I may be seeing some sort of …
    ‘horizon’ here….
    Could you maybe run this one by me – one more time.
    An ‘inside’ what ?

    Cliff Notes : Job.

  6. Danklin24

    You know what fucking amazes me? Guys like Cliff Notes and blinky have nothing better to do than have conversations with themselves through a bloggers comment board. Seriously guys, get lives and jobs.

  7. dbsweeneytood


  8. jerrykurl


    now that’s some southern justice! funny stuff.

  9. # 56 Welcome to the site – I’m guessing you may be having a few problems with ‘free fall collapse speed ‘ that type of thing ?

    Comments ?

  10. Looking for a debate # 56 ?

    U Merican ?

  11. lawrence

    Miley is a nice baby. But I think she is too young to join that celeb dat*ing site where beautiful people and wealthy guys are looking for romances.

  12. ” If you do not exclude them from these United States, in this
    Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in
    such great numbers that they will dominate
    the land, and change our form of governments, for which we
    Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance,
    and jeopardized our liberty. If you do not exclude them, in less
    than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to
    furnish them substance while they will be in the counting
    houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do
    not exclude the Jews for all times, your children will curse you
    in your grave.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  13. feckless

    @59 Benjamin Franklin was obviously not psychic. Had he forseen the numbers of Muslims in this country, he would have given the Jews a place to stay while they were here and given them the advice: “Go forth and procreate”.

  14. # 63. What’s your point ?
    And where do the ‘Dancing Israelis’ ™ ( Call Bernie Madoff for more info)…
    fit in to your point ?

    Inside job ?

  15. So.
    I’m like listen’ …and watchin’ and drinkin’ a bit of Cha… Found this pic. from New York Times and recognized them – both guys …
    Chinese guy on the right is saying…
    Chinese guy on the Right : ‘ Hey wait a sec – I’m still having a few problems with ‘free fall collapse speed.’
    Chinese guy on the Left : Wow. You must be a wheel intellectual.
    Blow me.

  16. Knee Ya Ha Ha : So some ‘Yank people’ were complaining about Hillary not taking a STAND about Chinese human rights issues when she was over there.
    And I’m sure the Chinese probably brought up the point of – where were the human rights of the people jumping out of the World Trade Center on 9/11 ?

    So Hillary shut up.

  17. She is starting to lack direction. I hope she does not go off the rails

  18. 1sser

    Hey,, you are attractive for girls, but why so many people keep saying they saw you beore on a celebrity and millioniare d a t i n g si te—–” C e l e b m i n g l e. C0M “Is that true?

  19. bobo

    How hot. My love!

  20. The ‘after’ shot ?
    (no comment)
    You pervs looking for some sort of ‘Money shot” here ?
    The money shot is on the Wiki page – but as far as civilization goes – it ain’t our type of ‘money’.

  21. Fati

    ummm.. I wouldn’t want my father to look like this dude. A grown-up girl’s father should look less like a rebellious teenage punk. Otherwise there could be room for daddy issues for his daughter. You know..”hey, this guy looks just like my dad, yay!”

  22. fucker

    What’s wrong with you people? You people are talking about everything but the point of these pictures. the point of these pictures is that she looks very sexually provacative and is doing it on purpose. Shouldn’t you just be masturbating to these pictures like a normal person?

  23. Gr8 points all # 71.

    But how about that fire over here in China ? Like, the one we link you to here…( Pay attention to the picture!)

    Comments ?….. Inside job ?

  24. Fati

    What I don’t get is why are peopl saying that a 20 year old boy would only want sex and money from her? Aside from the fact that she’s rich, I mean. He’s 20, she’s 16. So were I and my boyfriend (husband now). That’s a completely normal age gap. Especially considering the fact that in terms of maturity she’s probably the one that’s 20, whereas he’s more like 16. That’s just guys and girls… And men and women… Huh..

  25. Money

    Hey just look at the listing of the private shareholders of the Federal Reserve (private bank Americans wake up wake up) and you get a glimpse of some dread unreality pervading. Who controls our economy? Who do you think!

    They have done such a fine job of it all. Now let’s go invade Iran and seal the deal for our Masters.

  26. lilsy

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  27. mikeock

    I fully plan on rubbing one out to this little bitch.

  28. feckless

    @64 Sorry. Went back to bed. Was just saying it seems a natural watchdog society.

  29. cd

    shocking…1 teenager spending time with her boyfriend…shocking….

  30. Mikey


  31. Mikeylikey

    Who cares about all this other crap.


  32. jaime

    i don’t care if she’s a trainwreck, i’d still totally hit that.
    and so would any other guy.

  33. Tits McGee

    her calves are telling me that this is the first time she’s ever jogged.

    her chest is telling me that jail might be worth it

  34. Best when served fresh … and firm!

  35. Kimmie

    Forget Miley and what’s his name…what the hell is wrong with that gross flabby dude who apparently doesn’t know HE’S OLD!!! You make me want to puke on your achy breaky heart!

  36. These things are so firm they look like implants, but its just the effect of the bra pushing them up i guess…inner thighs well sculpted, nice shoulders and arms, no flab, very nice figure! now only if i can get pass over those crazy choppers…

  37. Good thing for Billy Ray his daughter is too fucking ugly to be a proper whore.

  38. gypsbrother

    ewwww…wang flop!

  39. Kelley

    Jesus !! Please tell me that’s not a boob job on a 16 year-old. They don’t look real, as in you can SEE the edge of the implant … OMG, this is as bad as Ali Lohan getting a nose job and lip collegen injections before she has even finished growing !! What is the world coming to ? If they were real I don’t think she’d be showing them off like that … oh God …

  40. nysro

    for the comments saying .. she got boobs, somethings fishy..

    SHE IS FUCKING 16… THEY GROW DUMBASSES… I highly doubt at her age, she has had work done.. come the fuck on…

    They look pretty natural and nice to me.. just enjoy them, or dont fucking look at them.

  41. Staring

    Ok… So she has tits.

  42. hilarylongdong

    @ 54 That video is a riot!!!

  43. barb

    Billy Ray and his family are good Christian people and Miley is going to be just fine.They are a close knit family with moral values.I love all of them and don’t have any doubts Miley will go on to be an even bigger super star than she is now.

  44. epc1184

    He has a hickey on his shoulder.

  45. el ces

    Lets see a sex tape.
    Fappity fap fap.

  46. michelle

    who cares? she has a bikini top underneath… why does it matter if her shirt is lowcut?

    16 year old boob job? what? so 16 year olds cannot develop? shit, i’ve seen some well-developed 12 year olds.

  47. el ces

    Lets see a sex tape.
    Fappity fap fap.

  48. Her outfit is not that vulgar. Although it looks good on her and she looks sexy, many people think that it doesn’t suit her because of the fact that she is too young for that outfit in public.

  49. daunte

    Nice looking tits. Surprised to see that. Remember, the Cyrus’ are from where. Tennessee? They usually start cranking out babies by the age of 14.
    They are proud of her by not being knocked up yet. They know Disney is their cash cow and they will not let Miley get knocked up and ruin it.
    BUT, she more than likely sucks him off several times daily and takes it up the ass on a regular basis. There is no way a 20 year old could resist young ass like that, especially when they leave the 2 of them alone for extended periods of time. Hell, as soon as the close the door and confirm no one else is there, he drops his pants and she drops to her knees. After 1 load, stand her up, turn her around and analize her.

  50. Banananana

    She’s not going to get pregnant. She’s clearly on birth control already. How else would she have gotten those breasts?

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