The Bachelorette 3 Twist

20050111fabrice.jpgTVgasm reports that one of the suitors on The Bachelorette 3 might actually be gay. Now if only there was somebody to watch or care about the damn show, because I sure as crap don’t. Unless there are naked people on the show, in which case I completely change my mind.

i have no idea whether you watch the bachelorette, but one of the new suitors (fabrice) is gay, and an actor – i went on a few dates with him about 6 months ago. plus now he has a boyfriend. so is that supposed to be the twist this season or something? or are these just standard reality-show lies? because he’s certifiably light in the loafers, this guy. we went on several dates and he was great but we just didn’t have chemistry. silly reality shows.