The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

And now for everyone who didn’t get their own post.

Taylor Swift sporting a glow that only John Mayer’s penis can provide.
Beyonce hoping to God she doesn’t have to give another one of her speeches to the anorexic flapper above. Fucking Kanye…
Carrie Underwood who’s already mastered the cold, icy demeanor of a 40-year-old soccer mom.
Katy Perry mistakenly thinking anyone cares about her without seeing 20 square yards of cleavage
Rihanna who’s sincerely just glad to be there alive. *sniff sniff* Is that Wrigley’s? RUN, BITCH!
Ke$ha. …. Who the hell is this? Seriously.
Miley Cyrus with a faceful of collagen. USA! USA! USA!
Nicole Kidman. Because dead people should be invited, too, you guys.
Olivia Munn: Master of the Boring Red Carpet Poses.
Heidi Klum. I’ll let you guess why I included her and it’s not because Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” touches me in places I never knew existed. (My heart.)

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