The Superficial Presents Celebs I’m Thankful For

November 25th, 2009 // 152 Comments

The Superficial will be off until Monday, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s a small caption gallery of the celebs I’m most thankful for this year. In the meantime, you can follow my holiday antics on both Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully that’ll keep everyone from whispering my name while crying next to a rain-covered window. (Seriously, I don’t stare into your houses to get depressed.)

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. turkeyrobotmanchildlover!


  2. FirstfirstFirst!!


  3. notfirst

    3rd maybe?

  4. stacy

    Have a great Thanksgiving SW, miss you while you’re gone!

  5. stacy

    Have a great Thanksgiving SW, miss you while you’re gone!

  6. KY

    Fourth….. big deal, who cares??? Wow that’s so awesome that you came first, your life goal is complete… anyone got an interesting comment?

  7. Christina

    Fish is going bye bye =[ . Now which site will I check every 5 minutes looking for a new post? *sigh* I hate the holidays.

  8. Jake

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Fish and the superficial crowd! Thanx for all the TNA Fish!!

  9. Dez

    Way to go Supe!!!

    Fitting way to lead into the American Thanksgiving.

    Here in Canada we already done had our turkey night.

    So again, well played…

  10. she's fat

    she’s fat

  11. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. somedude

    what about kanyeee

  13. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    What’s the big deal with Blake Lively anyway? She’s just another of the seemingly-endless parade of marginally-talented fake-boobed Hollywood bimbos who will be sadly waiting for a call from Playboy in only a few short years.

    Happy Turkey Day, anyway.

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  15. MissWright

    What’s up with the Blake Lively hating? You must not be too cute. hahahahaha

  16. Danyel

    Make a REAL wish!

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted. After that, no more wishes will be granted…


  17. she's fat

    she’s fat

  18. In todays new generation,this snaps are nothing to got any credit because the model often show here breasts and other parts but they are not getting proper famous notion.There should be some different to judge by the common people.I like the snaps of topless female star which has additional extra charisma on her face and her body is also some what skinny type.

  19. check this out!

  20. angel eyes

    wow this site is misogynistic:

    objectifying blake, megan, kelly.

    making light of violence against women through paris/doug, and chris brown.

    im never coming back.

  21. angel eyes

    and how can this writer even live with himself when his job is to dish out sexist, americanized, low brow crap like this all day?

  22. Blake Lively: Let your hair down, stop trying so hard with the clothes. (Just leave a flannel shirt unbuttoned, it’s cheaper.)

    Britney: Titty Hard Ons.

    Megan: More THO.

    Doug Reinhardt: His finest moment.

    Jon & Michael: Black Hole of LOSER.

    Kelly Brook: At least she’s Kelly Brook sometimes. Like in this picture. The REAL Kelly Brook!

  23. I like her very much and pay much attention to her, I found her on “”, is she single again?

  24. Wow….she look red hot sexy woman, i love her.i want to go a long drive with her.

  25. Frankestein

    Blake Lively is beautiful!

    BUT Leighton Meester is hotter…

  26. Very nice red outfit!

  27. Lugh

    Kelly Brook is friggin’ gorgeous.

  28. Mike

    I think Blake Lively is the new Sharon Stone – titiwise.

    Just check out Sharon’s Boobies ca. Basic Instict 1992 and you’re there.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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  30. Pdxfacehole

    Why do they call you fishy?

  31. i think

    olivia wilde should be up on this shit.
    but gaga is chill.

  32. Captain_Insano

    #20: Bye! don’t let the door beat the crap out of you on the way out!

  33. turkey

    Blue skies and sunny.It gonna be a beautiful day today.

  34. Gando

    The person in pic 2 loves ya!

  35. turkey

    Love and nonviolence is in the air today!

  36. The Mole

    The misogynistic, sexist low brow crap is why I come here. I like my news with a sense of sarcasm at the pathetic world of celebrity. It beats hearing about more job losses, the government taking more of my money and other such depressing news. Keep up the good work Fish.

  37. Thank you TSW! Hilarious everyday!

    Sent via my hijacked Macy’s parade balloon (suck it balloon boy!).

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  40. angel eyes = mimi

    How’s my eagle beaked old whore doing?

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  42. NO

    BUT HER FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The boobs are fake and the face is awful, on top of it she looks 30 when she’s actually 22! FAIL. I am not thankful for this bitch.


  43. rofl i wonder where that number goes?

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  44. jodie

    @20 your such a whore liar!!!
    you came back @21

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  47. we thought blake lively was pretty funny on jimmy fallon the other night = the thanksgiving skit

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