Adrianne Curry swears she’s naked here

June 8th, 2010 // 40 Comments

Adrianne Curry posed the above pics to Twitter today and claims they’re her perched naked on the pool of her hotel in Costa Rica. Except that’s up for debate considering they’re almost entirely silhouettes and look like they were taken from Panama. For all we know these are Peter Brady with a chest tumor which I bet you wish you thought of before you started masturbating. Welcome to the club.


  1. Cash

    Bullshit. No nipple = no naked.

  2. Forqua


  3. killerabbit

    I can’t see shit!

  4. stinky mcpoop

    From that distance it could be a metal cutout of the ‘naked girl’ on truck driver’s mud flaps.

  5. Champ

    She is so desperate, always posting compromising pics of herself on Twitter. How utterly sad. What a great wife, huh?

    “Look at me!”

  6. Cardinal Fang

    Naked silhouettes only work close up or in Bond films. This is to far away for me to care.

  7. fatguyinalittleshirt

    pic 4 has a nip

  8. GetReal

    Dude… you guys are so full of shit.

    I’d fuck the attention whore out of her or try till my cock looks like a burnt match….and you fucks would too! Hell most of you would knock her up just to prove you fucked that slut lol

  9. Taz

    I’d eat her snatch till my tongue was raw, then I’d bang her till my dick was raw. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

  10. justifiable

    Speaking of Twitter, that whackjob Tila Tequila is twittering and swears she now has multiple personalities and one (just one?) tried to kill her by slicing her up with knives. She “woke up” covered in blood and then “Jane left.” So she locked the door!

    Tila apparently doesn’t understand that when you have this disorder the personalities aren’t actual separate people – and that locking the door against them doesn’t do shit to keep ‘em out.

    Mind you, if I were Jane, I’d try to kill her, too – even if it means I’d cease to exist. Some personalities are just more noble than others.

  11. jt


  12. She looks naked to me….

  13. toresen

    tweaking the levels in photoshop, you can see the distinct features. pretty hard to masturbate to though.

  14. Blech

    I LIKE these. I don’t know who the fuck this woman is, and I’m not interested in knowing who the fuck she is, but these photographs of her have given me ideas.

    Very artistic :). I want to do that!

  15. better than seeing that heidi cjhick again.

  16. Blech

    Meaning: I want to pose for photos like that. They’re great!

  17. toresen

    turns out the iphoto exposure controls work quite nicely. hint of bush even. back in 30 secs.

  18. Is that Gene Simmons or Adrianne Curry? Kinda looks like Gene Simmons.


    Peter Brady, you got yourself a real piece of work here.

  20. yomama

    I know it’s cool to not know who these “CELEBRITIES” are, but seriously who the FUCK is this chick. Someone please tell her “While the majority of dudes would totally put it in her holes…that in the OVERALL world nobody cares about her minor celebrity…and LAME TASTEFUL NUDES…P.S. my naked mother is hotter

  21. Fo Sho

    Does she really NOT know her 15 minutes was up a LONG time ago? hahahahaha

  22. Fo Sho

    Does she really NOT know her 15 minutes was up a LONG time ago? hahahahaha

  23. Desperate attention whore with a bunk face. I feel sorry for her husband. She seems extremely self absorbed.

  24. captain america

    these americans even become more prudish after dark.

  25. nothing can see. :(

  26. babejesus

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  27. Naked or not, she’s damn hot :)

  28. Dickfer

    UUUhhhhh… I just came in my belly button

  29. Armando

    Seriously can u guys let Adrianne I am available to knock the dust off her pussy. Tell her I am eager to do a marathon over a weekend and pound her out a dozen times. I am also available for much needed carpet munching.

  30. Photoshop

    Hey guys, Photoshop here to straighten this out. Yeah I just applied levels and curves to the last photo and sure enough as I thought the skin tones showed up and visible nipple was confirmed. Just thought I would clear this up.

  31. Gando

    These are pretty good pics.Who took these photos?

  32. Gando

    Maybe the sole purpose of our physical appearance is to teach our soul respect.

  33. Nero

  34. meMe

    Yep, she’s naked… Open it in Photoshop, and adjust the ‘levels’ much brighter (CTRL-L) and you can even see the top of her bush. Yummy.

  35. Martin


  36. Marlyn

    I’ve got to give it to her, these pictures are gorgeous. Much better than her ass on an unmade bed. Unfortunately, she still seems desperate. Chris must be so proud of his wife and her twittered nude pics. Where the hell is he when she’s taking nudes of herself anyway? You’d think at least one would have him in the back ground jacking off.

  37. noble

    dosen’t really matter, can’t see anything, does anybody have any nudes of adrianne curry, would love to see them

  38. stings
    Commented on this photo:

    What kind of pool has an ocean connected to it? And if it is her she obviously has fake tits.

  39. Kelli
    Commented on this photo:

    It is clearly a pool from taking a peek at the other pictures within this set. The pool is designed to appear as though you are stepping into the ocean from certain angles, particularly lounge chairs or lower levels. This is an amazing display of design.

  40. Kelli
    Commented on this photo:

    It is quite clearly a pool that drops off and connects to a beach in a bay area.

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