The 2010 MTV Movie Awards

June 7th, 2010 // 102 Comments

Here’s a shit-ton of pics for those of you who missed the MTV Movie Awards last night which was practically nothing but two hours of those Twilight kids winning everything. At one point Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlett Johansson then Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera’s breasts danced around. That’s really all I remember. Oh, and Tom Cruise beat that gag from Tropic Thunder into the ground while J-Lo danced/confirmed she’s a level 5 OT now. Scientology: We’ll Keep You in Movies or Shove a Homosexual in the Closet Trying.

Sandra Bullock kisses Scarlett Johansson:

Christina Aguilera performs “Bionic/Not Myself Tonight/Woohoo”:

Photos: Getty

  1. AnnaDraconida

    These… people obviously don’t look into the mirror before they leave the dressing room.

  2. mancuso

    Jeez, I love butts, but that Lopez woman is out-assing her cousin Luscious… I can’t decide if I’m looking at too much of a good thing, or just plain muy friggin’ mucho.

  3. mancuso

    @50 haha – Yeah, ’cause without it she looks like a chesty Einstein, right?

  4. Kristen

    Katy Perry is the most annoying, obnoxious bitch on the planet and she acts like she actually deserves the attention. Her face is SO obnoxious. I can’t stand it. Would it KILL her to do something different with her fucking eye makeup once in awhile?!

  5. Tim Stenson

    They should have had this chick working the red carpet last night:

  6. Prudence

    @48 I know, I see what you’re saying… it’s like there’s never anything behind them at all! Always just these psychotic stares. Scary.

  7. Pic 1: supprise butt scx

  8. Hal

    So I’ve been waiting years for a girl/girl Scarlett Johansen make out session… and I get fucking Sandra Bullock – the universe is officially fucking with me. Can someone PLEASE roto Black Widow from Iron Man over Bullock instead and upload it to youtube STAT? Hell , even Betty White instead of Bullock is more arousing. Who’s up to the challenge?

  9. Freaky Eyes!

  10. pmoney

    @ 21 you creepy little shit, of COURSE your name would be randal, such a chester the molester kinda name. i’ve seen your comments before, you need to hop off pop cultures dick and join reality. MTV is garbage and twilight is a random fad for teenage girls, nothing more.

  11. Duderino

    Is she doing a Lady Ga Ga impersonation?

  12. haha

    i may have nightmares looking at the last picture of katy perry hahaha

  13. huh?

    Who takes anything MTV has aired seriously for the last twenty five years other than f*cking rappers and borderline retards??? The plug should have been pulled after they began the onslaught of reality shows and ceased playing actual MUSIC!

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  15. The Bullock Johansson kiss was definitely surprising. has a great article with more about the MTV awards!

    check it out:

  16. yes, I love the way katy perry looks

  17. nameless

    am i the only one that thinks kristen stewart has big earsin these pics? she looks a bit strange with her ponytail

  18. Kirsten Stewart is beautiful as ever. I’m a big fan.

  19. nameless

    i have nothing against her, i also think she’s cute. but at least in these pics, her ears seem way to big to show them around

  20. Anyone else notice how Christina Aguilera went from teen pop sensation, to skank, to glamour and class…back to nasty skank again?

    Well, I did :)

  21. captain america

    yep, THIS IS KATY “anal”!!

  22. Is Sandra Bullock a lesbian? If she is not then why she kissed her.

  23. Rhialto

    My notebook’s ventilators started to make a horrible and loud noise after i clicked on this post.What brand is this notebook?

  24. cellphone

    Is there still some guarantee left?

  25. Darth

    Who are these people!? The pics are missing the names.

  26. Gando

    Yikes! Is Scarlett Johansson aware of where that mouth has been before?!

  27. Nero

    That kiss must have tasted like shit.

  28. Master Spook

    Where’s Sandra Bullock’s gorilla baby?

  29. Rhialto

    We know very well how to treat and approach wildlife.Leave them in their own environment and even don’t touch them etc.But with our own kind we’d suddenly turn retarded and turn these important facts suddenly all the way around!? #80 You’re very right.

  30. bimbamboing

    These meatheads are most annoying.

  31. Tatespa

    The only reason I would be a dancer is to get THIS close to Christiana!!! Yummmmmy!!!!!

  32. Jen

    im going to repost. Katy Perry is a fucking retard.

  33. Brian

    If Jessie James and Tiger had both used VIA3 Web Communications, there would be no scandals. Many of the stars are starting to use this for it’s security, and I dont blame them.

  34. Sandra and ScarJo???

  35. Interesting Photo gallery of MTV Movie Awards,atleast these year there are some good nomiantions like Anna and Gabourey are both are brilliant.MTV had gone way too commercial,they choose popular nominees for the nomination list.

  36. Interesting Photo gallery of MTV Movie Awards,atleast these year there are some good nomiantions like Anna and Gabourey are both are brilliant.MTV had gone way too commercial,they choose popular nominees for the nomination list.

  37. Jeremy

    There was a lot of meaty, tan thigh in that Perry performance. Which is always good. Shame about the freaky eyes, no talent whatsoever, and absolutely crap songs.

  38. Mary

    @42: i agree!
    the kiss between sandra and scarlett was probably one of the best things in the show! and kristen and rob should give up with their attempt to kiss while getting their awards scene, is just dumb!

  39. Jen

    The only entertaining thing about the Movie awards was Christina Aguilera. I didn’t like her hair, but she was entertaining.

  40. Happy that the crowd showed appreciation for Betty White, but Rob Pattinson received a lot of love too in the form of four golden popcorn awards. I was happy to see him sitting with Kristen Stewart and looking happy and relaxed. Not a fan of all of the F bombs. Glad Rob was too much of a gentleman to engage in that strange MTV habit. He just continues to be funny, humble, and gracious.

  41. Anon

    Katy Perry is completely adorable but I just don’t see her sticking around, as thats about all shes got going for her..

  42. Commented on this photo:

    I’m in love with Katy Perry!

  43. Meono
    Commented on this photo:

    Wtf, wanabe Lady Gaga much? Katy Perry.

  44. Lanie
    Commented on this photo:

    Christina, i totally understand trying to reinvent your self. i like your music but copying lady ga gas wordrobe isnt going to get you cool points.try wearing something that she hasnt already.

  45. hello

    who was the band playing when the scared as shit award was being accepted

  46. humbug
    Commented on this photo:

    Katy Perry would have looked gorgeous if it weren’t for the creepy blue wig. Her song she preformed is about how supposedly hot california girls are. I can definitely say I’ve never seen a hot cali chick with electic blue hair, sorry!

  47. goon

    What the HELL is up with this “Cannot display video for user in your region”. Services that think Internet has country borders should be put into boycott. Never use them, so they learn.

  48. And of course, I’m always contented considering the eye-popping guidelines served by you.

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