The 2009 GQ Men of the Year Awards.. Featuring Women!

GQ held its 2009 Men of the Year Awards last night in LA, so here’s a smattering of all the beautiful people that attended:

Olivia Wilde with her ox-strangling witchery.
Alexander Skarsgard… in pants. I got nothin’.
Levi Johnston wearing lipstick. Is that a crack at Sarah Palin or did he find the one Republican stylist in LA?
January Jones wearing something besides lingerie and 20 gigabits of airbrushing. FAIL.
Jamie-Lynn Sigler for no reason whatsoever. (Say for Entourage and I’ll laugh at you.)
Kim Kardashian because everyone likes butts.
Amanda Seyfried who’s spread I almost got sued for. Whee!
Emma Stone with karate chopping action. There’s a ninja in my pants. Attack!
Shanae Grimes, Jessica Stroup and AnnaLynne McCord because GQ secretly owns stock in The CW.
Marley Shelton. Wait, who?

Plus others whose photos I didn’t feel like cropping. Enjoy!

Photos: Getty