The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

February 1st, 2010 // 82 Comments

And now for everyone who didn’t get their own post.

Taylor Swift sporting a glow that only John Mayer’s penis can provide.
Beyonce hoping to God she doesn’t have to give another one of her speeches to the anorexic flapper above. Fucking Kanye…
Carrie Underwood who’s already mastered the cold, icy demeanor of a 40-year-old soccer mom.
Katy Perry mistakenly thinking anyone cares about her without seeing 20 square yards of cleavage
Rihanna who’s sincerely just glad to be there alive. *sniff sniff* Is that Wrigley’s? RUN, BITCH!
Ke$ha. …. Who the hell is this? Seriously.
Miley Cyrus with a faceful of collagen. USA! USA! USA!
Nicole Kidman. Because dead people should be invited, too, you guys.
Olivia Munn: Master of the Boring Red Carpet Poses.
Heidi Klum. I’ll let you guess why I included her and it’s not because Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” touches me in places I never knew existed. (My heart.)

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  1. hmm

    Rihanna looks like she has a turd on top of her hear.

  2. I heard Ke$ha only likes guys who look like Mick Jagger. That’s good news for mummies who dig homely chicks.

    Wow, Mileys whole head looks bloated.

    Nicole Kidman pic 31: “OH! I think I might have another good one left in me!”

    @ 30 – Rhiannas hair needs to go back here. Maybe not the clothes though:

  3. gen


    Wow, how did you get that inside info on Ke$ha?! Oh, right, you listened to her single… You think she’s homely? I want to see your picture.

  4. mikka

    Ke$ha looks like the twin of the mexican actress/singer Dulce Maria from RBD musical group… exactly the same!!

  5. She’s way above most pop artists. Her lyrics aren’t recycled and constantly rehashed and she actually writes the lyrics and instrumentals herself. Plus she’s like 18, it’s a pretty big accomplishment if you ask me.

  6. Chris Hansen

    @52 – you like her music? i want to see your picture. no nudes as i am guessing you are 12 year old girl.

  7. Richard McBeef

    @55 – i clicked your spam link for some reason and suprisingly i don’t think any malware was loaded on my computer. thanks.

    i do wonder why you link to a page in some fucking language that no one that visits this site understands.

  8. Chris Hansen

    doh meant 53

  9. gen


    Um, no, but it’s fun to dance to. I’m 17 and I’m not posting my picture because I have an irrational fear of running into someone I know on a website like this which would be really, really embarrassing.

    And I like her. She’s a “total fucking irreverent” party girl, and that’s the type I idolize.

  10. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I love Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is sooo damn cute!!!
    Parker should die already.

  11. @ 53 – I heard it on the radio at Subway. Is that relevant?

    I think she can work the homely. It’s kind of a cute/ugly thing.

  12. jill

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  13. derek

    Taylor Swift has a nice face. Her body’s boring tho, no T&A too beanpole. Put her face on Miley’s body, yum

  14. Stephanie

    If i didn’t know better, I’d say Beyonce wished she were white. I mean you know..with the nose job, and straight blonde hair and all.

  15. dorcus

    @6: Cunt the cuntly cunt as it cunteristically cunts cuntward.

  16. Ima


    “Rihanna who’s sincerely just glad to be their (THERE!!!!!!!!!!) alive. *sniff sniff* Is that Wrigley’s? RUN, BITCH!”

  17. Mister Lucky

    Look at the head on Carrie Underwood’s fiance. It is fricken HUGE! At least 2X the size of her head. Mighty scary. Makes him look like some freaky ass sideshow Frankenstein…

    And check out the size of that monster chin… Yikes. There’s only one dude with a bigger jaw bone than that: Brooke Hogan.

  18. Lars

    Rat faced slut that can’t sing.

  19. Hikari

    haha nice. milleys FAIL attempt of nude lipstck. and whats with the other ke$ha girl? does she normally dress like that ?she looks like she’s imitating a bird. she could replace big bird anytime…

  20. Hikari

    haha nice. milleys FAIL attempt of nude lipstck. and whats with the other ke$ha girl? does she normally dress like that ?she looks like she’s imitating a bird. she could replace big bird anytime…

  21. Lenny

    My thing is Carrie Underwood, I can smell that clean pussy through my computer. I know she shaves, and I’m a hair man. Just would love to see some of that blond hair on that pussy.

  22. olddog


  23. Jeremy

    Believe it or not, Taylor Swift’s dad actually goes out and buys her albums. She only co writes her music w/ professional song writers( Who can’t do that?) and is known to be a raging bitch. Anyone from Hendersonville, Tenn will tell you that.

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  25. kesha (eff the dollar sign) is only auto tune. and when she does try to sing she sounds as if shes drunk. and she looks like a man.

  26. Luna

    Taylor Swift= gorgeous

    Katy Perry= Pretty but I HATED that dress.

    Beyonce= amazing as always

    Rihanna= I miss the old Rihanna :( Like in her “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” days

    Ke$ha= Drunk/high looking as always but I love her for it (:

    Miley Cyrus= Way too much face makeup. It looks like her face might fall off at any second. Yuck.

  27. These were some pretty uneventful awards … no thx

  28. nice post here, enjoyable

  29. ugg

    good , i like her so much

  30. Tevan

    This is style? Whatever happened to real clothes? and real music? real people? Seriously, it’s all pathetically overrated. Also, is it possible for people to refrain from using all that foul language? Because it’s totally not necessary to use it in getting your point across.

  31. Soo Longggggggggggg

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