The 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Explorers Edition

October 28th, 2009 // 97 Comments

Welcome to the mother lode of all bikini posts. Here’s the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Explorers Edition featuring Bar Refaeli, Brooklyn Decker and a bunch of other models whose names I’ll eventually learn once they bang Leonardo DiCaprio. In the meantime, it’s sort of a recap collection for the year, but if anybody actually feels the need to complain about them being old, the Spencer Pratt Fan Club is a few sites over conveniently next to Tom Cruise’s Blog on How to Fake a Straight Marriage. Can’t miss it.


  1. Amanda

    Man, those girls are beautiful.


    Yes, they are.

  3. M

    Hilary Rhodaaa <3 yes, some high fashion class in this issue

  4. OsakaSushi

    26 is a little bit awkward… looks like the photographer snapped a shot of her while she was moving to a different set. lucky guys though.

    and 23 is gorgeous, anyone know who she might be?

  5. aaaaaaaaa

    bar kills it <3

  6. Cpt Obvious

    I’ll gleefully click through these on your site, but it’s only a matter of time until the Sports Illustrated folks come over to piss and moan about stealing their pageclicks. They are whores about that.

  7. 23

    #23 is Hilary Rhoda. She’s stunning.

  8. 26

    26 is Danielle (or Daniela, can’t remember) Sarayeba. Something along those lines.

  9. Susan

    Holy Sh*t! I grew up across the street from Hilary Rhoda. She turned out hot. Bet she is still a holier than thou b*tch though. But hey, she looks good.

  10. hmna

    Fish, this almost makes up for the Rosie cameltoe. Almost.

  11. Daryl G.

    The ginger in #15 is not very attractive, has no good shapes on her, and the photographer who took that picture should be fired due to lack of creativitiy.

    Sports Illustrated? Nigga please.

  12. Holy crap.. number 26 is so HOT! I remembering the same bekini atThe Blastoff Network

  13. I reallu enjoy number 15, she’s definitely the women of my chidrean.. maybe if I saw her though The Blastoff Network

  14. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit? Do people still look at that?

  15. katie

    dear god:

    one small favor to ask, no biggie: please let me wake up living in bar refaele’s body tomorrow morning. if you can just do this one thing, i promise never to question your existence again and will put others first to repay the favor by walking around in a bikini all day, everyday.


  16. Daryl G.

    @ #13

    You’re a moron. I was obviously referring to the sixteenth picture.

    And if the 15th photograph in this series is what you’d prefer for your children, then I can’t insult you enough online to equal the pathetic nature of your life.

  17. Daryl G.

    @ #17, katie,

    As a jerk, I’d rather you be unique and ugly than typical.

    However, if you want to be typical, then you’re pathetic.

  18. PooPants

    wow, all gorgeous.

    also, all white girls.

    where are all the blacks, asians, latinas?

    I mean, I’m a white girl too. but come on, have some diversity

  19. Jesse

    “where are all the blacks, asians, latinas?”

    Trying to get pregnant by a rich guy.

  20. Daryl G.

    #20, PooPants,

    How can you describe yourself by what you wrote other than a racist?

    A publication based on selling women will present what’s selling. Asking for diversity in the specificity you imply is racism.

  21. pheno

    These aren’t all the pictures from the magazine. There’s about 60 or so more.

  22. kathiny

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  23. i feel jealous with their figure, i ‘m quite plump why they could keep fit woa
    truly hot hot

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  25. Daryl G.


    You’re a moron.

    You confuse sarcasm and marketing with genuinity.

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  27. I have seen the collection and it is mind blowing .. Simply superb! Awesome figure she has got. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.!

  28. Collective Weiner of the Male Consciousness

    I approve of this post.

  29. Spinoza


    Is genuinity really a word? I know what you meant, so it’s not important, but I honestly have never heard/read that.

  30. Spinoza

    Wait, did you mean ingenuity? This is driving me crazy; hence the importance of clear communication skills!

    I’m on The Superficial. I don’t even know why I’m bothering. I already typed it, though. I’m not usually a grammar nazi but since he’s so concerned with clarity of speech, I figured he’d appreciate my question.

  31. ******Krazy Hot Kelli******

    If theze are zuppozed to be the top zwimzuit modelz, why am I not featured?

  32. T

    israeli girl’s = HOT
    bar so F* saxy…

  33. Rough intentions

    Yeah very few brunettes stands out, just like coke Hillary Rhoda is it…I have to scan these pics a little more. Good work Fish since I dont spent money in these Junk no more….

  34. ******Krazy Hot Kelli******

    @34 It’s zpelled Z E X Y you ztupid kunt!
    And Amerikan girlz are zexier.

  35. just sayin'

    I think you mean Russian and Polish “fake jews” who move to Israel are hot. LOL

  36. darth

    More Anne V please.

  37. I would chew on the outskirts of Bar’s clenched asswhole.
    Carry on.

  38. SoloBoy

    Thanks! It’s going to take a month for my balls to reload.

  39. Jeb

    How lucky is that lama in pic #21?!?!

  40. Also sayin'

    #34 are you referring to the Khazars or Ashkenazim? Bar does not look very semitic to me what with blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s very beautiful though indeed.

  41. Mike

    That Leo DiCaprio is one lucky dude. Giselle, Bar and now Ann V and a whole bunch before that too! Leo, can I be your c*ck just for one night? Can I please smell your fingers?

  42. Daniella from Israel :-)

    #42 Many gorgeous girls [also jewish or "semitic"] have blue / green eyes.
    ps – blond is not her natural colour [it's kind of brown] yet she is a superstar here in the holly land..

  43. I win either way

    Brooklyn Decker vs. Bar Rafaeli

  44. c2422131


  45. wow…I was going to get some alone time with these pics but already sneezed in my pants!

  46. CaliDude

    A large % of Israeli’s dislike Bar because she skipped out on military service by marrying some old guy, a family friend as a matter of fact.
    Also, it didn’t help that she said, “Why is it good to die for our country? Isn’t it better to live in New York?”

  47. Dawg

    Bar Refaeli <33333

  48. Stephanie

    Boo hoo she skipped out on dying for the agendas of the politicians who lead her country. And to think..people HERE actually volunteer to do it. Good for you Bar!

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