The Beckhams think crazy is the new black

beckham_swarovski.jpgThe Sun is speculating that Tom Cruise has converted Victoria and David Beckham to Scientology after Victoria was spotted reading a Scientology “guide to self-healing.” Katie Holmes apparently recommended the book to her after learning that Victoria’s son had taken ill. Except everyone knows that Victoria Beckham can’t read. And last year, the Beckhams pulled a similar stunt when they wore Kabbalah’s red string bracelets in an ill-conceived attempt to be trendy. So it’s not quite clear whether Victoria was reading the book in public out of urgency or because she thinks it’ll make people hate her just a little less.

Because… Scientology is trendy now? She might as well walk around in an orange jumpsuit and a fake hobo beard and call it Unabomber Chic. Or maybe wear belts made of dead women’s nipples for that hip-and-happening Ed Gein look I’ve been hearing so much about. I’m not saying that all Scientologists are dangerous psychopaths, I’m just saying I haven’t seen much of Katie Holmes’ nipples lately.

Is Posh joining crazy cult? [The Sun]